Common problems with BMW ix

BMW ix problems

The BMW IX is the latest addition to the growing range of BMW EVs. This car is more efficient with a better range than the BMW I3. It is also more reliable with better performance. However, it also comes with several issues that interested buyers should note down. But what are the common problems with the BMW ix?

The common problems with the BMW IX electric SUV are the Connect Drive problems, faulty airbag malfunction indicator light, steering complications, and slow charging. Most of these issues are easy to fix and can be avoided.

Since BMW IX has been in the market for a few years, only a few problems have been registered. But as the car continues to put on several miles, more issues may be registered in the future. Therefore, the list of BMW IX problems may grow over time.  

What are the common problems with the BMW IX?

Faulty airbag malfunction indicator light

So far, BMW has done a great job creating reliable electric cars. However, the BMW IX has so far had one recall, which was caused by an airbag malfunction indicator light that fails to alert the driver of a problem and increases the danger of an injury in case of an accident.

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BMW issued a recall because they detected the airbag malfunction indicator light and display message may not illuminate when there is an issue with the airbag control, because of inaccurate software. 

To fix this issue, BMW dealers will have to reprogram the airbag control unit software. This is done for free as it’s a manufacturing defect.

Connect Drive problems

Another common problem that BMW IX users have reported is the IX connect drive issues. This problem normally happens after the car has been serviced and the software is upgraded. Some users reported that the ‘State of Charge’ info and the ‘Vehicle Finder’ stopped updating in the App. As a result, they were not able to check the charging status of their car at home. 

In other cases, users reported their audio stopped. To fix this issue, you will have to set privacy to not sharing data, then reboot ad setting sharing data to resolve the problem. Deleting the app and reinstalling it won’t fix anything. What’s more, the car may take several days or weeks after performing this trick before resuming to normal.

Steering complications

While the steering complications were rampant in the BMW i3, the BMW ix still experiences this problem to some extent. First and foremost, BMW created odd-shaped steering, which some individuals might not like. The hexagonal steering is quite challenging to use if you’re used to the traditional steering wheel.

Besides, when the car comes to a rest, the steering becomes hard, making it challenging to maneuver the car. Some of the problems that cause the steering wheel in the BMW IX to become hard at rest are low steering fluid levels and low pressure in the front tires.

So, before driving your BMW EV, ensure that it has enough low steering and the tires have enough pressure.

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Slow charging

A common problem that BMW electric cars usually have is slow charging. Yes, electric BMWs charge slower compared to Tesla. For instance, Tesla Model X takes around 6 to 9 hours to fully charge at home, while the BMW IX takes about 11 hours. That’s a difference of about 5 hours.

However, BMW has improved a lot as the BMW IX takes less time than the BMW i3. The BMW i3 takes approximately 20 hours to fully charge at home. Despite having a slower charging time than Tesla, BMW beats most of its competition.

Additionally, the BMW IX may have slow charging because of a bad charger. If you suspect that the charger has a problem, try using a public charger to resolve the problem. And if you want to charge quicker, use a 150 kW rapid charging point with the ability to charge from 10% to 80% in just 34 minutes.


Is the BMW IX reliable?

Yes, the BMW IX is reliable as it registers fewer problems than most of its competitors. Besides, the BMW IX received a five-star rating from EURO NCAP for crash testing. This shows that it is not only reliable but as well as safe to drive.

Is it expensive to maintain the BMW IX?

No, maintaining the BMW IX is quite cheaper compared to its ICE counterpart. Nonetheless, if you compare the cost of maintaining the BMW IX to its EV competition, you will find that it’s slightly costlier because of the cost of spare parts and service. Overall, it registers fewer issues, which is a plus.

How long will the BMW IX last?

Most BMW EVs will last as long as their batteries can last. BMW estimates the BMW IX battery to last for 100,000 miles. After hitting 100,000 miles, the car will lose its range but it will still function. If you want your car to continue running efficiently, you will have to replace the battery. With that said, EVs can run longer than ICE cars, as long as the battery is fine.

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Is it expensive to replace the BMW IX battery?

Yes, replacing the BMW IX battery is quite costly. At the moment, BMW has not yet revealed how much it will cost to replace the BMW IX BMW, but it costs about $16,000 to replace the battery in the BMW I3. Hence, the overall cost of replacing the battery in the BMW IX may be costlier.

Which car is more reliable – BMW IX or I3?

Even though the BMW IX is still new in the market, it has proven to be slightly more reliable than the BMW i3. What’s more, it is slightly more advanced than the BMW i3. So far, the IX has had only one recall, while the BMW I3 has had several recalls, with the main one being a fuel-tank vent line issue.


Generally, the BMW IX is one of the most reliable EVs on the market. It registers fewer problems, and it’s cheaper to maintain than some of its competitors. However, since this car is still new on the market, some additional issues may creep up, but it has done well so far.

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