Common Problems with BMW Z4

BMW Z4 is one of the best roadsters on the market. Not only does this car performs outstandingly, but it also comes with a comfortable and classy interior. But what are some of the common problems that BMW Z4 owners should know about?

The BMW Z4 2-door convertible comes with several common issues that interested buyers should know about before investing in this excellent car. Some of them include electrical problems, engine misfiring, oil leaks, faulty coolant, clunking steering wheel, defective convertible top, and defective door handles.

What are some of the common problems with the BMW Z4?

Electrical issues

Despite being beautiful and powerful, the BMW Z4 has a lot of electrical gremlins that interested buyers should be aware of. This is synonymous with most BMWs. On the BMW Z4, the wiper mechanism fails from time to time. Other electrical parts that have issues are the cooling fan and turn signal.

Note that electrical issues are more common in older BMW Z4 models and not the latest ones.

Engine misfiring

Another common problem of the BMW Z4 is engine misfiring. When this happens, the car goes into limp mode to prevent damage to the catalytic converter as the fuel condition is either too rich or too lean. It does this by shutting down the electronics to the transmission.

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Aside from the fuel condition being too rich or too lean, the engine may misfire because of a broken DISA valve. If that’s the case, then this valve has to be replaced. Besides, if it’s the DISA valve that’s causing the engine to misfire, you will usually hear a rattling noise coming from the engine. 

Faulty coolant system

Numerous people have reported some 2003 to 2005 and 2008 BMW Z4 cars to have issues with leaking coolant. As a result, it causes engines to overheat. The coolant is very important in a car as it protects the engine from overheating. So, if the coolant is leaking, this makes the engine heat up.

Clunking steering wheel

The clunking steering wheel is an issue in some BMW Z4 models. A handful of 2003 to 2008 BMW Z4 owners have complained about this problem. They reported that they could feel a clunk from the steering wheel when applying brakes.

In other situations, they could hear a cracking noise as they attempt to drive in reverse because of a faulty front control arm bracket bushing. If your BMW Z4 has the same issue, you can replace the faulty part and avert the issue.

Rust and corrosion on brake lines

Rust is a common problem in most luxury cars. The BMW Z4 also has this issue, and it is common on brake lines. If your BMW Z4 has covered over 40,000 miles, you should check the brake lines as there is a high chance that they have started to rust and corrode.

Replacing or repairing brake lines in the BMW Z4 is somewhat costly as it’s cumbersome to remove the lines. 

Oil leak

An oil leak is a common problem in almost all BMWs. But when it comes to the BMW Z4, this issue was common in the 2003 to 2006 BMW Z4 models. Users reported that their engine compartment produced a burning oil smell. Others have reported seeing oil leaks from the passengers’ side.

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Defective convertible top

This is one of the main problems of the BMW Z4. Not only is this issue found in old BMW Z4 models, but also in some of the latest models. People have reported having trouble closing the convertible top. Some have even tried changing the motor and hydraulic system, but the issue is still noticeable.

Steering drifts

This problem is common with the 2007 BMW Z4 model. Several users have reported the steering wheel jerking to one side. As a result, it makes controlling the convertible to be quite challenging. Additionally, some users have reported a grabbing sensation that could be felt from the steering wheel when turning.

Defective door locks and handles

Locking and unlocking some BMW Z4 models is a problem. In some cases, the exterior handles refused to open, but in some, both interior and exterior door handles became defective and troublesome to open. This usually happens because of a faulty door latch.


Is BMW Z4 a good car?

It depends. If you want a practical car, the BMW Z4 won’t be a nice car for you. But if you want a luxurious and high-performance Roadster, then the BMW Z4 will be a nice car for you. Also, it’s more spacious and comfortable than most cars in its class.

What is high mileage for BMW Z4?

If you’re looking to purchase a quality used BMW Z4, the number of mileages the car has is crucial. So, if the BMW Z4 has clocked over 250,000 miles, this means that it is more likely to develop serious issues and should stay away from it. Of course, unless you want a classic car.

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Is BMW Z4 expensive to maintain?

Yes, BMW Z4 is very expensive to maintain. This is because it is not reliable and the cost of repair and maintenance is quite high. On average, you should pay at least $900 to repair and maintain a BMW Z4. This is more than the average repair cost of luxury cars, which is around $800.

Besides, the BMW Z4 reports more issues than most of its competitors, such as the Porsche Boxster, Porsche Cayman, Audi TT, Toyota Supra, and Chevrolet Corvette. Besides, it’s even way costlier to maintain than a mainstream car, which usually has an average annual repair cost of around $650.

What is the best year for the BMW Z4?

The best BMW Z4 model is the 2011 BMW Z4 Roadster, Generally, BMW X4 models made between 2009 and 2017 are some of the best and most reliable. On the contrary, you should stay away from the BMW Z4’s made between 2003 and 2007, with the worst being the 2005 BMW Z4 Roadster.

Final thoughts

Before investing in this powerful and luxurious roadster, it’s crucial knowing some of the issues that you will face during the ownership of the car. Some of the common BMW Z4 issues are oil leaks, clunking steering wheel, defective door handles, steering drifts, engine misfiring, faulty coolant system, and electrical problems.

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