Common Problems with BMW X2

BMW X2 is a subcompact luxury crossover SUV. It is based on the same platform as the BMW X1, but it performs better. Like all cars, the BMW X2 also has some common issues that interested buyers should know about before investing in this elegant SUV.

Some of the common problems of the BMW X2 are a leaky oil gasket, faulty coolant system, electronic issues, software fault with the crankshaft sensor, high-pressure fuel pump issues, and much more. Note that most of these issues can be tackled by visiting a qualified BMW service technician or BMW service center.

What are the common problems with the BMW X2?

Faulty coolant system

A faulty coolant system is one of the most common problems that you will encounter with the BMW X2. This is because things like a bad coolant, bad pump, and internal radiator clogs can cause the coolant to develop issues. However, if you adhere to scheduled service maintenance, you don’t have to worry about a bad coolant system.

Software fault with the crankshaft sensor

BMW X2 models made between 16 May and 07 June 2018 have this issue. These cars were fitted with a crankshaft sensor with a software error. Therefore, the crankshaft sensor cannot process signal values from the crankshaft transmitter because of a faulty firmware level. These cars were also recalled and the issue sorted. 

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A leaky oil gasket

After driving the BMW X2 for several miles, you will probably be faced with a leaky oil gasket. This is because the oil gasket is exposed to constant high temperatures, high pressures, vibrations, and contact with hot fluids. That’s why it is recommended to change oil gaskets every 3,500 miles.

The high voltage battery short circuit

The high voltage battery circuit is the only common BMW X2 PHEV. This issue takes place during the initial charging as a result of particulate in the form of a welding bead. In return, it can activate a chain reaction in the battery, increasing the danger of fire.

Note that BMW X2 PHEV models with this issue were recalled. They include X2 models made between 19 March and 6 August 2020.

High-pressure fuel pump problems

The BMW X2 comes with two fuel pumps. The first fuel pump is the low-pressure pump that transports the gas out of the tank. While the second fuel pump is the high-pressure pump that pushes the gas into the combustion chamber.

With that said, BMW X2 normally has issues with the high-pressure pump. When these issues emerge, they make the engine sputter while driving at high speeds or cause acceleration issues. So, it is important to adhere to scheduled maintenance so that the high-pressure pump always functions as it is required.

Issues with outer door handles

After owning the BMW X2 for several years, you may start to notice issues with outer door handles. This is another common problem as it will make your car’s doors not open. As a result, you may have to change the entire door and locking system, which is usually located inside the door.

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Electronic problems

Electronic issues are common on BMWs. Some BMW X2 owners may also experience the same, more so with faulty electronic windows. Apart from faulty electronic windows, the BMW system may fail it has a bad fuse. Note that over 300,000 BMWs were recalled in the UK because of a faulty electronic system.

Tail lamp assembly problem

This problem can only be found on a handful of BMWs X2 models. If your X2 has a faulty tail lamp, you will notice that the check engine light will come on. It will indicate “Check rear lamp/brake lamp.” This issue is normally caused by corrosion that activates the malfunction indicator light.


After how long does the BMW X2 start to develop problems?

Like the BMW X1, the BMW X2 will start to develop minor issues from 80,000 miles. But when the car hits over 150,000 miles, you may start to experience serious issues. To prolong the lifespan of the car, proper care and maintenance are needed. Also, proper driving habits are crucial.

Is the BMW X2 cheaper to maintain?

No, the BMW X2 is very expensive to maintain. It is costlier to maintain than the BMW X1. This is because it develops more fault than its counterpart, and the cost of repair and maintenance is high. What’s more, BMW service isn’t cheap and so are their spare parts. So, expect to spend a lot to maintain the X2.

What is high mileage for BMW X2?

If you intend to purchase a used BMW X2, it is vital knowing when you will start experiencing serious issues. So, any BMW X2 with over 150,000 miles has high mileage. After 150,000 miles, the BMW X2 will start to develop serious and costly problems, unless the car was well-maintained.

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Is BMW X2 more reliable than the BMW X1?

No, the BMW X2 is not more reliable than the BMW X1. The BMW X1 is slightly more reliable than the BMW X2. Regardless, both cars are not very reliable as they both fall below average when it comes to reliability ratings. However, the BMW X1 registers fewer issues; hence, the cost of maintenance and repair is slightly lower.

Does the BMW X2 hold its value after 5 years?

No, the BMW X2 does not hold its value after 5 years. This is because the car is very unreliable, and its value will depreciate by about 52% for five years. While a new BMW X2 costs about $36,600, the same car may cost around $21,000 after 5 years.


Buying a used car can be cheap, but the cost of maintenance and repair can be off the charts. That’s why it’s crucial to find out the common problems that face the BMW X2 before investing in it. Common problems of the BMW X2 include a leaky oil gasket, faulty coolant system, software fault with the crankshaft sensor, and many others.

The good news is that most of these issues can be handled by the BMW service center and certified BMW mechanics. Additionally, it is important to find out if the owner of the used BMW X2 has taken care of the common issues if the particular model was recalled.

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