Common problems with BMW M4

BMW M4 problems

The BMW M4 was formed when BMW decided to put the BMW 3-Series coupe and convertible into a series of their own for easier identification. The BMW M4 is high-performance with excellent handling and power. Nonetheless, it also comes with several problems. But what are the common problems with the BMW M4?

Common problems with the BMW M4 are valve cover & valve cover gasket leaks, crank hub issues, thermostat failure, oil filter housing gasket leaks, failing final stage fan resistor, issues with the vehicle structure, powertrain issues, issues with the brakes, and oil pan gasket leaks.

Unlike most BMW models, the BMW M4 has had a few recalls in the past. What’s more, most of the issues that we’ve mentioned above can be avoided through proper care and maintenance. Besides, most issues can be found in specific model years and not all BMW M4s. 

What are the common problems with the BMW M4?

The valve cover and valve cover gasket leaks

Like the N54 and N55 BMW engines, the S55 engine’s valve cover and valve cover gasket are prone to cracking and leaking oil. This is because these parts wear out faster and will have to be changed between 20,000 and 50,000 miles. The rubber seals on the valve cover are subjected to high temperatures that deteriorate them faster.

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Signs of a worn-out valve cover and valve cover gasket are oil leakage, burning smell, smoke coming from the engine compartment, and low oil level. Replace the damaged or worn-out parts.

Powertrain problems

Another major problem that BMW M4 owners face is powertrain problems. Some of the common powertrain issues are loose connections and cracking noise coming from the car when braking and parking. Most of the powertrain issues are connected to manufacturer defects. 

Thermostat failure

A thermostat is one of the most durable parts of a car. However, after covering over 100,000 miles, a thermostat can fail in your BMW. Signs of a bad thermostat are leaking coolant, high-temperature readings, strange noises, erratic changes in temperature, and increased fuel usage. Replace the failing thermostat to fix the problem.

Oil pan gasket leaks

Similar to the valve cover gasket, the oil pan gasket in the BMW M4 also cracks or wears out and starts leaking oil. While this issue occurs on the BMW M4 before hitting over 100k miles, most BMW models experience this problem after hitting over 100k miles. Fix this problem by replacing the worn-out or damaged oil pan gasket. 

Failing final stage fan resistor

The final stage fan resistor normally fails because of overheating in the BMW. But in some cases, this part can fail because of corrosion. If the fan fails, it won’t blow any forced air. Therefore, you will have to fix this issue on your BMW M4 by replacing it with a new final stage fan resistor.

Crank hub problems

This issue normally affects the BMW S55 engines more than any other type of BMW engine. Nonetheless, it is not very common. Crank hub problems can lead to internal engine problems. Fixing this part is easy as you will have to correct the timing and replace the crank hub.

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Issues with the vehicle structure

Vehicle structure has been a problem with the BMW M4. Several users have complained about wind noise from windows because of the vehicle structure. On the contrary, other users have also complained about front seatbelts with improper locking mechanisms, which are dangerous in case of an accident as they may not give the much-needed protection.

Oil filter housing gasket leaks

Aside from the valve covers and oil pan gaskets cracking and leaking oil, the oil filter housing gasket also cracks and leaks oil. So, when you’re inspecting the valve cover gasket and oil pan gasket, check the oil filter and ensure it is in good condition. If not, replace it to prevent oil leakage. The oil filter housing gasket should be inspected every 80,000 miles

Issues with the brakes

Even though the brakes work perfectly and shouldn’t be a concern, they produce a disturbing sound that may cause panic among some M4 drivers. Several users have noted that the felt like grinding after putting on several miles. This is a result of pebbles and foreign material getting caught in between the brake protection plate and disc.


Is the BMW M4 reliable?

The BMW 3-Series and 4-Series produce some of the most reliable BMW models on the market. Most reliability agencies have ranked the BMW M4 as being slightly above average. Besides, the BMW M4 is fitted with the S55 twin-turbo inline-6 engine, which is reliable.

Is it expensive to maintain the BMW M4?

Yes, maintaining the BMW M4 is quite expensive compared to most of the cars in its class. The annual average maintenance cost of the BMW M4 is around $642, while the annual cost of maintaining a regular car is around $600. What’s more, BMW spare parts are expensive, which adds up to the overall cost of maintenance.

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What is the high mileage for the BMW M4?

Even though the BMW M4 has been on the market for less than 10 years, it is easy to predict how long it will last as it has close similarities with the BMW 3-Series. With proper care and maintenance, this car can last for more than 250,000 miles.

Is a used BMW M4 worth buying?

It depends on the state of the car. If the car is well maintained with less than 100,000 miles, it is worth buying. But if the car is over 100,000 miles and poorly maintained, you should not spend a dime on such a car as it will be troublesome and costly to fix in the future.

Final thoughts

Whether you want to buy a new or used BMW M4, it is important to know the problems you might face along the way. Note that some BMW M4 model years are more reliable than others. What’s more, not all model years have the same problems. So, before buying a used BMW M4, it is vital to know which issues your model year is likely to have. 

All in all, the BMW M4 is a high-performance, powerful, fast, comfortable, and luxurious coupe. It is also straightforward to handle and advanced. Nevertheless, it has a high initial price, and maintaining it is quite expensive. So, if you’re buying a used model, ensure to get a quality used car.

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