Which Mercedes is used for fleet services

The types of Mercedes models used for fleet services depend on many factors. Some Mercedes models are used for commercial purposes, and some of them are being used by corporate business companies that usually prefer sedans as opposed to SUVs.

If you value quality, durability, and efficiency many Mercedes commercial vans can help you drive your business forwards. And that’s the main reason why many companies worldwide opt for Mercedes vehicles as essential business assets.

Mercedes also offers special fleet sales and programs that enable many fleet owners to enjoy a premium product with attractive deals. The Mercedes Benz E and the C-class are both used as fleet vehicles for decades, and that’s mostly because both the E-class and the C-class offer amazing premium features without being too large nor expensive.

Mercedes sedans used for fleet services

As far as sedans go, the E-class and the C-class are the most popular Mercedes models used for fleet purposes. Many companies use dozens of these in an effort of lowering the prices of these cars by taking advantage of many Mercedes fleet service incentives and discounts.

Some dealers in the US are keen on offering up to $1250 incentives for the 2020 C-class and as much as $750 or more for the 2021 models. The C-class comes well equipped and it offers most of the features found in the larger Mercedes sedans.

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Mercedes has just released the new 2022 Mercedes C-class and the deals on older models are likely to improve even further. As far as E-class models are concerned, some dealers also offer tempting incentives for the E-class as well.

Dealers are keen to offer as much as $3000 for the 2020 E-class and $1500 for the 2021 model. The E-class is the perfect middle ground between the executive full-size S-class and the smaller C-class sedan. Mercedes has also recently revised the E-class and the deals on older models are also likely to improve even further.

Mercedes vans used for fleet services

If your business relies on using vans and other commercial vehicles, Mercedes is also trying to offer attractive deals for fleet service vans if you plan on using at least 25+ vehicles.

The first in the line is the Mercedes Commercial Fleets for up 25 to 249 vehicles. This program offers exclusive offers and discounts to special benefits if you opt for Mercedes vans for your business. Proof of registration, titles, and insurance policies are listed as requirements for such programs.

If you are running a larger fleet of 500+ vehicles, you can make use of the Mercedes Strategic Commercial Fleets. This program is aimed to give you a full understanding of what are the ins and outs of optimal fleet management. Programs such as these span coast to coast and offer your many benefits, discounts, and special offers.

The benefits of such programs are specific to each and every business, and you are able to make use of Mercedes Body Building/ Purchasing Upfitters that are specifically trained to offer quality upfitting solutions for your business. Furthermore, specific warranties and service coverages also come as part of such programs.

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Financing a fleet

Financing a large fleet of work-related vehicles can be costly and hard to keep track of, but Mercedes also offers specific financing solutions for Mercedes fleets. Mercedes Benz Financial services are keen on offering you the financing solutions that work best for you and your company.

Specific financial consultations, plans, and offers are available for small or large-scale businesses, and having Mercedes as your business partner certainly does seem like a tempting proposition. Mercedes is also offering specific financing deals for specific types of vehicles.

If you plan on using your Mercedes vans for commercial purposes, deals like the 2.99% off Fleet Special APR for 24-60 months certainly do seem adequate. You should contact your local Mercedes dealer to find more information about Mercedes fleet financing.

FAQ Section

Are Mercedes SUVs usually used as company cars?

Some companies are able of taking advantage of the SUV platform, but most of the companies using Mercedes as company cars are mostly interested in sedans. But as the SUV trend keeps spreading and many aspects that were previously dominated by sedans are not dominated by SUVs, so this could change fairly easily.

SUVs are a bit more expensive to run, a bit less fuel-efficient, and a bit more expensive to buy. Even though these numbers don’t differ much compared to sedans, on a scale of 50+,100+, or even 200+ examples these price differences are much larger.


What are the best company cars in 2021?

It depends on the type of business you are into and about the specific deals you are eligible for. Many Japanese brands are dominating the company car segment as they are usually cheap to buy, run, fix and insure.

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But if your business is into specific ventures that require you to opt for a luxury car, brands such as Audi, BMW, and Mercedes are usually the ones to buy. The BMW 3 series is an incredibly popular car in the company cars segment, the same goes for the Audi A4 and the Mercedes C-class.

What are the best commercial vans for fleet services in 2021?

This is a segment mostly dominated by Mercedes vans, such as the Sprinter or the Metris van, and the most popular van at the moment, the Ford Transit. Choosing any of these will likely offer you all you need for your business needs as they are incredibly common in the commercial segment.

The Sprinter is directly competing with the Transit, and the Sprinter usually offers a more refined experience with a larger cargo room and beefier powertrains. But the Transit is a multi-purpose, reliable and cheaper alternative to the Sprinter.

Some models like the Citroen Berlingo are also popular as fleet cars. The Berlingo even won the International Van of the year award for 2019. The Berlingo comes in two variants, the Worker and the Driver. The Worker is mostly aimed at multiple different terrains and the Driver is mostly tailored towards highway driving.

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