Best oil for Mercedes C300

Best oil for Mercedes C300

Modern-day engines use synthetic motor oil, and that’s also true for pretty much every newer Mercedes model. While a huge number of cars these days can use natural, petroleum-based oils, Mercedes engines function a lot better while being lubricated by synthetic oils.

The recommended types of oil for a C300 make quite a long list, so the motor oil you or your dealer chooses usually comes down to availability and price, as some oils cost more than others in specific markets. Most of the 2020 Mercedes C300 models come with a 5w-40 synthetic oil mixture.

When figuring out which oil is best for your specific Mercedes C300, many variables might sway you in different directions. For example, a C300 predominantly used in cold weather conditions could benefit from a 0W-40 type of synthetic oil, which performs well in cold climates.

Benefits of synthetic oils vs. regular oils

As mentioned previously, modern-day Mercedes models, including the C300, use synthetic oils because the engine can’t perform on the highest level with a regular oil mixture. Synthetic oils go through a lengthy refining process and offer better protective properties compared to regular oils.

Synthetic oils are manufactured from a higher quality base oil when compared to conventional oils. Regular oils are not as chemically stable as synthetic oils, and they also oxidize and acidify faster than synthetic oils. Furthermore, regular oils lose protective qualities a lot sooner than synthetic oils.

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All the chemistry involved in the process of making synthetic oils aims to provide a lengthier and better overall protection of your engine. Synthetic oils also keep your engine a lot cleaner, which enhances the overall performance of the engine.

Synthetic motor oils also perform better than conventional oils in extreme climate conditions. Engines dissipate lots of heat, and some conventional oils can even evaporate and leave your engine without proper lubrication. Modern-day synthetic oils are specifically designed to withstand even the highest operating engine temperatures.

Specific oil products recommended by many Mercedes dealers

It’s easy to find lengthy lists of synthetic oil options for all newer Mercedes models, including the C300. However, you should always consult with a professional when choosing the oil type for your Mercedes, and use this list as a loose guide rather than a concrete recommendation.

Many modern European cars use synthetic oils made by Mobil1, Shell, Pennzoil, and Valvoline. The viscosity properties associated with these cars are 0W-40, 5W-30, 5W-40, 10W-30, 0W-30. These numbers correlate with the specific levels of viscosity associated with specific oil products.

What does oil viscosity mean?

Synthetic motor oils with a lower W value (like 0W-30) are a lot thinner than the ones with a higher W value (5W-40). This means that the lower viscosity motor oils can lubricate the engine at a faster rate, which is beneficial for really cold or warm environments.

Motor oils with a higher level of viscosity (10W-30) are a lot thicker. While these will not flow as easily as lower viscosity oils, higher viscosity oils create a thicker layer between the moving parts which further increases the longevity and reliability of the engine.

Regular oils in modern Mercedes models

Conventional oils can be used in a C300, but they are not recommended, and that’s for a good reason. Engines using conventional oils are usually smaller and are not aimed at providing longevity nor performance.

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A 2020 Mercedes C300 lubricated by conventional oils might seem indistinguishable from a 2020 C300 lubricated by synthetics. But if you were to spend time with both of these, you would eventually end up with a synthetically lubricated C300.

No matter what you decide to do, you should always consult with a professional when choosing the oil for your C300. A professional is able to take all of the variables of your specific user scenario into consideration, which would ensure a proper oil type for you.

Common questions about Mercedes’ oil changes

Why are Mercedes oil changes so expensive?

It’s no surprise that a regular Mercedes oil change might cost you a few hundreds of dollars. The reason for this is rather simple, as most newer Mercedes models use a lot more oil. For a spot of context, a V8-powered Ford F150 uses around 6 liters of oil, but a V8-powered Mercedes CLS550 uses 8.5 liters of oil.

That’s the reason why the oil in the F150 has to be replaced a lot sooner than the one in the CLS550. Furthermore, synthetic oils are a lot more expensive and require additional oil changing procedures such as vacuuming.

Why is my oil pressure warning light on?

An engine oil pressure warning light can turn on for many different reasons. It is usually because your oil levels are low. Sometimes your oil pump can be malfunctioning which would also be indicated with an engine oil warning light.

Furthermore, an engine oil pressure light can also be associated with a faulty sensor, a blockage in the oil system, or excessive foaming of the oil. Whatever it might be, you should turn the car off, and get it check out by a certified Mercedes mechanic right away.

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Driving a car with an oil pressure light on might not actually cause any issues whatsoever. But it can also cause some serious problems, and sometimes even destroy the engine entirely. So, get it checked out as soon as possible.

Do I need to change my oil filters whenever I change the oil itself?

Many oil manufacturers recommend that you change the oil filter whenever you change the oil itself. This is mostly because the older oil filters might contain contaminants, which could decrease the protective properties of the oil. Furthermore, older oil filters could also decrease the overall engine performance.

As oil travels through the engine, it picks up lots of debris and dirt. The purpose of an oil filter is to filter out all of the dirt so it does not compromise the performance of any of the moving parts of the engine.

If your oil filter is long due for replacement, it might not be able to filter out the debris. And all the dirty oil will go right back into the engine.

Whenever you do any car maintenance-related tasks, you should always consult with a professional, if possible. You should also consider going through the owner’s manual whenever you do decide to do something by yourself.

Best oil for Mercedes C300

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