Skoda Kamiq gearbox problems 

Skoda Kamiq

The Skoda Kamiq is the smallest SUV in the Skoda lineup. Nevertheless, it is still comfortable, practical, and performs well. And like most cars, it also comes with several issues, including gearbox problems. But what are the Skoda Kamiq gearbox problems?  

Common Skoda Kamiq gearbox problems are clutch and flywheel burnout, difficulty changing gears, gearbox creaks when changing gears, and gearbox wear. Furthermore, some users have also reported having a faulty gear selector, automatic transmission leaking, and gear jumps but it does not engage. 

Some of the common Skoda Kamiq gearbox problems are difficulty changing gears, clutch and flywheel burnout, faulty gear selectors, and gearbox wear. On top of that, other owners have reported having jumping gear and gear does not engage, slow acceleration, gearbox creaks when changing gears, and automatic transmission leaking. 

What are the common problems with the Skoda Kamiq gearbox?

Clutch and flywheel burnout

This is one of the major problems that many Skoda Kamiq users have raised, but the manufacturer hasn’t recalled the affected cars yet. Owners have reported that the clutch and flywheel burnt out when they hit over 12k miles. One of the drivers noted that the car started revving up at 20 mph with smoke emerging from the rear of the car. 

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If you experience the above signs and notice a clutch smell, you should have your car inspected by a professional mechanic. Ensure the bad clutch and flywheel are replaced. 

Difficulty changing gears

Another common problem with the Skoda Kamiq gearbox is difficulty changing gears. This problem is normally caused by a bad hub sleeve. The hub sleeve engages the gears and if it is not working properly, then it could be hard to shift gears. Some of the signs of a bad hub sleeve are a clunking noise or a whining noise. 

Visit your mechanic for a checkup and confirmation. If the hub sleeve is bad, then you will have to replace the entire unit. 

Gearbox wear 

Like all car parts, the gearbox also requires proper care and maintenance. If the gearbox is not well-maintained, then it will wear out faster and cause several problems. One of the things that cause the gearbox on the Skoda Kamiq to wear out faster is bad oil that can lead to clogs and blockages in tubes and pipes, which lowers the quality of the drive, and can even overheat the engine, which in turn affects the gearbox.

Therefore, it is crucial to change your oil in time to avoid most engine issues. But if the gearbox is worn out, it is vital to replace the whole unit instead of replacing a few parts.  

The gearbox creaks when changing gears 

Maintaining your car’s gearbox is as crucial as maintaining any other car part. So, when you hear a creaking sound when you change gears, it is likely that you did not lubricate your car properly. Besides, not changing your fluids in time can also cause such a sound. Other possible causes are issues with the torque converter and planetary gear system failure.

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No matter the cause, it is crucial to have your car inspected and the underlying issue fixed by a professional mechanic. But first, you should change the fluid or add the right level and see if the issue is fixed. 

Gear jumps and does not engage 

Even though not very common, the gear can also jump and fail to engage. This problem is normally caused by linkage issues. The linkage system is made up of delicate parts that can become entangled and cause gear problems. If this happens, some gears may fail to activate. 

Visit a professional mechanic to inspect and fix your car. 

Faulty gear selector 

The gear selector in the Skoda Kamiq allows the user to move between park, neutral, reverse, drive, and in some cases, low gear. However, this part can also because faulty and cause gear issues. Some of the signs of a bad gear selector are rough shifting, grinding or clicking noises, gear slipping, and difficulty moving between gears. 

Before you fix or replace a faulty gear selector, it is vital to know if some issues contributed to the problem. 

Automatic transmission leaking 

This issue is more common in Skoda Kamiq models with automatic gearboxes. It is normally caused by a bad gasket. So, if you detect that your Skoda Kamiq automatic transmission is leaking, you should have the mechanic inspect and fix it. Besides, this is a cumbersome and costly repair. 


Does Skoda Kamiq have an automatic gearbox?

Yes, the Skoda Kamiq has an automatic gearbox. This model comes with a 5- or 6-speed manual gearbox, a 6-speed automatic, and a 7-speed DSG gearbox. This allows users to select a gearbox that best meets their needs. 

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Are Skoda DSG gearboxes reliable?

Yes, Skoda DSG gearboxes have proven to be reliable both in six, and seven-speed variants. Nonetheless, failures still do take place like in any other gearbox. And when they do, they are quite expensive and cumbersome to fix. 

How long do manual and automatic gearboxes last?

When properly maintained and cared for, an automatic gearbox should last for at least 150,000 miles. On the contrary, a manual gearbox should last for at least 120,000 miles. But if any of these gearboxes is not well cared for, they will break out faster than their intended lifespan. 

What are the common signs of a bad gearbox?

Some of the common signs of a bad or failing gearbox are the transmission warning light coming on, burnt smell, lack of response when shifting gears, gears slipping, transmission fluid leakage, and unusual sound from the gearbox. 


The Skoda Kamiq is a subcompact SUV with exceptional features. Nonetheless, the Skoda Kamiq also experiences gearbox problems as discussed above. Whether your Kamiq has an automatic or manual gearbox, you will still register several issues connected to the gearbox. 

However, if you stick to the normal care and maintenance routine, such as changing the oil and filling fluids to the right level, you may avoid most of the gearbox issues that we’ve highlighted. 

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