Best Used Mercedes Hatchback

best used mercedes hatchback

Whether it’s a sedan, coupe, cabriolet, SUV, station wagon, or hatchback, Mercedes still stays true to its motor, “best or nothing.” That’s why the Mercedes hatchback models still stand out from the rest.

The best used Mercedes-Benz hatchback is the Mercedes A-Class. This class has lots of car models that different buyers may be interested in. Whether you want a normal A-Class hatchback, sporty hatchback, or AMG hatchback, you will get it in a Mercedes A-Class.

Mercedes A-Class

The Mercedes A-Class was first produced in 1997 as a five-door hatchback. Later on, the second generation featured a three-door hatchback and was launched late in 2004. The A-Class is currently in its fourth-generation, which started production in 2018.

What makes the A-Class the best used Mercedes hatchback is the variety of options it offers buyers. You can choose the standard SE, sport, AMG-line, or A35 & A45 AMG models. This allows every buyer to settle for a Mercedes hatchback with the features they desire.

All of these models have different engines on offer and diesel and gas options. The Mercedes-Benz A-Class SE is the cheapest, while the A45 AMG is the most expensive. In terms of comfort and performance, the A35 & A45 premium AMG models are the best.

Mercedes A-Class SE

The Mercedes A-Class SE is one the cheapest used Mercedes hatchback on the market. It has an average price of $14,200. Although this price seems cheap compared to other Mercedes hatchbacks, it’s not as affordable as other hatchback brands. For instance, a used Honda Fit or Ford Fiesta is much cheaper.

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That’s what makes Mercedes so unique. Despite the Mercedes A-Class SE being cheaper, it boasts of a broader range of luxurious features and performs exceptionally well. So, you get more features than you could get in even a new Ford hatchback.

Some of the outstanding features that the Mercedes A-Class SE offers include cruise control, keyless start, 7-inch touchscreen media system, air-conditioning, and a 7-inch digital dashboard. You will also get various safety features like lane-keeping assist, active brake assist, and driver fatigue alert.

Buyers have different engine options to choose from. The A-Class SE has A160, A180, A180d, and A200d alternatives. Those looking for a gas-powered A-Class SE can choose either the A160 or A180. Both of the engines have a 1.6-liter capacity. While the A180d and A200d are powered by diesel with a 1.5-liter and 2.1-liter capacity, respectively.

Mercedes A-Class Sport

If you desire a slightly better hatchback with a sporty feel, the Mercedes A-Class Sport is the best option. Although there isn’t a lot of difference between the A-Class SE and sport, the latter has slightly more features with better handling.

The first thing to note is the bigger 17-inch alloy wheels and LED headlights. On top of that, this model comes with dual-zone climate control, extra chrome trim on the steering wheel, and carbon fiber trim look in the cabin. These features distinguish the A-Class Sport from the SE model. 

In terms of price, the Mercedes A-Class Sport is slightly more expensive than the A-Class SE. It goes for around $15,000, while the SE goes for around $14,200. It also has several engine options, which include A180, A180d, A200, and A220.

Mercedes A-Class AMG-line

If you desire a high performance used hatchback, the Mercedes A-Class AMG-line is the best choice. From appearance to comfort and speed, the A-Class AMG-line bests the SE and Sport models. However, it’s also quite expensive as it goes for about $17,000.

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The Mercedes A-Class AMG-line hatchback comes with a lovely AMG-style body, so it looks sportier than the SE and Sport models. This high-performance hatchback boasts 18-inch alloy wheels and run-flat tires from the Mercedes factory. These tires are special as they allow you to still make it to the mechanic in case of a flat tire.

Aside from an excellent body, tires, and wheels, you also get sport-style front seats, unique stitching in the upholstery, and a flat-bottomed multifunction steering wheel. All of these fantastic features give you an exceptional driving experience.

Mercedes A-Class A35  

The best-rated Mercedes A-Class hatchback is the AMG 35. A second-hand AMG A35 goes for around $28,000. This is much higher than the other A-Class hatchbacks that we’ve looked at. However, it’s justifiable as this car is powerful and comfortable.

The Mercedes A-Class A35 has an outstanding acceleration of 0 to 62 mph in 4.8 seconds, which is mind-blowing considering it’s a small hatchback. On top of that, its stylish AMG-body is attractive and stands out from other hatchback models.

Other notable features include a 2.0-liter gas engine delivering 306 horsepower. You will also love the 18-inch alloy wheels, wider wheel arches, and a louder exhaust system. Unfortunately, the Mercedes A-Class A35 has not been on the market for long, so finding a used car may be quite challenging.

FAQs about buying a used Mercedes

Are used Mercedes expensive to maintain?

Used Mercedes are expensive to maintain because they run out of warranty after 5-years of ownership. Without a warranty, maintaining a Mercedes-Benz is very expensive. And if you factor in the fuel costs, repair costs, and insurance cost, the total sum shots up further.

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What’s the difference between the Mercedes-Benz A-Class and B-Class hatchback?

Both the Mercedes A-Class and B-Class belong to the small-car family for Mercedes-Benz. The A-Class is cheaper compared to the B-Class. The B-Class has a slightly larger 8.0-inch media screen compared to the A-Class’s 5.8-inch media screen. Additionally, the B-Class is longer, taller, and wider than the A-Class.

What is the best used Mercedes to buy?

The best used Mercedes to buy is the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. From the beginning, the Mercedes E-Class has always stood out from other Mercedes models. Thanks to its reliability, comfort, exceptional performance, and fewer issues. Additionally, the cost of maintenance is slightly lower when compared to other used Mercedes models.

Why are used Mercedes cheap?

The main reason why used Mercedes-Benzes are so cheap is due to the high cost of maintenance. After 5-years of ownership or over 60,000 miles, Mercedes-Benz cars start to develop serious issues. As a result, the cost of maintenance and repairs also raises exponentially as there is no warranty to cover them.

The A-Class is the best affordable used hatchback

Even though there are many quality used Mercedes-Benz hatchbacks on the market, the Mercedes A-Class still stands out. This small but luxurious and powerful vehicle performs at a high level, and it’s affordable. Its close competitors are the Mercedes B-Class and CLA-Class 45 AMG, but they are quite expensive to maintain.

best used mercedes hatchback

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