Common problems with BMW B58 engines

The BMW B58 turbocharged straight-six engine began production in 2015. It replaced the BMW N55 engine and it is currently one of the best BMW engines on the market. Like most engines, the BMW B58 also has a few issues that interested users should know about. But what are the common problems with the BMW B58 engine?

Common problems with the BMW B58 engine are valve cover gasket failure, coolant loss, VANOS Solenoid failure, and oil filter disintegration. For now, the problems are few as the BMW B58 engine has been on the market for a few years. But as the engine puts on several miles, a few more issues will be discovered.

Overall, the BMW B58 engine is one of the best BMW engines. It was named one of the best 10 engines in 2016 and has been fitted in some of the most exciting BMW models. Some of these include BMW Z4 M40i, 340i, X3, and X4 M40i. 

What are the common problems with BMW B58 engines?

Valve cover gasket failure

Valve cover gasket failure is common on all modern, turbo BMW engines. This is because the valve cover gasket is made of rubber, while the gasket is made of plastic. Thus, these parts are weak and don’t hold up well over an extended period of time. So, when your car hits over 70,000 miles, you should have a close look at these parts.

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After your car clocks over 70,000 miles, you should monitor and replace the rubber valve cover gasket and plastic gasket. Signs of a failing valve cover gasket are a burning smell, low engine oil light, smoke from the valve cover area, and oil on spark plugs. Replace the bad or cracked rubber to fix the problem.

Coolant loss

This is another problem that BMW B58 engine users should be ready to deal with. Surprisingly, most users that have reported coolant loss haven’t found anything wrong with the parts connected to the coolant. However, most professional mechanics suspect the coolant tank cap to be loose.

Therefore, if you’re experiencing coolant loss, you should try tightening the coolant tank cap and see if the problem goes away. If not, then the issue is with the parts linked to the coolant, which includes a blown radiator, warped head gasket, or a bad hose clamp.

Common signs of coolant loss are visible leaks, engine overheating, coolant loss, and coolant mixed with oil. Fix the underlying issues to prevent coolant leaks. Besides, you should ensure there is enough coolant in the car.   

VANOS Solenoid failure

Since BMW introduced VANOS or variable valve timing in 1992, this component has been very problematic and still is. Nonetheless, most of the VANOS problems are linked to the VANOS Solenoids. So, if your BMW model is fitted with the BMW B58 engine, expect to have VANOS issues.

Unlike other VANOS Solenoids on other BMW engines, the VANOS system on the B58 is somewhat challenging to fix and can be expensive. This is because the timing chain was relocated to the rear of the engine. Unfortunately, the VANOS Solenoids are located next to the timing chain.

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With such a design, replacing the VANOS Solenoids with a rear-mounted timing chain is pretty cumbersome than replacing one on a front-mounted chain. Some of the common signs of bad VANOS Solenoids are rough idle, poor fuel efficiency, power loss, and VANOS fault codes.

If the VANOS Solenoid is failing, you should replace it to fix the problem. What’s more, most VANOS Solenoids fail when the car hits over 80,000 miles. But with proper car and maintenance, you may have to change the VANOS when the car hits over 100k miles.

Oil filter disintegration

Even though this problem is not common in other BMW engines, it can be found in the BMW B58 engines. The oil filter on the BMW B58 engine is prone to shearing at the base. As a result, it leaves a portion of the oil filter stuck in the base of the oil filter housing.

Despite this being a common issue in this engine, it is not a big deal. Besides, it won’t be a huge bother as the oil filter can be changed during every oil change. On the contrary, if the oil filter housing is damaged or the oil filter becomes gets stuck, you may have to replace it with a new one.

Some of the common signs of a bad oil filter are the engine oil light coming on, lower than normal oil pressure, and oil dripping from the filter. To fix this problem, you will have to replace the damaged or worn-out oil filter.


Is the BMW B58 engine reliable?

Yes, the BMW B58 engine is more reliable than most BMW engines. For instance, the B58 has registered fewer issues in its first years in use than the N55 engine. Nonetheless, some of the things that you should watch out for from this engine are the rods, bearings, and pistons.

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How long do BMW B58 engines last?

Like most BMW engines, the BMW B58 should clock over 250,000 miles with proper care and maintenance. This engine is very durable as the B58 block and internals are reasonably robust. Regardless, you should adhere to BMW’s recommended scheduled maintenance service.

Besides, minor issues like replacing ball joints and tie rods should be done after the car hits over 70,000 miles. Additionally, things like oil filters should be changed during an oil change.

What are some of the differences between the BMW B58 and B58TU1 engines?

The BMW B58 is the original engine, while the B58TU1 is a modified engine. So, the B58TU1 comes with some features that make it slightly better than the original B58 engine. These include a revised fuel system, split-cooling, particulate filters, updated cylinder head with integrated manifold, timing chain re-design, and crankcase re-design.

Final thoughts

The BMW B58 has a few issues that interested buyers and users should be ready to handle. All in all, it is one of the best BMW engines and it’s very reliable. It also has more power and runs efficiently. 

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