Which Mercedes have PARKTRONIC

Mercedes PARKTRONIC is a Mercedes branded parking assist system that is offered across the entire Mercedes lineup as either a standard option or an optional one. Mercedes PARKTRONIC is aimed at increasing safety while parking.

The system uses an array of sophisticated sensors and cameras to determine if your car can fit into a specific parking spot. If your Mercedes can fit into a parking space, the system will then assist you to park the car safely.

This package is often combined with Active Park Assist, a system that takes control of the steering wheel while parking, and makes it easier to park your car, especially if you own one of the larger Mercedes sedans or SUVs.


Not many premium car brands offer the amount of technology that Mercedes does, and it comes as no surprise that Mercedes was on the front page of many assistance systems. PARKTRONIC has been a part of Mercedes Advanced Driver Assistance Sytems for a while now, and ever since it was released, Mercedes kept on bringing new features to it.

The PARKTRONIC system on itself serves as a decent convenience and safety feature. The system, if activated will scan nearby spaces as you drive near them in an effort of finding a parking space that can safely fit your Mercedes.

When the system finds the appropriate space, and you choose to park your car, the system will then provide you with steering angle recommendations on the main infotainment screen. All you have to do is follow the steering instructions, and you will be parked safely.

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It’s also worth mentioning that you should not completely rely on this system, because this system uses an array of parking sensors that sometimes can not pick out specific objects. No matter the level of sophistication any system might enjoy, your eyes are your most trusty parking companions.

PARKTRONIC with Active Parking Assist

PARKTRONIC with Active Parking Assist is a step above the regular PARKTRONIC system, and nowadays most Mercedes models that do offer PARKTRONIC also offer Active Parking Assist with it. This further development of the system has resulted in the system being way more usable and more capable of making the parking process as painless as possible.

The system works in the same way as the PARKTRONIC system does on its own. But you are able to turn the Active Parking Assist feature off if you don’t want the car to steer itself, and you will be left with just the PARKTRONIC system.

But, if you do decide to let control of the steering wheel, Active Parking Assist when engaged will guide itself into an appropriate parking spot. You will still have to control the gas and brake pedals and you will still also have to shift the car into reverse when the system asks you to.

But it is important to keep in mind that there are no changes in the responsibility part of the system because you are using the system at your risk, and all possible mishaps or accidents will be blamed on you, and not the system.

Neccesity of PARKTRONIC/PARKTRONIC with Active Park Assist

To determine the necessity of such systems, you have to be completely honest about you actually using the system. Nowadays many Mercedes models offer these features, but only a small margin of customers take advantage of these systems, not because they are not sufficient, but rather because they are unnecessary.

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They are unnecessary for a few different reasons. First of all, how often are you going to parallel park your car? If you parallel park often then it might make more sense. Furthermore, if you own a fairly compact Mercedes model, opting for a piece of entertainment or comfort equipment instead of PARKTRONIC is also advisable.

You should also take into consideration that this system takes longer to parallel park compared to an experienced driver, because of this the majority of people truly never use this feature. The system is fairly advanced but some consider it to be a bit gimmicky, especially the more experienced and confident drivers.

It’s rather safe to say that this system is not necessary for the majority of situations, and that is proven by the majority of customers not taking advantage of the system. But, if you are one of those that think the system will be of great value to yourself, then you’ve already answered this question.

FAQ Section

How reliable is PARKTRONIC?

From a durability point of view, the system has not shown any major issues on a larger scale, of course, there are some instances in which the system has failed to operate as designated, but this happens with all systems if you consider the entirty of the car industry.

But from an effectiveness point of view, this system is not without its faults. Many parking spots, designated or not, have many specific variables associated with that specific parking spot. This means that the system might not accurately determine the spacing and lack of obstacles, this means that you always have to rely on your eyes first and foremost.

Are there any indications of Mercedes making a completely autonomous parking feature?

Mercedes has been working tirelessly behind to scenes to offer a system that will be able to completely park the car without you even being near the car. This means that Mercedes is planning to rival Teslas ”Smart Summon” feature in due course.

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Mercedes has even released a similar system with the new W223 S-Class. This system is probably going to need a few years before it can safely roll out on multiple different Mercedes models. But it is safe to say that eventually, Mercedes will offer such a feature.

What’s the correct way to parallel parking?

There is a trick to parallel parking, if you follow these steps correctly, you should be able to parallel park your Mercedes without any system assistances. When you find a spot that is big enough, pull up even to the front car, then turn the wheel to the right completely and turn around, and starting backing up.

When you can see the right front corner of the car behind you right in the center of your rear windshield, then stop. Turn your wheel to the middle position and go back until your car clears the car in front, then stop again.

Then turn your wheel all the way to the left, and back up until you are parked safely. If you follow these steps correctly, your car will be perfectly parallel parked. No matter the technique, always keep an eye on any obstacles, pedestrians, or moving traffic.

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