Mercedes Benz EQS 580 vs S-Class

The land of six-figure luxury cars is inhabited by many Mercedes cars, but at the top of the mountain sits the mighty and iconic Mercedes Benz S-Class. The new 2022 Mercedes EQS is a full electric S-Class of the electric car world, but is the new $100k+ electric EQS able to compete with the S-Class and maybe even become the flagship of the Mercedes luxury car range?

The W223 S-Class has been released a little over a year ago and has since gathered lots of interest because it is the new S-Class, the range-topping Mercedes flagship which tends to move the industry forward and against which all full-size luxury cars are compared to.

However, Mercedes also decided to use the “S” letter for their EQ range which means that the EQS should technically be the S-Class of the EQ (Mercedes electric car) range. The EQS seems more technologically impressive, especially because of the EQS and it also offers a perfectly calibrated powertrain which is perfect for a luxury cruiser.

However, the EQS is not as stately nor comfortable as the S-Class. The S-Class is considerably more spacious both in front and the back, even without mentioning the extended wheelbase model. The S-Class is more comfortable, softer, and available with more luxurious options.

The best Mercedes luxury car: EQS VS The S-Class

Luxury is a term that can not be easily defined. We are all aware that luxurious items tend to be expensive, highly desirable, exclusive, and often even technologically impressive and superiorly functional, and it’s safe to say that both the EQS and the S-Class fall within that category.

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Comfort – The S-Class wins

Comfort is an essential part of every true luxury sedan, and between the two, the S-Class takes the cake because it is a more comfortable and serene car. The S-Class weighs considerably less than the EQS which makes it easier to make the car softer and more composed in the corners.

The S-Class does offer a more comfortable ride and the EQS is simply not on the same level. Both the S-Class and the EQS benefit from a four-wheel-steer system, but the one found in the S-Class is integrated a lot better. Furthermore, sound isolation is also better in the S-Class.

Technology – The EQS wins

All 2022 flagship cars are technology festivals and it’s the same story with both the EQS and the S-Class. However, the EQS benefits from a few features which are not available with the S-Class, and those are the amazing-looking Hyperscreen and the air purification system.

The Hyperscreen is available as a part of additional equipment and it makes the EQS feel like the future. The S-Class looks beautiful inside, but the Hyperscreen simply bests the S-Class interior. Without the Hyperscren, the EQS looks almost identical to the S-Class from the inside.

Powertrain – It’s a draw

The Mercedes Benz EQS 580 offers a 516hp dual-motor driving all four-wheel wheels with a driving range of around 350 miles. The EQS comes with a 108kWh battery that can be recharged through a fast DC charger in around 30-40 minutes depending on the charger’s maximum charging output.

The S-Class offers a few different engine options but the best one is the one found in the S580 model. The S580 comes with a 4.0L BiTurbo V8 with around 500hp, a driving range of almost 600 miles, and a refuel time of only 5 minutes.

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As such, the EQS is better because it offers a smoother power delivery and a more economical powertrain while the S-Class offers more range and is easier to live with.

Space and practicality – The S-Class wins

A true full-size luxury sedan needs to be great to drive and great to be driven in, and this is where the S-Class easily beats the EQS. The S-Class offers more space and larger and more accommodating seats. The EQS places the batteries underneath the seats which raised the floor up and shorten the distance between the seat base and the floor.

This makes it considerably less spacious, furthermore, the S-Class is available as an extended-wheelbase model, and the EQS is not. The EWB S-Class offers two captain chairs at the back that can be both reclined, massaged, heated, and cooled. The EQS feels more like an E-Class as far as space is concerned.

FAQ Section

 Are electric cars better luxury cars?

Electric cars can indeed be better luxury cars because the EV platform offers a more easily calibrated powerband which makes the car feel smoother and easier to drive. An electric motor offers you 100% of the torque at any moment and it does not need a gearbox in order to provide power.

An EV is also a lot quieter which means that even the smoothest and quietest V12 can’t match an EV as far as smoothness is concerned. However, EVs still don’t offer enough range for them to be as good as ICE cars are, but only time will tell if this will change.

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Is the EQS a more desirable car than the S-Class?

The S-Class was always an incredibly desirable car because everyone knows that an S-Class is the very top of the  Mercedes luxury sedan segment. However, the new EQS seems to gather a lot of interestest because everyone deems it to be the most luxurious EV on the planet.

The S-Class arguably looks nicer, but the EQS offers more road presence. All in all, both of these are equally desirable, but the EQS only came out and the S-Class exists for decades.

 Is the EQS more expensive than the S-Class?

The new 2022 S-Class starts at $111,350 for the S500 AWD model while the S580 starts closer to $120,000. The range-topping Maybach version costs more than $210,000 and is the most luxurious and most desirable S-Class model.

On the other hand, the EQS starts around $102,000 for the entry-level EQS480 model while the more powerful and more desirable EQS580 costs $120,000. The range-topping EQS AMG costs more than $150,000 and is the most capable and most desirable EQS model currently on the market.

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