What is Mercedes Tirefit kit?

The Mercedes TIREFIT kit is a Mercedes-Benz supplied and branded tire repair kit that consists out of a compressor and a bottle filled with tire sealant which is designed to seal tire punctures caused by nails and similar objects. Most newer Mercedes Benz models come with the TIREFIT kit because it occupies less space and is cheaper than a full-size spare wheel.

If your tire punctures, you should use this repair kit to fill out the puncture only if the puncture is not larger than 4mm or 0.16 inches and only if the puncture is located in the tire contact surface. If the punctured area is larger than mentioned, you should call road assistance and don’t attempt to drive the car.

Mercedes says that with this kit you can easily seal up a puncture which should give you additional 150 miles of driving up to speeds to 50mph. Of course, this is not guaranteed and it all depends on how severe the puncture is and how well you manage to seal it.

In this article, we will guide you through the steps associated with how and when to use the kit and all the necessary information you need to seal the tire as best as possible.

When and how can I use the Mercedes TIREFIT kit?

As previously stated, you can only use this kit if the puncture is not larger than 4mm or 0.16 inches in diameter. You should also avoid using the Mercedes TIREFIT kit if the outside temperature is lower than 4ºF or -20ºC.

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To use the kit you need to make sure you are parked in a safe environment away from any traffic or environmental hazards. You first need to connect the kit by going through the instructions listed within the package. Then you will have to connect the compressor to your 12V socket to power it up and connect the hose to the tire.

Engage the compressor and be sure to monitor the pressure constantly. The compressor is initially going to fill up the tire with the sealant which and afterward it should also air up the tire. Keep the process going until the tire pressure is around 2.0 bar/29PSI/ 200kPa.

You should not run the compressor without stopping for more than 10 minutes because it can overheat. If your tire pressure is less than 2.0 bar you should turn the compressor off and repeat the process after a few minutes. Also, be sure to slowly roll the tires a bit between two airing sessions.

The compressor is unable to reach the recommended pressure

If everything is going correctly the compressor should air up the tire eventually and you should be good to go. However, this is not always the case, and if the tire is way too damaged you will not be able to air up the tire to 2.0 bar.

This means that the Mercedes TIREFIT kit is unable to air up the tire because the tire is too badly damaged. At this point, the best thing you can do is call roadside assistance or try to contact someone who can supply you with the correct spare wheel and tire.

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Whatever you do, be sure not to drive the car because a deflated tire can cause lots of issues starting from damaging the wheel up to losing control and causing an accident. It’s imperative for you not to drive the car with a deflated tire no matter if you are close to home or not.

Potential issues concerning the use of Mercedes TIREFIT kit

The Mercedes Tirefit kit can be a really useful tool in a pinch because it can quickly air up a lightly to moderately damaged tire and enable you to reach your destination in most cases. However, using the TIREFIT kit could potentially lead to poisoning or all sorts of injuries.

While handling the TIREFIT kit be sure to use a pair of industrial-grade gloves and try to keep the sealant away from your eyes, clothes, skin, or nose. If your skin or your eyes come in contact with tire sealant be sure to rinse it off with water as fast as possible because this can cause skin irritations.

You also should not run the compressor for more than 10 minutes in a single succession as that can easily overheat the compressor. Finally, be sure to adjust your driving speeds up to 50mph at the very maximum if you used the TIREFIT kit to air up the tire. Also, be sure to check the tire every few miles just to be sure that everything is okay.

FAQ Section

Are tire inflation kits better than spare tires?

No, they are not. A matching full-size spare tire is leagues and bounds better than an inflation kit but these take way too much space and have long been abandoned by Mercedes and many other premium brands.

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A full-size spare is not the same as the punctured tire because the spare tire probably has newer tread patterns which mean that the grip levels between your two tires will not be the same. Furthermore, a small spare tire is also better than an inflation kit, but it’s nowhere near as useful as a full-size spare.

Does the Mercedes TIREFIT kit come as standard?

All Mercedes models are equipped with some sort of solution for a punctured tire and the newest ones come with the TIREFIT kit as standard. Older Mercedes models were equipped with full-size spare tires and some of them like the Mercedes Benz G-Class still offer them to this day.

If your Mercedes does not have the TIREFIT kit in the trunk area be sure to invest in one as it can come in handy if you experience a tire puncture.

Are run-flat tires worth it?

Run-flat tires can be driven even when punctured, but this is only limited to around 50 miles at a maximum while also maintaining a slower speed. The maximum speed should not exceed 50mph at any point and the slower you go the better.

Run-flat tires are indeed worth it because they seem like a perfect middle ground between the practicality compromises full-size spare offers and the benefits of always having the ability to drive the car even when the tire is punctured.

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