Common problems with Mercedes GLB 250

Mercedes GLB 250 problems

The Mercedes GLB-Class is the smallest Mercedes luxury family SUV. The GLB 250 is primarily designed to be a family SUV with efficient space management. This means that the GLB is available with up to seven seats which is more or less unheard of in this particular segment. The GLB 250 is based on the same platform as the GLA 250 which means that they share quite a bit of parts with eachother.

As far as reliability is concerned, the GLB 250 is less than two years old which means that it is rather difficult to say how the GLB is going to fare a few years from now. Up until now, the GLB is similar to the GLA which means that it is a decently reliable car overall, but only if all the maintenance is done right.

The most common GLB 250 issues are associated with the airbags, the electronics, the fuel system, various suspension components, and the steering system. The GLB250 was and still is part of a few recalls predominantly surrounding airbag and electrical issues.

All in all, the GLB 250 had a rough start which is to be expected for a completely brand-new model. We will have to wait a few years before we can confidently say whether the GLB 250 is truly a reliable car or not.

Mercedes GLB 250 airbag issues

The Mercedes GLB 250 experiences several airbag-related issues. According to NHTSA, some GLB 250 models suffer from improperly mounted or defective front passenger airbags and that is why the recall was issued in the first place. If you are looking at a GLB 250, you need to make sure that the car has had all of its airbag issues resolved.

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The side curtain airbag also seems to be part of a different GLB 250 recall so be sure to check that one as well. If you are buying a GLB used, ask the owner if they have ever received an email from the dealer about these recalls as that is how Mercedes contacts their customers with cars that need to be recalled.

Mercedes GLB 250 electrical issues

The most widespread recall for the GLB 250 is one associated with electrical issues caused by water intrusion. NHTSA states that water can find its way into the passenger department through cracks underneath the seats and around the wheel wells. These can come in contact with various unprotected electrical components and cause them to malfunction.

These intrusions are known to cause a myriad of different issues such as engine stalling or complete infotainment system failure. Be sure to inspect the car’s interior footwells to see if there are any water spots anywhere. Moreover, these can cause the car’s inner metal layer to corrode because they are not as protected against corrosion as outside panels are.

Mercedes GLB 250 fuel system issues

The GLB 250 was part of another recall due to a potential fuel leak. The issue here was that a particle could potentially find its way into the seals between the fuel rails and the fuel injectors and cause fuel leaks down the line. Fuel-related issues must be fixed immediately as they can cause the car to burst into flames.

Therefore, be sure to dig deeper into the car’s VIN and try to come up with information if the car you are looking at has any of these issues. Also, the GLB 250 seems to sometimes suffer from prematurely clogged fuel filters as well, but these are typically caused by a lack of maintenance.

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Mercedes GLB 250 suspension and steering system issues

The Mercedes GLB 250 and the Mercedes GLA 250 share many parts with each other which means that both of these are prone to experiencing issues with the front axle carrier. If these aren’t resolved early enough, they are likely going to affect the car’s steerability and even make driving the car extremely dangerous. Therefore, make sure to inspect the front axle carrier if you are interested in buying either of these.

The main reason why the front axle carrier causes issues is that it can corrode early on. Many owners state that you can contact a Mercedes dealer and they will fix the issue free of charge as it is a manufacturing issue.

FAQ Section

How long can a Mercedes GLB 250 last?

The Mercedes Benz GLB 250 can last a few hundred thousand miles without needing major overhauls if you take proper care of it. There aren’t too many GLB models even close to doing this much mileage, but this is more or less a standard for all modern-day Mercedes models. Moreover, the 2018 A-Class also shares a bunch of its parts with the GLB and it seems to be holding up nicely.

All of this means that we can say that the GLB should be as good as the A-Class, if not even better. The key to reaching any significant mileage in any car is to maintain it properly. If you do that, the car will serve you for as long as possible.

Does the Mercedes GLB come with seven seats?

The Mercedes GLB-Class is the smallest seven-seater Mercedes SUV money can buy. Mercedes offers seven seats for three of its models, the GLB, the mid-size GLE, and the full-size GLS. The differences in size between the GLB and the GLE/GLS are substantial while the size differences between the GLE and the GLS are not as significant.

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Even though the GLB does offer up to seven seats, those seats are simply way too small to comfortably accommodate seven people. It’s also worth mentioning that with seven seats in place, the cargo room is almost non-existent.

Is the Mercedes GLB better than the GLA?

The Mercedes GLB-Class is indeed a better car than the Mercedes GLA. This is because the GLB is not all that much more expensive, yet it offers a lot more space. Moreover, the GLB is higher up in the food chain which is a good thing because the GLA is known to be an entry-level SUV.

All in all, the GLB is the better choice as it is more practical, higher-end up in the model range, and does not require you to pay a huge premium over the GLA.

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