Do Mercedes Make Electric Cars?

Mercedes is known for being at the forefront of most car technologies. And with the race for electric cars heating up, Mercedes also has several cars in the pipeline. But does Mercedes make electric cars?

Yes, Mercedes makes all-electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. Nevertheless, Mercedes-EQ is the exclusive Mercedes-Benz electric brand. The first all-electric Mercedes model is the Mercedes EQC. Besides, Mercedes already has several electric models that it intends to produce soon.

What is Mercedes-EQ?

Mercedes-EQ is the electric brand of Mercedes-Benz brand. It features various Mercedes all-electric vehicles. What’s more, the EQ brand isn’t all about the luxurious vehicles, but as well as the innovative and convenient services provided to better the overall electric car experience.

How do electric cars work?

Before we get to how an electric car works, it’s important to understand what an electric car is. An electric car is a vehicle that utilizes an electric motor instead of an internal combustion engine. Electric cars are also referred to as electric vehicles (EV) or battery electric vehicles (BEV).

Unlike internal combustion engines (ICEs), EVs have to be plugged into a source of electricity to operate. Nonetheless, charging your Mercedes-EQ is super easy as you can do it at home, work, or at a public charging station. So, you don’t need to line up at the gas station to add petrol or diesel to your car.

Another thing that makes Mercedes electric cars to be exceptional is that they produce virtually no sound at all; thus, creating a tranquil environment inside the car as you cruise to your preferred destination. Despite not being loud, Mercedes Ev’s performance is excellent and they produce maximum torque.

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Why should I get a Mercedes EQ over ICE?

Getting a Mercedes electric car has several benefits over an internal combustion engine car. First and foremost, charging the car is cheaper than fueling a similar ICE car. Secondly, if you drive an electric car, you will end up saving the ozone layer. This is because they have zero emissions, meaning there is reduced CO2 production and cleaner air quality.

On top of that, Mercedes EQ vehicles utilize regenerative braking and pre-entry climate control to save energy as well as driving range. Another benefit is that EVs are very convenient as you can charge your car when you’re asleep and don’t have to line up at the filling station.

Despite BEVs not using petrol or diesel to run, they still perform exceptionally well and have quiet engines. Besides, the cars are still stylish and have all the luxurious features that you can desire in a Benz. So, you will still enjoy the high-tech and advanced features that Mercedes-Benz provides.

What is the most popular Mercedes electric car?

The most popular Mercedes electric car is the Mercedes EQC SUV. It’s also a sports car and boasts some advanced features such as voice control, intelligent navigation, maximum range mode, eco assist, straightforward charging, and high voltage safety. These and many other top-end features put the Mercedes EQC among the best electric SUVs on the market.

Moreover, the Mercedes EQC comes with a 10-inch touchscreen for easy operation and ambient lighting with 64 colors to make the interior lively. It’s also safe as it comes with active parking and blind spot assist, among other key safety features.

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With a starting price of about $68,800, the Mercedes-Benz EQC SUV is one of the quickest electric cars on the market. On top of that, it’s very luxurious and offers outstanding comfort. Besides, it’s simple to handle and has an excellent range of around 279 miles on a full charge.

What determines EV range?

The EV range varies because of different reasons. First of all, driver’s habits differ, making some EVs last longer than others. Also, the environment you’re located in is vital. EVs in the colder environment use more electricity than those in warm climates. Also, the route that you usually use plays a part as well.


Does Mercedes-Benz make an all-electric car?

Yes, Mercedes do make all-electric cars in their EQ line. However, they only have one fully electric vehicle in their EQ line, which is the Mercedes EQC. On top of that, Mercedes also intends to introduce Mercedes EQA, EQB, EQE, EQS, and EQV.

Most of the first Mercedes-Benz EQ models are SUVs. Apart from these SUVs, Mercedes also plans to create an EQS limo, QV minivan, and EQE executive saloon. All of these electric models will be released shortly.

Does Mercedes-Benz have hybrid cars?

Yes, Mercedes-Benz has plug-in hybrid and mild hybrid cars. The plug-in hybrid can run on electricity or fuel, while mild hybrid Benz doesn’t require a plug-in as the combustion engine and electric motor work simultaneously to provide power and efficiency to your car.

When can I buy the Mercedes EQC?

Mercedes EQC will officially debut in late 2021. This includes Europe and the USA. However, people are already placing their orders. So, the first batch of the Mercedes EQC will be available in late 2021. On the contrary, the other Mercedes EQ models will debut later in the future with no specified date.

Is Mercedes EQC better than Tesla Model X?

Both of these electric SUVs are well-built and boast some of the best features on the market. However, the EQC comes with a more elegant and bewitching exterior than Model X. When it comes to the interior, both cars ooze luxury, but the Tesla is more spacious. But in terms of comfort, EQC takes the day.

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Additionally, the EQC is a seven-seater, making it perfect for a large family. In terms of performance, Tesla Model X is more powerful as it has two trims to pick from. The long-range trim may not be powerful than the EQC, but the plaid trim is more powerful.

Where can I charge the Mercedes EQC?

Charging the Mercedes EQC is very straightforward. You can either charge it from a public charging station or at home. For faster charging, you may have to charge your electric SUV at a charging station as they usually feature 240V or 220V outlets. Home charging stations normally have 120V outlets.

Nevertheless, you’re not limited as you can still upgrade your home outlet to have 240V for faster charging. Besides, home charging is the most convenient as public charging stations can be busy at times. And as many people convert to electric vehicles, this will become even more challenging.


If you have been wondering whether Mercedes makes electric cars, you o longer have to. Yes, Mercedes makes all-electric vehicles but it also offers plug-in hybrid cars. So, you decide to pick the right car for your needs and budget. Mercedes EQ is Mercedes-Benz’s electric lineup with their first car being the Mercedes EQC SUV.

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