Common Problems with BMW 320d

BMW 3-Series is one of the most preferred BMW models on the market. This lineup comprises sleek, comfortable, high-performance, and stylish cars. The BMW 320d is not an exception as its one of the finest sedans on the market. With that said, what are some of the common problems that BMW 320d faces?

The BMW 320d faces a lot of issues, such as coolant leak, timing chain fault, tail light comes on, loss of power, rattle from the rear of the car, engine issues, and electrical problems. Regardless of the problem, certified BMW technicians can handle anything thrown at them.

What are the common problems of the BMW 320d?

Failed timing chain

After using your BMW 320d for a long while, some parts like the timing chain will start to give up because of wear and tear. As a result, the timing will stretch because of too much tension and failure. When this happens, the engine will misfire, the engine won’t start, and the check engine light may even come on.

If your car’s timing chain has failed or worn out, the best thing to do is to replace it. So, visit a BMW service center or technician to replace the worn-out timing chain with a new one.

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The tail light comes on

At times, you may notice that the tail light has turned on without any explanation. If the tail light comes on without any reason, then the problem can be a failed circuit board inside the taillights. You will have to replace the failed circuit board with a new one.

Coolant leak

Coolant leak is also another common problem that BMW 320d users face. This problem is normally caused by a warped head gasket, a foreign object in the radiator, or a blown radiator hose. After putting on several miles, you ought to check the cooling system and ensure that no part is damaged.

If the coolant system is damaged, it may cause a coolant leak, which will affect the engine’s performance as it will overheat and lead to more issues. Replace the damaged or worn-out parts to avoid serious trouble.

Oil leak

Like the coolant system, the leaking oil filter housing gasket will get outdated after several miles. If this part is not repaired or monitored in good time, it will cause oil leakage. If that’s the issue, then you can simply replace the oil filter gasket with a new one.

Electrical issues

BMW has always had issues with its electronics. While there are different electrical problems that can be found on various BMWs, the BMW 320d has issues with the key, which might stop working in the ignition; thus, making the steering lock light engage. This problem is common in the 2005 BMW 320d models.

Engine problems

The BMW 320d also has some engine issues. In most cases, the engine problems on this car are linked to fuel pumps and fuel injectors. When one of these parts is damaged or worn-out, the engine won’t perform at optimal performance. Such a problem should be tackled quickly to avoid escalation as engine issues can lead to costly repairs.

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Rattle from the rear of the car

In the past, many BMW 320d users have reported noises coming from the engine of their cars. Aside from that, vibrations and slow rattling sounds can be heard as well. This is an indication that the brake pads and discs are worn-out and have to be replaced as soon as possible.

Loss of power steering

Several BMW 320d users reported that the power steering stopped working. In most cases, this happened because the power steering system was worn-out and wasn’t functioning as well. The solution is to replace the old power steering system with a new one.


Is BMW 320d a good car?

Yes, the BMW 320d is an excellent car. Aside from its lovely look and outstanding performance, this car is also practical and can comfortably accommodate up to five people. It is also fuel-efficient and has ample cargo space. However, it is not very reliable and the cost of maintaining it is quite high.

How many miles does BMW 320d last?

Since the BMW 320d hails from one of the most reliable BWM series, it is also very durable. This car can last up to 250,000 miles. However, for your car to put on those miles, you need to maintain it properly and adhere to BMW scheduled service maintenance.

Which BMW model is more reliable – 320i or 320d?

Both models are reliable and offer exceptional features. However, the BMW 320i, which is the petrol version is more reliable than the BMW 320d, which is the diesel version. What’s more, the petrol version is more powerful, while the diesel version is more fuel-efficient.

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After how many miles does BMW 320d start to develop problems?

Most BMW models begin to develop problems after covering up to 80,000 miles. Despite this car being reliable, you may start making minor repairs at 60,000 to 100,000 miles. After 100,000 miles, repairs may ramp up as most BMW parts are made from plastic and will start to wear out. 

Which one is more expensive to maintain – BMW 3-Series or 5-Series?

Of course, the BMW 5-Series is more expensive to maintain than the BMW 3-Series. Not only is the 5-Series the larger car, but it also comes with a more advanced system, meaning more problems. Additionally, since its parts are costlier than those of the 3-Series, expect to pay more when it comes to repair or maintenance.

Final thoughts

Planning for your vehicle’s maintenance cost can be a daunting task if you don’t know what to expect. But if you own a BMW 320d or intend to acquire one, you can plan yourself accordingly as you know what issues to expect as the car ages.

With the above information on the common problems with BMW 320d, you no longer have to guess the issues that your car will face in the future. Actually, you can repair and maintain your car properly so that you don’t have to make costly repairs.

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