Common problems with Skoda Yeti

Skoda Yeti

The Skoda Yeti is among the best Skoda models on the market. It was named the family car of the year by Top Magazine in 2009. Nonetheless, this car also has several problems that users ought to know about. But what are the common problems with the Skoda Yeti?

Common problems with the Skoda Yeti are DSG gearbox issues, oil leakage, faulty airbag, rusty doors, faulty immobilizer, faulty front-seat belts tensioners, clogged diesel particulate filter, poor paint finish, and electrical problems. If your Skoda Yeti is facing one of these issues, you should have the mechanic inspect and fix it.

What are the common problems with the Skoda Yeti?

DSG gearbox issues

Like most Skoda models, the Skoda Yeti is also fitted with the Volkswagen DSG gearbox. As a result, many users have complained of having gearbox-related problems. Some reported experiencing problems as early as 45,000 miles. In some cases, the gearbox failed after 50,000 miles.

The main issue that was reported was the reduced service life of the dual-clutch pack, which is caused damage to the gears. If your gearbox is having issues, ensure to replace it with a new one to fix the problem.

Oil leakage

Oil leakage is a major problem that many Skoda Yeti users report. Oil leakage can be caused by a loose oil filter or an oil gasket that has not been tightened properly. But in this case, it is usually caused by loose screws on the camshaft adjuster. This causes the oil to leak.

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Nevertheless, this problem shouldn’t be a concern as the manufacturer recalled the affected cars. They included Skoda Yeti models made between January 2014 and January 2015. 

Faulty front-seat belts tensioners

Another issue that forced the manufacturer to recall the Skoda Yeti is the faulty front-seat belt tensioners. This was caused by faulty connection, parts of the front-seat belts tensioners that can become detached and cause an accident and enter the vehicle interior. This problem affected the 2016 Skoda Yeti model.

Faulty airbag

This problem is common in the 2015 Skoda Yeti. It happens when the side airbag is triggered. As a result, the inflator casing may burst, making the driver or passenger hurt by metal particles that become detached in the process. All the affected models were recalled and fixed by Skoda.

Clogged diesel particulate filter

Each and every Skoda Yeti with a diesel engine comes with a particulate filter. Therefore, if the driver doesn’t ride their car frequently and for prolonged journeys, then the DPF may become clogged. This is vital as it burns off the soot. So, if your DPF is clogged, you will have to clean it but also ensure to drive your car regularly to avoid the issue to recur.

Rusty doors

Skoda makes quality and durable cars. However, if your Skoda Yeti was made in Russia, there is a high chance that you will have rust issues on the door and below the window liner rubber. While you can apply a new coat to hide rust, you should stay away from a used Skoda Yeti model made in Russia.

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Poor paint finish

Another minor issue that is normally overlooked by the manufacturer is paint issues. The paint finish on the Skoda Yeti models made in Russia wasn’t great. So, you may have to repaint the car to fix this issue.

Electrical issues

Electrical issues are also common in the older Skoda Yeti models. So, if you’re having electrical problems such as sensors not working or the headlights being dim, you should check the battery. If the battery is fine, you should also inspect the wires and even check the alternator and fuse. Replace the affected parts.

Faulty immobilizer

Some users also reported having a faulty immobilizer. This is normally caused by a dead key fob battery. Ensure to replace the dead key fob battery is to fix the issue. Some of the signs of a faulty immobilizer are the key in the ignition doesn’t turn, locking/unlocking problems and the engine does not start.  


Is the Skoda Yeti a reliable car?

The Skoda Yeti is not only a reliable, practical, ad efficient car, but it is also very reliable. This car records a few problems compared to its rivals. However, the final models were less reliable than the older ones. Besides, the most challenging thing about owning the Skoda Yeti is the cost of spare parts and services.

How long does the Skoda Yeti last?

Skoda Yeti is a very reliable car. On top of that, it comes with reliable engines that also last longer. For instance, the 1.2 TSI engine has an average lifespan of 150,000 miles. Overall, the Skoda Yeti should last for more than 200,000 miles with proper care and maintenance. 

Is it expensive to maintain the Skoda Yeti?

No, it is not. Maintaining the Skoda Yeti is reasonably cheaper compared to maintaining most of its rivals like the Volkswagen Tiguan, BMW X1, and Subaru XSV. However, mainstream rivals like the Kia Soul, Nissan Qashqai, and Vauxhall Mokka are way cheaper to maintain.

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Why was the Skoda Yeti discontinued?

Surprisingly, most of the Skoda models that were discontinued weren’t because of low sales. For instance, the Skoda Yeti had high demand which made the manufacturer scale up production. As a result, they ended up making cars with lots of issues and that’s why they decided to discontinue this model.

Skoda replaced the Skoda Yeti with the Skoda Karoq. The Skoda Yeti or Karoq is slightly larger than the Skoda Kamiq but smaller than the Skoda Kodiaq.

After how long does the Skoda Yeti start developing problems?

Most Skoda Yetis will start developing problems after clocking over 50,000 miles. However, at this juncture, most of the problems will be minor, such as worn-out spark plugs and ignition coils. But with proper care and maintenance, the user won’t experience any issues until they hit over 100k miles.

Final thoughts

The Skoda Yeti is one of the best compact crossover SUVs on the market. This car is sleek, stable, practical, fuel-efficient, and pretty reliable. However, it comes with several issues that users should know about to help maintain the car properly. Most of the problems that this car comes with can be avoided by taking good care of the car.

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