Will Mercedes wheels fit a BMW?

Will Mercedes wheels fit a BMW?

Do you have good-looking Mercedes-Benz wheels on an old Mercedes-Benz model that’s no longer in use? And are you wondering whether these Benz wheels will fit on your BMW?

Yes, they can.

Mercedes wheels will fit a BMW if they have the same bolt pattern. So, before assuming that just any Mercedes wheels will fit your BMW, you should find out if they have the same bolt pattern. Most Mercedes-Benz models have a bolt pattern of 5X112, while BMWs have a pattern of 5X120.

What are bolt patterns and wheel offset?

When the rim’s bolt pattern is rated to be 5X112, this means that there are five bolts with a spacing between the bolts center-to-center of 112. In addition to the bolt pattern, you should also consider the offset. The wheel’s offset is how far the wheels stick out. 

If the wheels offset is way off, the wheels may sit very far out or too far in. You can acquire wheel adapters to alter bolt patterns, but it’s important to note that they will only space the wheels about an inch or more outward.

However, it’s also crucial to understand that even if the bolt pattern is different, you can still fit the wheel by using wheel spacers or wheel adapters. If you have these two tools and the offset is still not the same or close, the wheels will not fit.

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What’s the difference between a wheel spacer and a wheel adapter?

If you want to fit a different sized wheel on your Mercedes-Benz or BMW, you will have to use a wheel spacer or wheel adapter if the bolt pattern is not the same. The only problem is that many people confuse these two tools and end up using the wrong one.

So, if you want to fit your Mercedes wheels on a BMW and don’t know whether to get a wheel spacer or a wheel adapter, we have simplified things for you. 

Wheel spacer

A wheel spacer is a term used to indicate a disc that pushes a wheel away from the vehicle’s hub, and lowers the offset. In short, a wheel spacer is designed to extend the distance from the wheel and cylinder by as much as a quarter.

Unlike using an adapter, this method is unsafe for your Mercedes or BMW car. A wheel spacer is not suitable for fitting different sizes or types of wheels, but it’s ideal if you intend to maintain the wheels and increase the track.

When you increase the track of your car, you will improve your vehicle’s look and overall handling. Also, wheel spacers are perfect for vehicles with little offset. This is because they will make up for too little offset by pushing the wheel further out.

If you decide to use wheel spacers, know that you require longer studs for an excellent installation. Alternatively, you can also use longer wheel bolts to install wheel spacers. Get in touch with your mechanic for further advice and proper installation.

Wheel adapter

A wheel adapter is normally a type of spacer of sorts, but there’s usually a change in bolt pattern that takes place. Wheel adapters are usually one inch larger and are connected to the cylinder with the help of bolts.

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Unlike wheel spacers that help to extend the track of your car, wheel adapters are the best when it comes to fitting a wheel from another car or of a different size. This is thanks to the ability of the wheel adapter to change bolt patterns.

With a wheel adapter, you can change the bolt pattern of your BMW and fit a wheel from Mercedes-Benz. If the bolt pattern does not change from the original, the adapter can be used to push the distance of your wheels out by an inch or even more.

When you decide to install wheel adapters, your car will have better aerodynamics, turning, and looks.


Do Mercedes-Benz and BMWs feature the same bolt patterns?

No, they don’t. Mercedes-Benz usually comes with a bolt pattern of 5X112, while BMWs have a bolt pattern of 5X120. These two luxury brands have different bolts patterns, which means that their wheels won’t fit directly when interchanged.

However, the wheels can fit if some tools like wheel spacers and wheel adapters are used. Regardless, you should consider the offset of the Benz and BMW that you want to swap wheels with. If one of the cars’ offset is extremely large or small, then the wheels won’t fit.

Does the Mercedes-Benz S-Class have the same bolt pattern as the G-Class?

No, it doesn’t. This is because the Mercedes-Benz S-Class comes with the Mercedes-Benz bolt pattern of 5X112mm, while the G-Class has a bolt pattern of 5X130mm. So, the G-Class has a larger bolt pattern than the S-Class.

In this case, you cannot change the wheels of these two Mercedes models without wheel spacers or adapters. Additionally, you will also have to check their offsets. And since the Mercedes G-Class has a bigger offset, fitting its wheels on an S-Class or vice-versa will be almost impossible.

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Is it possible to put the 5X112 wheel on the 5X120 wheel? 

Yes, it is possible. You can drill the hubs to the 5X120 rim, but it will be quite costly. Additionally, your car could become undrivable and the hubs and brake discs will need regular maintenance. Also, you will need adapters.

What do the numbers in a bolt pattern mean?

The numbers in a bolt pattern have different meanings. Mercedes-Benz wheels usually have a bolt pattern or 5X112 for sedans like the E-Class & S-Class, and 5X130 for SUVs, such as the G-Class. It’s very crucial to know these numbers before fitting wheels.

The number 5 in the bolt pattern means the number of bolt holes, while the second number,112 or 130, is the diameter of the circle formed by the five bolts. These numbers will help you fit the perfect tire on your car make and model.

Final thoughts

As we wind up, it’s important to know that it is possible to fit your Mercedes-Benz wheels on BMW. However, the wheels must have the same bolt pattern, size, and offset as that of the BMW make and model you want to fit the wheels.

But if the wheels are not of the same size but the offset is, you can use a wheel spacer or wheel adapter to fit the Benz wheels on your BMW. Nonetheless, you should expect a few challenges and the risk of an an undrivable car.

Will Mercedes wheels fit a BMW?
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