Common problems with BMW E36

BMW E36 problems

The BMW E36 is a reliable and high-performance compact executive car with lots of body styles to pick from. It is also fuel-efficient, durable, and provides a smooth ride. But like many BMWs, this car also comes with several issues. So, what are the common problems with the BMW E36?

The BMW E36 faces issues such as rust, faulty water pump, rough idle, bad valve cover gasket, weak rear subframe, brake light circuit error, electrical failure, and radiator leaks. Unlike most compact executive BMW cars, this model is easier and cheaper to fix. And with good care, most of these problems can be avoided. 

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Faulty water pump

This is a common problem in old BMW models. Since most old BMWs are made with plastic impellers that propel the coolant throughout the engine, these parts tend to fail. And if it does not fail, it will break or crack. As a result, it will cause the engine to overheat, corrode the water pump, causing coolant to leak, and cause a whining noise.

To fix this issue, you will have to replace the faulty or cracked water pump with a new one. Always check your car and replace such parts in time to avoid serious and costly repairs.

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Another common problem that BMW E36 owners should be ready to deal with is rust. Rust on the BMW E36 develops around the hood, front fenders, and tailgate under the license plate. The main cause of rust on this car is a rotten sealant. Because of the rotten sealant, want enters the car seams.

If the rusted parts are in a bad state, you may have to replace them. But if the rust is not well-spread, you should re-seal the seams.

Radiator leaks

Like the water pump, the radiator in the BMW E36 is also made using plastic. As a result, this part breaks down faster. When your BMW E36 hits over 130,000 mils, you should expect to have this issue. The radiator together with the thermostat is made of plastic.

When the plastic thermostat and radiator crack, break, or become faulty, they will lead to a coolant leak, which will lead to the engine overheating. You will have to replace the bad radiator and thermostat to fix this problem.

Brake light circuit error

Even though not very common, some BMW E36 325i owners have reported seeing the check engine light indicating a “brake light circuit error.” This problem is normally caused by a bad brake switch or an intermittent bulb socket contact issue. Have the mechanic fix these parts to fix the problem.  

Rough idle

There are two things that usually cause rough idle in the BMW E36. The first one is a dirty control valve. This can be fixed by cleaning the control valve. On the contrary, the second cause of rough idle normally happens in E36s made before 1994. Because of poor sealing, heavy rains can cause flooding in the DME compartment, leading to rough idle. Seal the car properly to avoid this from happening.

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Electrical failure 

Most BMW models come with electrical problems. The BMW E36 is not an exception. This car comes with faulty trunk wiring. Some users have reported their car catching fire because of this fault. Have the mechanic fix this problem before acquiring a used BMW E36.

Bad valve cover gasket

The valve cover gasket is another part of the BMW E36 that should be observed. This part starts having issues after clocking over 50,000 miles. If the valve cover gasket fails, the oil may start leaking down the cylinder head. When this happens, you may notice burning oil and see blue exhaust smoke.

Weak rear subframe

The subframe on the BMW E36 is usually caused by increased torque of a modified engine or higher suspension loads and track abuse. The good news is that professional mechanics have been fixing this problem by creating a fix for the chassis and making weld on plates. 


Is BMW E36 reliable?

Yes, the BMW E36 is one of the most reliable compact executive cars on the market. Most reliability agencies have given it an above-average reliability score. Nonetheless, this car can be costly to maintain as its parts are quite expensive. What’s more, it registers more problems than most of its competitors.

After how many miles does the BMW 36 start having problems?

The BMW E36 starts having issues as early as 50,000 miles. This is because it is made up of a lot of plastic parts that need close checkups and replacement. To avoid having serious issues as early as 100,000 miles, proper care and maintenance are required.

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Is the BMW E36 expensive to maintain? 

It depends on the model year. Regardless, it is still expensive to maintain the BMW E36 compared to its rivals. On average, you will have to spend at least $1,100 annually to maintain this car. And if you get a serious issue, the cost maybe even more.

What is the most reliable BMW E36 model year?

The 2002 BMW 318i is the most reliable BMW E36. This car was awarded a reliability score of four out of five by AA Cars. Besides, it was fitted with a 1.5-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine that delivered over 141 hp.

However, if you’re buying a used 2002 BMW 318i, ensure that it is in good shape with a good history. 

Final thoughts

The BMW E36 is one of the finest BMW 3-Series ever made. All of the BMW E36 model years performed well. However, if you intend to invest in the BMW E36 model, you will have to deal with some issues. These include rust, faulty water pump, bad valve cover gasket, radiator leaks, electrical failure, brake light circuit error, and rough idle.

Despite BMW E36 having multiple problems, it is still a very reliable car. It is among the most reliable BMW models on the market as it registers fewer problems. With proper care and maintenance, the 36 can last for a long while.

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