Best Mercedes RV

best mercedes rv

An RV or a recreational vehicle is a trailer or a motor vehicle that includes a living space capable of accommodating multiple people. While the best RVs based on a Mercedes platform are not from the Mercedes factory, Mercedes does offer smaller pop-up campers such as the Weekender and Marco Polo, that serve as great travel companions.

When it comes to larger RVs, some aftermarket Sprinters like the Mercedes Interstate Lounge Airstream RV or the Mercedes Atlas Airstream RV are the best -selling options. These two Airstream options offer great packages, but the Mercedes Benz and Hymer jointly-developed Sprinter RV might be the best pick of them all.

Mercedes Marco Polo and Weekender

The Marco Polo, or the spontaneous adventurer, is a pop-up camper based on the Mercedes smaller Vito platform. The Marco Polo starts at around $73k for an entry-level V 220 d Sport. The higher trim versions are offered with an AMG package and more powerful engines, and they go for as high as $80k base price.

The Marco Polo is mostly targeted at a younger, more adventure-ready customer and does not offer the same amount of space as the larger aftermarket Mercedes RVs. However, it does make for a tempting package for up to five people.

The Marco Polo is a state-of-the-art Mercedes, and that means that it comes with many amazing technology features.

It includes the Mercedes Me networking app, which enables the driver to stay connected with the vehicle at any given time, no matter the place. The driver can geographically monitor the vehicle at any time, unlock or lock the car remotely, set the climate, and check the car’s information at any time.

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One thing to note is that the Marco Polo is reserved solely for the European market. In the US, Mercedes sells a very similar package, but in the US the vehicle is named the Weekender.

Aftermarket Mercedes Airstream RVs

Airstream is a US company that has been in the business of making RVs and camper trailers (caravans) since the 1930s. Airstreams are considered to be one of, if not the best RV makers in existence.

For a spot of context, after the successful completion of the Apollo 11 space mission, NASA used a modified Airstream trailer as a quarantine facility for the crewmen. Furthermore, a Mercedes Sprinter chassis modified by Airstream and Boeing is being used as a shuttle for the astronauts on the launching pad.

The highlight of the Mercedes-modified recreational vehicle by Airstream are the aforementioned Mercedes Interstate Lounge Airstream RV and the Mercedes Atlas Airstream RV, both based on the Mercedes Sprinter.

The Mercedes Interstate Lounge Airstream RV is widely recognized as one of the best Mercedes based RVs ever made. If you are in the market for a high-end, luxurious RV backed by Mercedes quality, look no further than the Lounge Airstream.

This RV is equipped with all the amenities you would ever want. It even includes cabinets made from expensive Italian veneers and a bunch of tech features such as smart TV and amazing ambient lightning. Every surface is covered in the highest quality leather that perfectly encompasses what a Mercedes RV should look and feel like.

The Atlas Airstream RV is fairly similar to the Lounge model. The Airstream is not as high end as the Lounge model is, but it does offer many amazing features, such as solar panels on the roof that are capable of powering all the vehicle’s features, even when the utility hookups are not in use.

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HYMER and Mercedes

HYMER is a German company founded in the 1920s and is focused on offering the best RVs on a Mercedes platform.  HYMER is one of the largest RV manufacturers in Europe and has been backed by Mercedes ever since HYMER released the first RV based on a Mercedes van back in the 1980s.

The best offering by Mercedes/HYMER is the Hymer B-class MasterLine T. This RV is set to achieve the highest standards in the Premium RV segment. This model starts at around $105k. Although this is a lot, with this RV, you will not be disappointed.

The inside of the MasterLine T is simply jaw dropping. The entire RV is finished in fine wood trims, and a perfectly proportioned cabinet to space ratio which ensures that the MasterLine T feels more akin to a luxury yacht than it does to a Mercedes Sprinter.

Things to consider before buying an RV

Should I buy an RV or a camper trailer?

The biggest obvious benefit of choosing an RV is the convenience. An RV is a powered vehicle, and a trailer needs to be towed. Furthermore, an RV is a lot easier to set up and use, and the times associated with making yourself comfortable are a lot shorter in an RV. Most RVs offer more amenities as well.

On the other hand, driving an RV is a lot more intimidating than driving a trailer, as many RVs are huge in dimensions. But the biggest downside to RV ownership is the sheer cost associated with an RV. A decent RV nowadays costs as much as a used Mercedes SUV and a decent trailer combined.

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Should I buy or rent an RV?

Renting an RV, as opposed to buying it, makes a lot more sense if you only plan on using the RV for occasional trips and such. You should research as much as possible before you decide to buy an RV because many of the features might not be used as much as you think they will.

Renting an RV is a great idea before making any serious buying decisions. Choosing an RV is a lot more difficult than it is choosing a car. RVs differ quite substantially, with different layouts, different price points, different sizes, and all of these might pose a problem when it comes time to resell your RV.

Are there any alternatives to RVs and camper trailers?

Of course, there are some alternatives to the RV and the camper trailer, the main being the camper truck. Camper trucks are usually modified pick-up trucks that offer an RV-like experience in a smaller package. The living quarters are situated on the bed of the truck and they usually offer a kitchen, a bathroom, and a bed.

How does the insurance work on RVs?

You need separate insurance for an RV because not all of the features of an RV are usually covered with regular car insurance. There are specific insurance policies made for RVs that cover things such as campsite liability, full-time liability, emergencies, limited warranties, total loss and much more.

best mercedes rv

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