Which Mercedes have air suspension?

which mercedes have air suspension

Mercedes-Benz has always been at the forefront of technological innovations in automobiles. And one of their more outstanding innovations has been their air suspension system, also known as “Airmatic suspension.”

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class, CLS Coupe, E-Class, S-Class, S-Class Maybach, GLE Coupe, and GLS SUV have air suspension systems. This suspension is different from steel-spring suspensions, as it comes with adjustable air springs. Additionally, it’s more advanced as it can be adjusted with the press of a button.

The Mercedes air suspension system features bags made up of rubber and polyurethane that are filled with air. Since this suspension requires air to be functional, this is where it derives its name. It’s different from traditional steel suspension as it lacks coil springs or shock absorbers on the suspension system.

Mercedes-Benz models with an air suspension system


The Mercedes-Benz C-Class is among the few Mercedes models with an air suspension system. If you want to apply the air suspension on your C-Class, you will have to operate it from the Agility Select Switch. This switch allows you to switch to comfort, sport, sport+, eco, or individual modes. These modes change how the ride feels.

The Mercedes C-Class currently retails at $42,600. It’s a compact car with several body types to select from. The C-Class is fitted with a 2.0-liter inter-cooled turbo engine. Since it features a rear-wheel-drive system and has a sporty look, this car is usually appealing to younger drivers. 

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CLS Coupe

Another notable Mercedes model with an Airmatic suspension system is the CLS Coupe. Retailing at around $70,000, the CLS Coupe is one of the best performing sedans among midrange luxury cars. It has a magnificent exterior design with lovely lines and a meticulously crafted interior.

You will even be more impressed with its 3.0-liter inter-cooled turbocharged inline-6 engine with a maximum of 362-hp. Despite being more compact than the E-Class, this car is beautiful and still offers the comfort that you would desire in a Mercedes of its stature.


The Mercedes-Benz E-Class was the second Mercedes model to be fitted with an air suspension after the S-Class. Going for around $57,000, the E-Class is one of the most reliable Mercedes models on the market. That’s one of the reasons it’s loved by executives and managers. 

The E-Class isn’t only longer and more beautiful than standard sedans, but it’s also spacious and comfortable. It comes with a 2.0-liter inline-4 turbo engine with an exceptional acceleration of 0 to 60 mph in 6.1 seconds. Additionally, it’s also safe and easier to maintain than other Mercedes models.


The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is the first Mercedes model to be fitted with an air suspension system. In addition to being the first Mercedes model to have air suspension, the S-Class has always been fitted with the latest technologies in the automobile industry. That’s why it’s always ahead of its competitors. 

Retailing at around $100,000, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class is in its own class. Whether it’s comfort, luxury, reliability, technology, or even performance, Mercedes S-Class leads almost all sedans in all categories on the market. It’s the best of the best, and that’s why its price is off the charts.

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GLE Coupe

If you’re looking for a sporty Mercedes-Benz model with air suspension, the GLE Coupe should be on top of your list. This is one of the most beautiful Mercedes-Benz models on the market. It’s like an SUV, a coupe, and AMG, all in one. The GLE Coupe goes for around $76,000.


The Mercedes-Benz GLS SUV boasts of air suspension as well. It’s among the few Mercedes SUVs with Airmatic suspension. However, this vehicle is not cheap since it comes with some sophisticated features that compare it to only the best SUVs on the market. It retails at around $140,000.

Things to know about air suspension systems

How do I know if my Mercedes has air suspension?

Check the front axle of your vehicle. If you see a black bladder, then your car is fitted with Airmatic suspension. This suspension is different from the traditional strut suspension that comes with coil springs or shock absorbers on air suspension systems.

Why does the Airmatic suspension require a compressor?

An Airmatic suspension needs a compressor because the atmospheric pressure isn’t sufficient to hold the weight of the car. As a result, a compressor has to be fitted to pump air to the bags. The compressor adjusts the air pressure as needed via a hydraulic or an electronic system that can be operated by the driver.

How long does Airmatic suspension last?

Most Airmatic suspensions can last for around 120,000 miles before starting to develop problems. After covering this distance, your Mercedes air suspension system may begin having issues. Some of the air suspension components that develop issues quickly are compressors, relays, and leaking airbags.

Which Mercedes models were the first to have air suspension systems?

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class was the first Mercedes model to have an Airmatic suspension system. The first Airmatic suspension system was introduced in 1999 on the S-Class and later the E-Class. Later on, the company fitted this system on most of its SUVs.

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How does the Mercedes Airmatic suspension work?

The Airmatic system works through the system using electronically operated air springs that offer a suitable balance of ride and comfort handling. The system allows the car’s height to be manipulated. It can be raised to increase ground clearance or lowered to reduce wind drag.

The suspension can be employed when the car is loaded or when there are passengers on board, as it maintains the car’s height. Additionally, the suspension lowers automatically at higher speeds for better aerodynamics, stability and fuel efficiency. Mercedes Airmatic suspension is among the faster-reacting air-ride systems on the market.

Bottom line

If you have been looking for a Mercedes-Benz model with an Airmatic suspension, you have various models to choose from. Depending on the features, budget or type of Mercedes car you want, you can choose from one of the models that we have highlighted above. These include C-Class, CLS coupe, S-Class, S-Class Maybach, GLE Coupe and GLS SUV. 

All of the above Mercedes-Benz models not only feature an air suspension that makes the ride safe and smooth, but they also boast of other luxurious Mercedes features and technology. Pick the right car, and you will enjoy driving your Mercedes on any surface or at any speed.

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