Common Problems with BMW F31

The BMW F31 may be a nice, comfortable, and reliable touring wagon, but this car has had several recalls over the years because of a number of problems that the cars came with. But what are the common problems of the BMW F31?

Common problems of the BMW F31 are timing chain issues, oil, engine overheating, faulty rear wiper, rattling noise, malfunction light turns on, faulty airbag, and brake vacuum pump failure. Note that most of these issues can be fixed, but proper maintenance can prevent most of them from taking place.

What are the common problems of the BMW F31?

Timing chain problems

On top of our list is the timing chain problem. This has been a standing issue among BMW cars for a long time. However, most of the latest BMWs don’t have timing chain problems. This problem is common on the BMW F31 models with the N47 engine.

Since the crankshaft sprocket comes with extremely sharp teeth, it could damage or break the timing chain when the car is driven harshly and the timing chain jumps up and down. If the timing chain breaks or gets damaged, the only solution is to replace it.

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Engine overheating

Another common problem of the BMW F31 is engine overheating. This is usually caused by a faulty water pump. However, a coolant leak, a clogged coolant hose, or a faulty radiator fan can also cause the engine to overheat. Take your BMW F41 328i to a mechanic to identify the underlying issue and fix it.

Rattling noise and loss of engine power

Rattling noise and loss of power can be confused for other issues. However, if you have a BMW F31, it is important to pay attention to the VANOS gear assembly. BMW F31 built between 2009 and 2011 has had this issue. The BMWs built during this period feature four assembly bolts that may become loose or break and cause noise.

Oil leak

An oil leak is very common among BMW models. The main cause of the oil leak in the BMW F31 is a faulty valve cover gasket. After driving your BMW F31 for several miles, the valve cover gasket will wear out and oil will start to leak. Just replace the worn-out valve cover gasket.

Brake vacuum pump failure

The brake vacuum pump fails because of a lack of vibration. In return, the power brake boost unit is not supplied with enough vacuum force, causing a reduction in the effectiveness of the brake assistance function. This issue is common on the BMW F31 touring models made before 31st July 2013.

The malfunction light turns on

This issue is common on the BMW F31 320i models made before 2014. Aside from illuminating light, the engine may also enter a reduced power mode with the “Drivetrain Malfunction” message displayed on the dashboard. Nonetheless, the main cause of turning on the check engine light is because of VANOS faults.

Faulty airbag

This issue was common on the BMW F31 touring cars made between 2012 and 2017. The airbags were faulty and could cause an accident. The airbags contained propellant wafers that could absorb moisture over time.

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So, in case of excessive internal pressure that could make the metal inflator housing rupture, these metallic fragments could be thrown at people and were very dangerous.

Faulty rear wiper

This is another common issue with the BMW F31. If water gets into the motor casing, it will burn out. As a result, it will cause the rear wipe to stop working. Replace the motor casing to restore your rear wiper.

Faulty crankshaft sensor

When your BMW F31 has a faulty crankshaft sensor or a faulty camshaft sensor, you will notice a lack of power or acceleration at high speeds. Check the crankshaft and camshaft. If they are damaged, replace them.


Does BMW F31 have a lot of problems?

Even though BMW F31 touring comes with several issues, it doesn’t have a lot of problems. Besides, the problems found on the BMW F31 differ among model years, even though some year model years are known to have more issues than others. So, find out more about the F31 model you want to buy before getting one with lots of issues.

What is the high mileage on the BMW F31?

The BMW F31 is from a very reliable BMW lineup. However, when this car hits over 150,000 miles, more serious problems come up that are quite tough to deal with. So, if you’re looking to purchase a quality used BMW F31, stay away from a BMW F31 that has hit over 150k miles.

Is BMW F31 expensive to maintain?

Yes, BMW F31 is expensive to maintain. When the car is still under warranty, you won’t feel the pain of maintaining it. But after the warranty expires, the cost of maintaining the BMW F31 goes off the charts. This is because the cost of service and buying new parts are very costly compared to other car brands.

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After how many miles does the BMW F31 start having problems?

Most BMW models start experiencing minor issues as early as 60,000 miles. But after 100,000 miles that serious and costly issues start to show up. And when the BMW hits over 150,000 miles, the problems are extremely serious and costly at this stage.

What is the most common problem with BMW?

The most common problem with BMW is oil leaks. Even though this issue is not very common on the latest BMW models, it is rampant on the old models. The main reason for oil leaks on BMWs is because of a worn-out valve cover gasket. This part has to be replaced every 60,000 miles or earlier to prevent oil leaks.


After highlighting some of the common problems that face BMW F31, you can relax knowing what to expect from this outstanding luxury and powerful touring wagon. Besides, most of these problems can be fixed from the BMW service center or by visiting a BMW certified technician or mechanic.

Overall, the BMW F31 3-Series Touring is a nice family car as its spacious and offers ample cargo space. It also performs outstandingly and has lots of advanced features. Above all, it is very reliable, even though the cost of maintenance is somewhat high.

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