Common Problems with BMW 116i

BMW 116i is part of the BMW 1-Series lineup. This 5-door hatchback is compact, reliable, affordable, and fuel-efficient. Nonetheless, it is also fun to drive and easy to handle. But like most BMWs, this car also has various problems that interested buyers should acknowledge.

The BMW 116i experiences several problems such as fuel pump failure, engine stalling, crankshaft sensor fault, transmission issues, power steering failure, cold start idling issue, fuel pump failure, leaking EGR module, and much more. Note that these problems vary from one model year BMW 116i to another.

What are the common problems with the BMW 116i?

Fuel pump failure

Fuel pump failure in BMW 116i is usually caused by fuel contaminants, electrical faults, or old age. If the contaminants are overwhelming, the fuel pump won’t work. As a result, you may be forced to replace it, which is quite costly but essential. But if you do schedule maintenance service, you can avoid such costly repairs in advance.

Crankshaft sensor fault

If your notice that your 116i hatchback is has reduced engine power, the engine is rough idling, or it is stalling, then this is an indication that the crankshaft sensor is faulty or damaged. This is common on all BMW models with more than 100,000 miles. So, if your 116i hits 100k miles, you should be ready for this kind of repair.

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Power steering failure

BMW 116i has had a few recalls because of the power steering failure. Some of the cars had power steering failure because of a component failure, while others were due to power steering ECU failure.

Engine stalls

Apart from some cars being recalled because of power steering failure, others were recalled because of engine stalling. The issue was in the electrical wiring that not only affected the engine but as well as electrical parts of the car.

Leaking EGR module

The EGR valve is the major part of the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system. Therefore, if the EGR is faulty or damaged, it may cause leaking, which not only hampers the car but as well as can start a fire. This is very dangerous and the faulty EGR should be replaced immediately.

Transmission problem

Transmission problems are common on almost all BMWs. The BMW 116i also has this problem as it comes with a small bolt that is loose in the clutch pressure plate. Hence, if the bolts hamper how the pressure plate works, it will also affect the car’s performance and lead to a loss in the drive. Ensure that the bolt is tightened.

Door handle issues

Another common problem with the BMW 116i is a door handle that won’t return to its ideal position after use. This issue is caused by a bad handle and catch. You will have to take your car to a service center and have both of them replaced.

But if the door won’t open completely, the issue can be a bad door locking system. Again, you will have to buy a new door locking system and have the bad one replaced.

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Cold start idling problem

When you start the 116i hatchback from the cold and it fails to start, this is a sign that the ECU has an issue. The engine control unit or ICU requires updating to work optimally. So, if you have not updated it in a while, you will have to do so.

Coolant expansion bottle crack

After covering several miles in this compact hatchback, the coolant expansion bottle can crack. If this happens, the engine may overheat and lead to other problems. The best thing to do is to replace the damaged coolant expansion bottle.


Is the BMW 116i reliable?

Yes, the BMW 116i is among the most reliable BMW 1-Series. Only the BMW 3-Series is more reliable. What’s more, the 116i is normally ranked slightly above average by most reliability agencies. All in all, it is reliable but not the most reliable car in its class because of the high cost of maintenance. 

Is the BMW 116i expensive to maintain?

Yes, any BMW model is expensive to maintain. However, some models like the 1-Series and 3-Series are cheaper to maintain as they are more reliable than other BMW series. Nonetheless, the BMW 116 is still expensive to maintain as both the BMW service center and a certified BMW technician charge a lot.

Aside from their exorbitant charges, the cost of acquiring BMW’s original equipment manufacturer is also high. Due to this, the overall cost of repairing and maintaining a BMW 116i is high.

Does the BMW 116i come with a lot of problems?

Even though the BMW 116i comes with several problems, they aren’t many compared to cars such as the BMW X5. With that said, the problems are quite many and will make you feel a pinch of your wallet as you try to fix anything that emerges. To help you save money in the long term, proper maintenance is needed.

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What is the high mileage for BMW 116i?

If you’re preparing to buy a quality used BMW 116i, checking the miles on the dashboard is very crucial. Like most BMW 1-Series models, the 116i starts developing serious issues after hitting 100,000 miles. So, anything over 100k miles is high mileage for the BMW 116i. This also means more problems and an increased cost of repair.

How many miles does the BMW 116i last?

It depends on the owner. If the owner adheres to BMW’s scheduled maintenance service and good driving habits, then the car will last over 150,000 miles or even 200,000 miles. Nevertheless, if the car is not well-maintained or the driver has bad driving habits, then the car may not even make it to 100,000 miles.

Bottom line

BMW 116i may be a nice subcompact car, but it also comes with many problems. Some of them include fuel pump failure, power steering failure, leaking EGR module, door handle problem, crankshaft sensor fault, and much more. Note that as your BMW puts on several miles, so will the problems increase.

The best solution for keeping most of these problems at bay is by ensuring you stick to BMW’s scheduled maintenance service. Generally, the BMW 116i is fun to drive as it can maneuver around town with a lot of ease.

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