Do all Mercedes come with leather seats?

Not all Mercedes come with leather seats. Only the more expensive, higher-tier Mercedes models have leather seats as standard. Models like the A-Class, the B-Class, the C-class, and even the E-class and the GLE-class models in some markets still come standard with cloth/MB-Tex seats.

This is actually preferable in some cases. For example, taxi drivers, and other work-related Mercedes cars usually opt for cloth seats, as they last longer, and there is no need to spend more money on expensive leather packages.

Other premium car manufacturers also do this, including Audi and BMW. It’s worth mentioning that even the GLA, GLB, and GLC SUVs come with cloth seats/MB-Tex as standard in some markets. Cloth seats are not available for the top-of-the-line S-Class, CLS, AMG GT, G-class, and GLS-Class models.

AMG Leather Package and Designo Nappa leather package

In the US, models like the C-class come with the Mercedes MB-Tex upholstery as standard, which includes the seats and door inserts. If you want leather seats in your Mercedes, you should opt for the AMG Leather Package option or the design Nappa leather package. Both of these packages will set you back a $2k-$4k.

The AMG Leather package consists of high-quality leather seats, a leather steering wheel, leather on the doors, and in some instances, the armrest and dashboard as well. Included in the package is the interior aluminum trim that also helps to brighten up the interior even further.

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The Designo Nappa leather package costs $3,800, and it includes Designo Platinum White Pearl/Black Nappa leather, topstitched MB-Tex upper dash and door trims, and the AMG specific leather steering wheel.

These packages greatly improve the interior quality of the C-class and every other Mercedes model as they also offer better-looking, nicely contoured quilted seats and quilted door inserts as well.

MB-Tex Mercedes interior

MB-Tex is a faux leather material made out of vinyl. Many newer Mercedes models are equipped with MB-Tex upholstery, and some of them even offer MB-Tex on the seats too. It’s worth mentioning that MB-Tex is made to look just like regular leather, but it costs less and is more durable too.

Many people mistake MB-Tex for real leather as it really does look like real leather. However, Mercedes says that this material will last 20 years without any cracking whatsoever. MB-Tex has been a part of the Mercedes Benz history for a while now, some models were equipped with MB-Tex as early as in the 1960s.

Mercedes uses MB-Tex as the standard interior material for many different models, even including higher-end models like the GLE or the E-class. Some people argue the appeal of faux leather in a $60k Mercedes, but this material is indeed a lot more durable and easier to clean compared to regular leather.

There are many Mercedes models from the 70s that use MB-Tex, and these days the interior quality of those cars is way better than a 70s leather-equipped car. Furthermore, many vegans and vegetarians also prefer MB-Tex, as this material does not use any animal-derived products.

Maybach Designo Nappa leather

Maybach is the luxury sub-brand of Mercedes, and Maybach is aimed to offer the highest level of luxury and material quality out of any other Mercedes models on the market. Maybach usually uses the finest Nappa leather, and the finest wood trims for its S-class and GLS models.

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The leather package in a Maybach S-Class is a lot more extensive compared to a regular S-Class. In the Maybach version, even the A, B and C pillars are completely covered in leather. Virtually every surface you might touch inside the Maybach is covered in the finest Nappa leather.

The entirety of the roof liner is also covered in leather. The leather package inside a Maybach is meticulously stitched to offer the highest standard of leather upholstery. Maybach also compliments the leather with fine, aged lacquered wood trims that are more akin to a luxury yacht.

It’s the same for both the S-class Maybach, or the GLS Maybach, as both of these are the pinnacle of Mercedes luxury, and virtually every detail in the interior is carefully thought out. In addition, both of these models even offer bespoke Mercedes leather pillows as a bonus.

Things to know about leather car interiors


What are the benefits of leather seats?

Obviously, leather seats are lush, and they usually look much nicer compared to cloth seats. Leather seats are also more stain-resistant and easier to clean compared to cloth seats. When it comes to smell resistance, leather seats are way better than regular cloth seats.

Seat warmers are better suited to leather seats, and the second-hand market usually favors leather seats above standard cloth seats.

However, leather seats are not as comfortable during the summer, especially if they are under direct sunlight where they can become burning hot. They are also not as durable nor scratch-resistant.

Do leather seats increase a car’s 2nd hand market value?

According to some online outlets, leather seats in an up-to-5-year-old car usually add as much as $600 in resale value. A $600 saving is not much compared to the price you are paying upfront, but it’s basically the same story with almost any other piece of equipment on the 2nd market.

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Cars depreciate as a whole, so whatever you equip your car with is also going to lose value with the car. That being said, 2nd hand markets do not favor cars with cloth seats, as they are usually more common on lower-specified models, and the 2nd market does not provide much of a gap between a low spec and a medium spec car.

Is MB-Tex better than Mercedes leather?

It depends on what you favor most: the reassuring fact that you are actually sitting on lush Nappa leather, or the fact that whatever it is that you are sitting on is likely going to last you as long as the car does.

Mercedes leather usually offers higher quality stitching, seat contouring, and aluminum details, so the entire seat looks more upmarket, even though the material itself is quite similar.

It’s worth mentioning that 99% of people would not be able to tell the difference between MB-Tex and leather if they did not have any previous experience with MB-Tex.

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