Common Problems with the BMW 318d

Luxury cars like BMW 318d not only offer luxury and outstanding performance, but they also demand respect from peers. However, these cars can become a headache when they break down because of their high cost of repair and maintenance. But what are some of the common problems of the BMW 318d?

BMW 318d is a sleek and lovely sedan that is best suitable for a family. This car is spacious, comfortable, reliable, safe, and comes with enough cargo space to keep luggage. But before you invest in this car, it is crucial to know some of the problems that await you.

Common problems that users of the BMW 318d will encounter are timing chain failure, faulty turbocharger, coolant leak, troublesome door handles, engine stalling, engine overheating, EGR issues, and much more. The good news is that most of these issues can be rectified by a certified BMW technician or from a BMW service center.

What are the Common Problems with the BMW 31d?

Timing chain failure

This issue is common in all BMW 3-series manufactured between 2007 and 2011. The poor design of the car made the timing chain fall out of adjustment or snap completely. As a result, it caused serious damage to the engine. So, if you plan to buy a used car with this issue, ensure that it was sorted before paying.

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Electrical issues

Electrical problems are common on all BMW models. For the BMW 318d model, the electrical problem was linked to slot-in-key for ignition. Since the slot-in-key for the ignition was somewhat faulty, it required users to use a trick to start the car. After starting the car, the user was required to push to release the key, instead of forcing it out.

Troublesome door handles

Faulty door handles are a common problem on BMWs. Many BMW users, including BMW 318d users, have at times complained that their door handle operates okay but can’t open the door. This is normally because of a faulty lock and catch or a faulty door actuator inside the door. Replace them for a smooth operation.

Faulty turbocharger

Another common problem across all BMW 3-Series is a faulty turbocharger. This issue normally happens because of oil contamination, oil starvation, or foreign object damage. A faulty turbocharger is usually signified by grey smoke from the exhaust. You will have to use clean oil or replace the turbocharger if it has been damaged. 

Coolant leak

This is another common problem in most BMWs. This issue happens when the plastic reservoir in the BMW starts to wear out and leaks the coolant. After using the car for several years and covering several miles, the plastic reservoir may crack or get damaged and leak the coolant. Replace it with a new reservoir.

Engine stalling

The BMW 318d usually stalls because of problems with the fuel pump. Signs of your car stalling include a warning light coming on the dashboard and an error message displays. Make sure to replace the faulty fuel pump and its parts.

EGR problems

After driving your car for several miles, the exhaust gas recirculation may become clogged, sticky, or have a faulty temperature sensor. If you cannot clean the EGR, just replace it to avoid escalating the problem.

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Faulty crankshaft sensor

If you notice that your car doesn’t have power or can’t accelerate, then your car has a faulty crankshaft sensor or a bad camshaft sensor. Take your car to a technician and find out which sensor is bad. After identifying the faulty sensor, replace it. 

Overheating engine

BMW 3-Series tend to have engine problems. One of the common engine problems is engine overheating. Some of the main reasons why the engine overheats are because of a faulty fuel pump, leaking coolant, radiator problems, or thermostat failure.

Rattle from the rear of the car

Last but not least, you may also hear a rattle from the rear of the car. This sound is usually heard when applying brakes. This is an indication that the brake pads and discs are worn-out.


Is the BMW 318d worth buying?

Of course, yes. BMW 318d is one of the most reliable BMW sedans on the market. Additionally, the car is spacious with large cargo space and exceptional handling. What’s more, it is fuel-efficient, meaning less expenditure on fuel. However, it is not ideal for an individual who wants a reliable and opulent interior, as its quite lacking.

After how many miles does the BMW 318d start developing issues?

In most cases, minor mechanical issues can present themselves as early as 20,000 miles. Nonetheless, serious repair and maintenance start after the car has clocked over 100,000 miles. That’s why most car warranties are offered up to 80,000 miles.

Is it expensive to maintain BMW 318d?

Yes, it is expensive to maintain the BMW 318d. While most cars require around $750 to maintain them on a yearly basis, you may have to spend in excess of $1500 to maintain your BNW 318d sedan. However, if the car is in a good status, that can fall down to around $900, which is still way above average.

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How long does BMW transmission last?

It depends on how the car owner has been taking care of their BMW. If no proper care is undertaken, a BMW transmission can last for less than 100,000 miles. However, that period triples to 300,000 miles if the owner takes good care of their BMW. On top of that, you should change automatic and manual transmission fluid every 30,000 miles.

How much does it cost to replace a BMW transmission?

Transmissions are some of the most expensive parts to replace on a car. That’s why it’s crucial to properly maintain your car so that you don’t have to undergo such costly repairs. Replacing a transmission on a BMW will cost somewhere between $1,800 and 5,000$, which is quite costly.


If you decide to invest in the BMW 318d sedan, expect to come across most of the above common problems. Note that some issues are only common to specific model years. However, most of these issues occur across all BMW 318d model years.

However, not all is lost as you can still avoid most of these issues by ensuring to follow the user manual and scheduled maintenance service. Also, exercising proper driving habits will help to prolong your BMW and incur less costly repair and maintenance.

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