BMW 118d – All you need to know

BMW is popular for manufacturing some of the finest cars on the market. Even though the BMW 118d is not the finest BMW model, it still stands out from its competition. This car is stylish, comfortable, spacious, economical, and reliable.

The BMW 118d is a 4-door hatchback, but it comes with an option of a 2-door coupe. So, interested buyers have two body styles to choose from. Additionally, this vehicle comes with a spacious cabin that can comfortably accommodate up to five people. Besides, the car is luxuriously built and comes with lots of safety features.

History of the BMW 118d

The BMW 118d is part of the BMW 1-Series. When BMW introduced the 1-Series in 2004, the BMW 118d was among the first models to be made. It was made alongside the BMW 116i, 116d, 118i, 120i, 120d, 123d, and 130i.

Additionally, this car comes in two options, the E87 5-door hatchback, and the E82 2-door coupe. Unlike the E87 hatchback, BMW unveiled the 118d Coupe in 2007. However, BMW discontinued both cars in 2013 and replaced them with newer and better models.

Features of the BMW 118d


BMW 118d is one of the best-looking small cars on the market. It doesn’t matter whether you select the coupe or hatchback, they will still stand out from the competition. Thanks to its unique exterior design and luxurious features that are very appealing.

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Besides, the 118d hatchback comes with a top-notch interior that oozes luxury and opulence. It boasts features such as chrome accents, an automatic air conditioning system, Sensatec black upholstery, floor mats in Velor, and a front armrest.

Overall, it looks classy both inside and outside. It also has a wheelbase of 105-inches, a length of 170-inches, a width of 71-inches, and a height of 56.5-inches. It may not be the biggest compact hatchback on the market, but it serves its duty very well.


This car also performs outstandingly. It has two engine options, which include the 2004 to 2007 2.0-liter M47 inline-4 turbo engine and 2007 to 2013 2.0-liter N47 inline-4 turbo engine. The first engine delivers up to 121 hp and 207 lb-ft of torque, while the second engine produces a maximum of 141 hp and 221 lb-ft of torque.

Therefore, the latest engine was more powerful than the previous engine. All in all, both engines performed outstandingly and were more powerful than their competitors.

Comfort and cargo space

The BMW 118d may be a compact hatchback, but this doesn’t mean that it is not spacious or comfortable. This car comes with a big cabin that is also fitted with top-notch and luxurious features. It can fit up to five people with two seated in the front and three at the back.

Additionally, it has a lot of cargo space as its hatchback design allows rear seats to be folded to add more cargo area. It comes with a cargo room of 13.42 behind the second-row seat. But when you fold this seat, you can store more luggage, as long as there is no one in the back

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BMW is one of the most fuel-efficient luxury cars on the market. Besides, the BMW 118d is even more efficient as it uses less fuel than its bigger siblings. Thanks to the smaller engine that it comes with. It also has an EPA rating of 50.4 mpg to 58.9 mpg, which is exceptional.


Since no new BMW 118ds are being made, you will probably head to the used car market to get your 118d. Nonetheless, it is vital to purchase a car that has been well-maintained and is in a good state. A quality used 118ed will cost about $30,000.


Is the BMW 118d worth buying?

If you’re looking for a compact and luxurious car that you can drive around the city with much ease and comfort, then the BMW 118d is a good choice. But if you’re not ready to spend a lot of money to repair and maintain a luxurious car, then this is not the car for you.

Is the BMW 118d reliable?

Yes, the BMW 118d is reliable when you compare it with other BMW 1-Series or similar luxury cars in its class. It also reports fewer problems and that’s why it is rated slightly above average by most reliability agencies. However, the cost of repair and maintenance is still high compared to its rivals.

What are the common problems of the BMW 118d?

The BMW 118d may feature a sporty and elegant design, but it also has several issues that interested buyers should be aware of. Some of these issues include timing chain failure, ineffective brakes, transmission issues, turbocharger problems, door handles problems, engine stalling, and much more.

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Despite the BMW 118d experiencing several issues over the years, most of them can be repaired at a BMW service center with much ease. And with proper maintenance, most of these problems won’t be experienced.

Is the BMW 118d expensive to maintain?

Yes, the BMW 118d is expensive to maintain. This is because this car breaks down more often than its competitors. So, this means more visits and expenditure at the mechanic. What’s more, BMW spare parts are some of the most expensive on the market, meaning it will increase the cost of repair and maintenance.

Which car is better – BMW 118d or 116d?

It depends on what you’re looking for. If you want a more powerful and high-performance BMW 1-Series, then the BMW 118d is the best choice. But if your desire a more economical, efficient, and affordable hatchback, then the BMW 116d is the ideal option.


The BMW 118d is a compact, reliable, comfortable, and luxurious hatchback. This car is also fuel-efficient, safe, and performs exceptionally well. Nonetheless, it also has several problems, such as fuel pump failure, transmission issues, door handles problems, ineffective brakes, and much more.

Overall, it is an excellent car that allows the buyer to pick between a coupe and a hatchback. However, the hatchback is the best choice as it provides more cabin and cargo space.

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