Common problems with Mercedes C250

The Mercedes C250 is a compact Mercedes luxury sedan that was in production between 2012 and 2015. It is a good-looking and relatively affordable Mercedes luxury sedan, yet many people are keen on avoiding it as it does tend to experience lots of issues.

The most common Mercedes C250 issues are related to the airbags, the engine, the fuel system, the electricals, and the steering system. However, the greatest issue here is that most of these cost a lot of money to fix and the fact that some of these are able to destroy the car completely.

As such, it’s essential for you to do your homework before buying a specific C250 model. Some of these have these issues resolved which means that they are worth considering, especially because they are now relatively affordable.

Either way, this is an almost 10-year old Mercedes model which means that many things can go wrong. The only way how you can lower the chances of that happening is to maintain it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Mercedes C250 airbag issues

If you spend a decent amount of time investigating Mercedes-specific issues, you will eventually realize that the Mercedes Takata recall is one of the most stressful Mercedes issues you can come across. The Takata recall was issued for millions of Mercedes models due to faults with the airbag system.

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These faults consist of airbags that deploy without a cause, airbags that fail to deploy when needed, issues with the airbag inflators, and especially the front driver and passenger-side airbags. Issues such as these can cause lots of harm and that is why these need to be addressed as soon as possible if you come across a model that has not yet received the proper recall treatment.

Mercedes C250 engine issues

One of the most common engine-related issues with the C250 is a rattling engine which can be caused by many components. Some owners reported that they had to replace the camshaft adjusters, the timing chain, or even the entire engine. A small number of owners even complained about engine overheating issues while some of them even experienced the car blowing up.

The C250 engine is not the most reliable Mercedes engine of all time and that is rather apparent when you realize that there are so many engine-related issues that C250 owners tend to report. Besides rattling, any owners reported engine whining sounds, engine stalling, timing tensioner problems, and lots of cooling problems.

Mercedes C250 electrical issues

The C250 is now a 10-year old car which means that many C250 models have seen a lot during that time. If you combine lots of miles with old luxury cars, you are destined to come across all sorts of electric issues. The most common ones, in the case of the C250, are associated with lightning, the ignition, and the instrument panel.

Many owners also reported issues with the wiring which resulted in the C250 experiencing issues with both the interior and exterior lights. Issues such as these are not as stressful as the ones listed in the previous paragraphs, but they are still worth mentioning.

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Mercedes C250 steering system issues

The C250 is known to sometimes experience issues with the steering system, more specifically with the steering system locking itself without a proper cause. Many owners reported that the power steering light tends to come on and that it also affects the power steering during driving.

This can be a significant safety hazard which means that you should do your due diligence and fix this whenever you come across it. Some owners have also reported loud pops and knocking coming from the steering column which tends to completely disengage steering assistance.

Mercedes C250 fuel system issues

As with many Mercedes models from this era, the C250 is also prone to all sorts of fuel system-related issues which include fuel tank assembly issues, fuel pump issues, fuel system hoses, pump issues, and fuel leaks. All of these are known to cause more serious issues down the line which can even result in the car blowing up.

As such, even though these are not as prevalent as let’s say airbag and steering system issues, they still need to be mentioned as they are potentially the most serious. The C250 does come with its fair share of issues and many of those are worrying and potentially even catastrophic.

FAQ Section

Is the Mercedes C250 worth it?

Only if the car in question is maintained correctly and if many of these issues have been resolved at an earlier stage. There are many mechanics and Mercedes specialists out there that are likely going to tell you that you should avoid buying the C250, and they are right because the C250 is indeed a questionable car.

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The issue here is also the fact that many of these problems listed can cost huge amounts of money to fix. So even if you find a C250 for a really low price tag, that does not mean that you will be able to enjoy it at a discounted price.

Which engine does the Mercedes C250 use?

The Mercedes C250 uses a 1.8L turbo Direct injection 4-cylinder engine that offers 201hp respectively. This engine is considered by many as more than enough for the C-Class chassis, especially because it also offers almost 200lb-ft of torque.

Mercedes states that the Mercedes C250 can return 37MPG and this does seem to be the case if you drive it in a more controlled manner. Either way, the C250 engine is decent, if only it was a little bit more reliable.

Is the Mercedes C250 available as a coupe?

The Mercedes C250 is available in either coupe or sedan form and it seems like the Coupe C250 is gathering even more interest than the sedan version. The C250 was and still is a relatively popular car, especially because it now costs a lot lower than it once did.

No matter if you are interested in the coupe or the sedan, be sure to go through the car’s service history and try to find one that has been maintained properly.

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