What is the quietest Mercedes?

quietest Mercedes

As far as luxury cars go, hardly any other brand can do what Mercedes does. Of course, brands like Rolls Royce and Bentley might be more luxurious and opulent, but these can easily cost up to five times as much. As such, when it comes to value for money, Mercedes is one of, if not the most luxurious automaker on the planet.

Many Mercedes models are class-leading when it comes to ride quality, comfort, and sound isolation, but the quietest Mercedes sedan is the Mercedes Benz S-Class. The S-Class has been around for quite a while now and is the Mercedes Benz sedan flagship. The S-Class comes in a variety of different engine options, body style variants, and luxury packages.

The quietest Mercedes SUV is the Mercedes Benz GLS, a full-size seven-seater behemoth that Mercedes likes to call an S-Class on stilts. Even though that might be a bit of a stretch, the GLS is the most luxurious and quietest Mercedes SUV today.

The quietest Mercedes electric car, and the quietest electric car in general, is the Mercedes Benz EQS. All three of these amazing pieces of machinery are designed to cushion you from the outside world in luxurious materials, luxurious features, and top-notch interior design.

Mercedes Benz S-Class – The most luxurious Mercedes

The latest W223 Mercedes S-Class is the latest model from one of the most iconic model lineups in the history of the automobile. The W223 S-Class was released a year ago which means that it is still the full-size luxury car champion. The S-Class competes with the likes of the Audi A8 and the BMW 7-Series.

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The S-Class is available with a few different engine options including 6-cylinder, 8-cylinder, and even 12-cylinder engines in the Maybach division. The Maybach S-Class is the most luxurious S-Class model and is also the quietest S-Class model of them all.

As far as design is concerned, no other Mercedes even comes close to the new W223 S-Class, but even the W222 S-Class is one of the quietest cars out there. You can get the S-Class in either short-wheel-base or long-wheel-base which means that the S-Class is designed to be driven in as much as it is designed to be driven.

Mercedes Benz GLS – The most luxurious Mercedes SUV

As stated in the intro, Mercedes like to call the GLS a Mercedes Benz S-Class on stilts, but the current GLS is unable to come close to the S-Class as far as luxury and comfort are concerned. However, the GLS is a huge, seven-seater luxury family SUV with enough sound isolation to make you feel like you are in a vacuum.

The GLS is also packed with the latest and greatest luxury options you can get which make it the most luxurious Mercedes SUV. The GLE is not all that dissimilar to the GLS which means that you can get a similar experience with the GLE. This is not a bad thing because the GLE is also one of the most luxurious Mercedes models on the market.

However, where the GLS differs from other Mercedes SUVs is the fact that it is also available in Maybach trim. Maybach Mercedes models are the very top-end from the Mercedes catalog which means that the GLS deserves to be in this company.

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Mercedes Benz EQS – The most luxurious electric car on the market

With the arrival of the Mercedes Benz EQS, Mercedes has once again shown that they are masters when it comes to making the most luxurious cars on the planet. The EQS is built on a standalone chassis which means that it does not share its components with other Mercedes sedans.

The EQS comes with an electric powertrain that is being powered by up to a 108kWh battery. This means that the EQS450+ is also one of the longest-lasting EVs on the market with a maximum range of 422 miles. Some say that it is easier to make a quiet EV because these don’t have an engine, but the reality is that it is more difficult to do so.

Without an engine constantly droning in the back, the driver can hear all the intricacies of mechanical movement and tire noise which make the car louder. That is why Mercedes fitted the EQS with a bunch of features that minimize road noise such as the most aerodynamic profile out of all Mercedes cars and foam in the tires.

FAQ Section

What makes a car quiet?

In order to make a car quiet, carmakers go to great lengths to pack them with numerous state-of-the-art technologies. Active noise cancelation is something from the world of audio equipment in which a device transmits frequencies in order to cancel out frequencies coming from the outside world and thus make the car quieter.

Automakers even commission special tires that are specifically designed for a single model in order to minimize noise even further. Finally, a chassis of a car is filled with holes in order to make the chassis rigid and lightweight. However, automakers line these holes with special foam that lowers noise transfer and that makes the car even quieter.

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Is Mercedes making the quietest cars on the market?

Mercedes is certainly one of the most effective carmakers when it comes to sound isolation, but Mercedes is not making the quietest cars on the market because that honor goes to Rolls Royce. The Rolls Royce Phantom 8 is the most luxurious, most commanding, and quietest car to ever be released.

It costs almost as much as 10 times as some relatively quiet Mercedes cars, but the Phantom is in an entirely different league when compared to all other luxury cars.

Is it a good thing to make a car completely silent on the inside?

According to Rolls Royce, they made the new Phantom louder on purpose because they first made it so quiet that it became an issue. A completely silent car isolates you from the road too much which means that you are unable to pay close attention to the outside environment.

This is why there is a limit to car quietness as it’s never a good idea to make a car too quiet. Either way, cars keep becoming quieter each day.

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