Common problems with BMW M5

BMW M5 problems

The BMW M5 is a high-performance sedan and one of the most iconic sports sedans on the market. On top of that, it is very comfortable and comes with advanced features. However, like most BMWs, the BMW M5 also has several issues that interested buyers and owners should look out for.

Some of the common BMW M5 problems are excessive oil consumption, failed electric seat, defective rear coil springs, electrical problems, failed vacuum pump, transmission issues, poor engine idling, and tailgate window failure. Other issues like the failed vacuum pump can be found in particular BMW M5 model years.

What are the common problems of the BMW M5?

Excessive oil consumption

This is not only a BMW M5 issue as it occurs on almost all BMWs. Most old BMW models have this problem. On top of that, most BMWs also leak oil. BMWs use a lot of oil because of the type of engine they come with. They are usually equipped with powerful, efficient, and low-friction engines that use a lot of oil.

Tailgate window failure

One of the first parts to wear out in a BMW M5 is the tailgate window actuator. When this part is faulty or wears out, you will notice water leaking into the tailgate window release actuator. To correct this problem, you will be required to replace the faulty tailgate window actuator.

Failed electric seat

Another common problem with the BMW M5 is a faulty electric seat. In some cases, users have reported that the electric seat or steering column failed to be adjusted. This can be caused by a software problem or a bad multi-control unit. Upgrade the software and if it fails, replace the multi-control unit.

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Poor engine idling

Users of the BMW M5 have also reported engine idling very badly. This is normally caused by a faulty idle actuator. If that’s the case, then you will have to replace the bad or faulty idle actuator. Some of the signs of a bad idle actuator is the revs fluctuating up and down.

Defective rear coil springs

The rear coil springs are meant to maintain proper alignment angles and absorb shock transmitted through the tires and shock absorbers. So, if your BMW M5 rear coil springs are defective, you will notice that your car sags or droops on one side. Replace the bad rear coils with new ones.

Engine problems

BMW M5 comes with multiple engine problems that you have to deal with. Some of them are engine shut-offs, a clutch slave cylinder breakdown, and oil sensor problems. Nonetheless, most of these problems can be fixed by replacing damaged or worn-out parts.

Transmission problems

Most BMW M5 models with SMG transmission have transmission problems. Some of the signs of a bad transmission on the BMW M5 are the malfunctioning light coming on, slow or hesitant shifting, and fault codes showing up. Fixing the transmission is quite challenging and expensive.

Electrical issues

A good number of BMW models have electrical problems. The BMW M5 is no exception as it also has electrical issues. Besides, most of the BMW M5 engine’s issues are connected to electrical problems. Among the various electrical problems, the engine powertrain warning light causes the most issues. 

Throttle actuator problems

The throttle actuator develops issues because of worn-out or failed gears inside the actuators. Hence, if your M5 goes into limp mode or the check engine light throttle actuator codes come on, it is a sign that you have a bad throttle actuator and you need to fix it or replace it.

Failed vacuum pump

A faulty vacuum pump is common in the 2012 BMW M5 model year. This is one of the worst BMW M5 models and it has several problems. The main reason why the vacuum pump fails is because of a lack of lubrication. Fix this issue as fast as possible to avoid an accident.


Is BMW M5 a reliable car?

No, the BMW M5 is not a reliable car. This is because it develops many issues compared to its competitors. What’s more, the cost of maintaining this car is quite high and so are its spare parts. So, if you’re looking for a reliable luxury car, this is not an excellent option to consider.

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After how many miles does the BMW M5 start having problems?

It depends on how well you maintain your car. If you adhere to BMW’s scheduled maintenance service, your car won’t start having problems early. But if you fail to maintain your car properly, you may start experiencing problems as early as 60,000 miles. In some situations, users have reported having problems as early as 32,000 miles.

Is the BMW M5 expensive to maintain?

Yes, the BMW M5 is one of the most expensive sedans to maintain. It is even more expensive to maintain than its competitors from Audi and Mercedes. This is because the car reports more issues than most of its competitors. Additionally, its parts and service are way costlier, making it expensive to maintain.

What is the most reliable BMW M5 model year?

The title for the most reliable BMW M5 model year is the 1998 BMW M5. It is followed closely by the 2005 and 2017 BMW M5 model years. The 1998 BMW M5 model year was one of the most popular sedans of its generation and it was fast and fun to drive. On top of that, it registered fewer issues than most of its competitors.

What is the most common problem with BMW cars?

The most common problem with BMWs is oil leaks. This problem is rampant in older models than in newer ones. In most cases, oil leaks happen because of bad valve corners and a faulty transmission. Besides, it can take place because of a bad fuel pump. Nevertheless, this issue is easy to fix by replacing faulty or bad parts.

What is wrong with the 2013 BMW M5?

BMW owners began to discuss a problem with the oil pump that could cause catastrophic engine failure in their 2013 BMW M5 or M6. This issue affects both Coupe and Convertible models. This issue is now being recalled.

Is BMW M5 F10 reliable?

While the F10 M5 is generally more reliable than E60 M5, it’s not perfect. The F10 M5 requires regular engine maintenance due to its high-performance nature.

Do M5s hold their value?

After 5 years, a BMW M5 will appreciate 53% and have a 5-year resale price of $54,032. Below is a chart that shows the predicted depreciation over the next 10 years. These are vehicles that have averaged 12,000 miles per annum in good condition. The vehicle is also assumed to have a new price of $115,231.

Is a 2014 BMW M5 reliable?

The M5 isn’t known for its reliability and that is its biggest drawback. That includes the 2014 model. However, a new study by iSeeCars, an automotive analytics firm, shows that the M5 isn’t as bad as people think. In their ranking of sports cars with the highest likelihood to exceed 150,000 miles, the fifth-placed M5 came in fifth.

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Is BMW M5 a good car?

Highs Extremely fast acceleration, enthusiast-oriented rear-wheel-drive mode, and luscious interior. Lows The exterior styling is lacking drama. AMG E63S has a racier soundtrack. Other M cars are more engaging. Verdict The M5 is a classic sports sedan, and the new generation’s dazzling performance keeps that legacy alive.

What brake fluid does BMW use?

The brake fluid for a BMW can be either normal or low viscosity. It should be rated either DOT4,DOT5, or DOT5. 1. If the car is not being driven on the track, low viscosity fluid can be used on any BMW model equipped with DSC (Dynamic Stability Control). This is nearly all BMWs manufactured since 2003.

Why is S85 unreliable?

However, S85 rod bearing failures do warrant concern. These bearings hold the connecting rods to the crankshaft. They can wear out and be left alone for too much, leading to engine failure. They may wear out and cause damage to the crankshaft.

Which BMW cars have a V10 engine?

The BMW S85, a naturally-aspirated V10 petrol engine that replaced the BMW S62 V8 motor in the M5 car, was produced between 2005 and 2010. It was BMW’s first V10 production engine and also the first petrol V10 engine available in a production sedan (saloon).

What causes inconsistent fuel pressure?

Low fuel pressure can be caused by a weak pump, dirty fuel filter, improper tank venting, restricted fuel lines and a clogged inlet strainer.


The BMW M5 is one of the best high-performance cars on the market. Despite having several issues that interested users should be ready to deal with, it is a nice car. It is one of the best sports cars as it offers comfort, safety, high-performance, advanced technology, and a fun ride.

To minimize most of the common problems that the BMW M5 faces, it is vital to adhere to BMW’s recommended scheduled service maintenance and fix the early to avoid escalating problems. With proper maintenance, the BMW M5 can last for more than 200,000 miles.

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