Which Mercedes-Benz SUV has massage seats?

which mercedes-benz suv has massage seats

In recent years, massage seats have become a fairly common feature in most German premium automobiles. Even though some “massage” functions are merely a lumbar support adjustment, some of them actually do offer a legit massage. Just don’t go expecting it is anything close to the real thing.

Mercedes offers massage in a couple of their cars, mostly the larger and more expensive cars. As far as SUVs are concerned, Mercedes offers massage functions in the GLE and the GLS, and from not too long ago, the GLC could also be optioned with the massage function.

Multi-contour seat package

The massage functions offered in modern-day Mercedes cars some as a part of the Multi-contour seat package option. These front seats consist of multi-contoured chambers inflated by air in the lower backrest area and the side bolsters as well.

These chambers inflate and deflate at a given moment to create a somewhat revitalizing experience that can make you a bit more comfortable on a long journey. This pulsating effect helps you reduce the strain on your spine, according to the German spinal health organization.

If you opt for this package, you also get multiple-way adjustable seating, as well as heated and ventilated seats. All of these functions can be controlled through the car’s infotainment system and getting yourself comfortable with these seats should not be a great challenge.

Massage options

Mercedes has offered seat massaging for a while now. In the early days, this system was rather disappointing as it was marketed as a full-on massage function, but it was barely noticeable.

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But, as time has gone on, Mercedes has kept improving the system. Nowadays this system offers multiple different types of massages. Modern-day massage systems offer up to 8 different types of massages, including back and shoulder rejuvenation, two “hot stone” types of massages, and an active workout program that is aimed to strengthen your back and leg muscles.

These massage functions are aimed to provide you a feature-packed driving experience and to make a long journey seem more comfortable. The point of these functions is to make you stop less during a long journey, so you can reach your destination earlier and not at the expense of your back.

Massage seats in the GLS

This system is mostly available for the front seats, but Mercedes has also introduced massaging seats for the rear passengers in the GLS, the largest Mercedes SUV.

The GLS is the biggest, most feature-packed SUV by Mercedes. As such, you can opt for seat heating in every seat, even for the third-row seats. Ventilating seats are only available for the front and middle-row seats. The same goes for the massage functions.

As mentioned previously, offering massaging seats in the front row is rather to be expected for many premium SUVs, but Mercedes has taken it a step farther and offered the same functionality for the second row if you opt for the Executive Rear Seat Plus Package.

The Executive Rear Seat Plus package comes with a wide variety of additional features that are sure to increase the comfort level of the rear passengers. Some features that come with this package are two rear entertainment screens with headphones, multi-way adjustable seats, and a separate 7-inch tablet to control pretty much every function.

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You are also able to recline the rear seats and push the front seat all the way forward to create ample space for the rear passenger in the captain’s chair. This package also comes with a plethora of additional features such as multiple USB ports, a fridge, and airplane-style tables that fold out of the middle console.

FAQ Section

How much do Mercedes fancy seat packages cost?

The cost of deluxe seat packages is rather high, which is to be expected when it comes to the exclusive top-of-the-line Mercedes features. The massaging function for the front seats and many other options that come with it will set you back around $1,200.

If you opt for the Executive Rear Seat Package, it will set you back $2,200, but it still will not get you massaging seats in the second row. That comes as part of the aforementioned Executive Rear Seat Plus package, which adds the massaging functions and the ventilating function, for $3,750.

For a spot of context, for this price you could get a real hour-long professional massage every week, for more than a year, or even two.

Should I opt for the Executive Rear Seat Package Plus in my new GLS?

It depends. Opting for the front seat massaging function does make some sense, but the rear seat massaging option package only makes sense if you are in the business of transporting VIPs for longer journeys at a time.

The truth is, even if you do transport VIPs from one country to another, which is also not likely to happen because everyone would rather fly these days, most people don’t even know that these functions exist at all.

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If you are in this line of work, a sedan is a way better option for longer journeys than an SUV because a sedan is a lot more aerodynamic, which works favorably for the quietness and fuel efficiency of your journey.

How to choose the additional options when buying a new car

When you buy a new car, choosing the additional equipment is somewhat like being a kid in a candy store. And the manufacturers are aware of this, especially the Germans. It is widely known that many car manufacturers charge obscene amounts of money for some add-on options.

It is a common thing that some luxury car manufacturers charge you a huge sum of money for “additional equipment” that is standard on a cheaper car from a different, less popular brand. When you do choose your options, choose the ones you will actually use enough that it makes sense financially.

If you are mostly by yourself when you travel, you don’t need the rear seat executive package. You won’t need the third row, additional power outlets or the rear blinds either. Nowadays, options are extremely expensive on German premium cars, but they do help you out when you decide to sell your car again.

which mercedes-benz suv has massage seats

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