Common problems with BMW 328i

BMW 328i

BMW 328i is one of the most sought-after midsize luxury cars on the market. Not only is this car sleek, advanced, and luxurious, but it also performs exceptionally well. Nevertheless, it also comes with several problems. But what are the common problems with the BMW 328i?

Some of the common problems with the BMW 328i are oil leaks, failing timing chains, electrical problems, overheating AC & heating systems, and vehicle speed control issues. Additional problems include power steering system failure, vibrating air conditioning, heater blower fan failure, coolant leak, and outside mirror may fold out too far.

What are the problems with BMW 328i?

Oil leaks

Oil leaks are very common in BMW models. Owners of the BMW 328i model have also complained about it. Most of the oil leak issues are a result of a faulty or failing valve cover gasket. The good news is that this problem is easy to identify and it should be fixed in time.

Besides, the oil leak is notorious in the 2015 BMW 328i models. You can fix this problem by replacing the bad valve cover gasket. 

Failing timing chain

Another major problem with the BMW 328i is a failing timing chain guide. This issue is normally reported by people who own BMW 328i models made between 200 and 2015. The timing chain tends to break and cause the engine not to start. To fix this issue, you should replace the timing chain.

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Overheating AC and heating system

This is a common problem across BMW models. Overheating AC and heating systems are normally caused by either a leaking coolant or a faulty water pump. So, if you’re having overheating issues, it is crucial to have your cooling system checked and fixed to revert the problem.

Vehicle speed control problems

Since the vehicle speed sensor is constantly in use, this part can become bad or faulty at some time. As a result, it can lead to several problems that can affect your car’s performance. In most cases, this problem happens because of wiring problems. And on some occasions, the speed sensor can go bad and has to be replaced. 

Electrical issues

Because of the advanced features that the BMW 328i comes with, it is easy for users to have electrical issues. Some of the electrical problems that users should be ready to handle are failing sensors, faulty ignition coils, dead batteries, and malfunctioning alternators.

Power steering system failure

This is another problem that BMW 328i users should be prepared to deal with. It is normal for the power steering hoses to fail. If the hoses crack, it is easy to repair them. But if the hoses rupture, then you will be forced to replace them to restore normal operation.

The outside mirror may fold out too far

This is one of the dumbest issues that BMW 328i users face. BMW designed the mirrors to retract automatically when parking. Surprisingly, this is a safety feature included to stop accidental damage to mirrors by passing cars or other hazards. On the contrary, they end up breaking themselves.

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Note that the mirrors tend to extend outwards until they snap out of place.

Heater blower fan failure

The heater blower fan is a crucial component as it helps to transport the air into the car. However, after some time of use, the fan may become brittle and fail to perform as intended. To fix this issue, the user will be required to replace the failing or faulty heater blower fan.

Coolant leak

The coolant is very crucial as it helps to cool the engine during use. So, if your car has a coolant leak, you should hurry to fix the problem before more problems come up. Some of the things that cause coolant leaks are a broken radiator, loose hose connections, or a failed water pump.

To fix this problem, you will have to fix the underlying issue first.

Vibrating air conditioning

The air conditioning system in the BMW 328i model faces a lot of issues. Aside from the heater blower fan failure, the AC may also shake, vibrate, or rattle while it’s working. This is usually caused by a lack of refrigerant in the system. To fix this issue, you will have to refill the refrigerant.


Is the BMW 328i a good car?

It depends on what you’re looking for. The BMW 328i is an outstanding car if you’re in the market for a stylish, luxurious, and high-performance car. But if you’re looking for a reliable, fuel-efficient, and affordable car, this is not an ideal choice for you. 

How long does the BMW 328i last?

With proper care and maintenance, the BMW 328i should clock more than 200,000 miles. It is worth noting that some owners have done more than 250k miles, which is very impressive. But for the car to last this long, good driving habits should also be maintained.

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Is it expensive to maintain the BMW 328i?

Of course, yes! The BMW 328i is way costlier to maintain than most of its rivals. On average, the owner may have to part with more than $800 annually to maintain this car. This is $50 more than the average cost of maintaining a luxury car and around $150 more than maintaining a mainstream car.

Is the BMW 328i a good daily driver?

Yes, the BMW 328i is a fantastic daily driver. Nonetheless, when you compare it to Toyota, Honda, or Mazda, you will find that it is pretty costly to use on a daily basis. As expected, it is costlier to use on a daily basis and registers more issues than mainstream cars. So, most people prefer not to use it as a daily driver.

What is the best BMW 328i model year?

BMW started making the BMW 328i in 2007. Over the years, it made different cars that stood out and performed outstandingly. However, the best BMW 328i model year was the E90, which was produced in 2011. Regardless, most BMW 328i models have fared very well and are some of the most reliable BMW 3-series models.


Now that you know what issues to expect when you acquire the BMW 328i, it is vital to ensure that your car is inspected and properly maintained to last longer. Overall, the BMW 328i is a fine car with lots of fascinating features. It is also reliable but quite costly to maintain.

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