How long does it take to charge the Mercedes AMG EQS?

The new 2022 Mercedes EQS 53 AMG+ is the very first full-on AMG EV in history which means that it should create a significant impact given the fact how popular and exciting AMG models are in general. Even though the EQS AMG is not the fastest performance EV, it is still potent enough while being the most comfortable EV on the market.

The reason why the new AMG version is not blisteringly fast is that Mercedes decided to prioritize luxury and comfort over outright performance which in theory is a good idea because there are already way too many performance EVs out there, and many of them offer more than 1000hp which is rather pointless.

This means that all EQS models come with a 108 kWh Lithium-Ion battery no matter the model designation with the only difference being the power output and the range. If you charge the EQS AMG through a fast DC outlet, the EQS can charge from 10 to 80% in about 30-35 minutes depending on the situation.

However, if you charge it using a Level 2 240V AC charger through a normal house socket, you can fully recharge the EQS in about 11-12 hours. These numbers can vary slightly depending on the outside temperature and the state of the battery.

 Charging the Mercedes EQS through a fast DC charger

When Mercedes introduced the EQS they said that it will offer some of the most impressive fast-charging capabilities out of current EVs on the market, and it seems like that is the case. Mercedes states that the peak charging power of the EQS should be around 200kW, but a few tests have shown that the EQS can even reach 207 kW.

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If you plug the EQS into a fast charger from empty, the peak charging power should begin from around 25%. As the charging persists, the peak charging power slowly starts decreasing until reaching 115kW at around 80% charge.

It should take around 30-35 minutes for the EQS to reach 80% of charge if these specifics are at play. However, that is not often the case because the charger you came across might not even be able to supply you with that much juice for a myriad of different reasons.

Maybe the charger itself simply is not powerful enough or there are many EVs around that are also charging at the same time thus lowering the overall power output per a single charger.

Charging the EQS through a slow charger

The Mercedes Benz EQS comes with a rather large 108 kWh battery which takes a considerable amount of time to charge from empty, especially if you are only charging it from a home outlet. Some people prefer charging their EVs this way because they just leave them plugged in overnight in a garage.

However, you are going to need at least 11 hours to fully charge the battery but this can even last longer than 15 hours on certain occasions. As such, most people are likely going to invest in a Mercedes-branded 22 kW wall charger which should be able to replenish the EQS a lot faster.

Either way, it all depends on your daily usage scenarios and are do you even have access to a garage at all. Some people like to charge their EVs on the go while others have multiple cars so they charge their EVs when they can.

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Mercedes Benz EQS range – How far can the EQS go?

There are three different Mercedes Benz EQS models currently available, the EQS 450+, the EQS 580, and the EQS 53 AMG+. All three of these come with the same 108 kWh battery, but the power output and the range are different because Mercedes wanted to separate them according to what they wanted to achieve from each variant.

The EQS 450+ is the long-range model with an EPA estimated range of 350 miles, but the EQS 450+ actually managed to do a record-breaking 422 miles on a single charge. The EQS 580 has an EPA estimated range of around 340 miles, but the 580 seems to also be able to surpass that number, but not as much as the 450+.

Finally, the EQS AMG is the performance model which means that it offers the least amount of range out of all three models. There are no real-world range testings currently being done with the 53 AMG but it seems like this AMG model should do around 120 miles less than the 450+.

FAQ Section

Should I buy the Mercedes Benz EQS AMG?

You should buy the Mercedes Benz EQS AMG if you are interested in buying a comfortable, luxurious and stately EV without superior performance credentials. Even though the EQS AMG is a true AMG product, it’s not nearly as fast as some cheaper EV sedans out there.

Mercedes has done this on purpose because they wanted to achieve comfort, range, and luxury above speed. However, it is not yet clear if Mercedes is actually going to offer a top-of-the-line 63 version of the EQS which should in theory be as fast as most current performance EVs are.

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Why I should not buy the Mercedes Benz EQS AMG?

You should skip buying the EQS AMG if you are not ready for an EV in general. You should also skip buying the EQS AMG if you expect it to be anything similar to what a regular AMG model is. The EQS weights as much as a Ford F-150 and there is no way that such mass could ever feel dynamic, no matter how advanced the software might be.

As such, it’s best to test out the EQS beforehand just to make sure you are making the right decision.

What is the fastest EV on the planet?

The fastest EV on the planet is the multi-million dollar Rimac Nevera hypercar because it manages to do a quarter-mile in a jaw-dropping 8.6 seconds. The Tesla Model S Plaid is the fastest EV sedan on the market but it can’t match the Nevera.

The upcoming Pininfarina Batista has the same powertrain as the Rimac Nevera which means that it should also be in the top 3 fastest EVs on the planet.

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