What is Presafe? All you need to know

Mercedes Benz PRESAFE is one of the most advanced Mercedes active safety features which is intended to activate whenever the system deems a crash is imminent. The system uses sophisticated technology including sensors and cameras to calculate if a crash is at hand and thus activates preemptive measures to keep all the occupants safe.

The system utilizes a few different components such as the headrests, the seats, the hazards, the windows, the sunroof, and the safety belts to prevent injuries. Depending on which Mercedes model you go for, the system is either part of standard equipment or part of an optional equipment package.

It is indeed a useful system because it increases your overall chances of walking away from a crash harm-free. The system not only recognizes immovable obstacles it also recognizes whenever there are cars on a collision course with your Mercedes.

All in all, the system is useful and worthy of your money because safety is the last thing you want to save money on. Most Mercedes models these days enjoy a 5-star safety rating which is in part due to systems such as these.

Mercedes PRESAFE – What does it do?

The system is constantly monitoring your surroundings in order to detect a potential crash situation. If the system indeed recognizes a potential crash, it will immediately respond with a series of safety measurements in order to keep you and your passenger safe.

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Your windows and your sunroof will start closing to minimize the risks of external debris penetrating the cabin and causing injuries. The system will also significantly tighten your safety belts to place you in the right position for airbag deployment. This of course means that you need to use your seatbelts at all times.

Furthermore, the system will also adjust your headrest accordingly to mitigate any potential head and neck trauma. Most Mercedes cars that come with PRESAFE are also equipped with the Mercedes Distronic Plus system which means that the car will apply the brakes if necessary.

The system is designed for all sorts of accidents including lateral collision, rear-end collision, front-end collision, and rollovers.

Mercedes PRESAFE Plus, PRESAFE Impulse Side and PRESAFE Sound

Mercedes being Mercedes, they will offer you even greater levels of protection if you are willing to pay more money. Mercedes PRESAFE Plus is designed to keep you safe in an event of a rear-end collision by detecting that the car behind you is going to crash into you.

Whenever this happens, the system will flash the rear hazards in order to alert the driver behind you and it will also apply the brakes to minimize the risks of you bumping in the car in front. Mercedes PRESAFE Impulse Side system is designed to minimize injuries that originate from potential lateral collisions.

If the system detects that another car is in a direct collision course with your Mercedes, it will inflate your seat bolsters in order to cushion you inside the seats and effectively push you towards the middle of the car thus lowering the chances of serious injuries.

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Lastly, Mercedes PRESAFE Sound is a system designed to emit specific frequencies in order to minimize the risks associated with noisy impact sounds and sudden noise pressure differences.

Additional Mercedes active software safety systems

Superior crash results are some of the most desirable and necessary aspects a car needs to earn for it to sell well. Premium executive brands such as Mercedes spend exorbitant amounts of money on researching and developing all sorts of active safety systems.

Modern-day Mercedes Multi-beam headlights offer adaptive high beam assist which is intended to maximize illumination without glaring other drivers. Night View Assist Plus uses an infra-red camera in order to increase your low light visibility and to also detect pedestrians, cyclists, and wildlife.

Mercedes Attention Assist is designed to monitor the way you interact with the car in order to detect fatigue and drowsiness. If the system recognizes that you are sleepy or lacking attention, it will trigger an alert that should make you concentrate on the road.

Modern-day Mercedes models are also available with a lot more active safety systems designed to keep you safe in everyday situations including 360-degree cameras, parking sensors, automatic braking, lane keep assist, blind-spot detection, cross-traffic alert, and a lot more.

FAQ Section

Is Mercedes PRESAFE safe?

This system is intended to keep you safe, only if you do everything according to traffic rules. For example, if you don’t buckle up your seats, systems such as these can not only fail to help you, they can even potentially worsen the situation.

Some may find these systems a bit too assertive and thus turn them off which is not something you should do because these cars are designed for these systems to always be operational. All in all, these systems are safe, but only if you pay attention as well.

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Does Mercedes PRESAFE need maitnenacne?

These systems don’t require traditional maintenance because they don’t use traditional components. However, these systems are known to flash an error here and there, and if this does happen you should be able to see a “Presafe inoperational” warning light on your dashboard.

If you do come across this symbol, be sure to take your car in for an inspection at a trained Mercedes specialist. It is not safe to drive your car if these systems are inoperational, especially because the reason might be tied to more serious issues.

Are Mercedes cars safe?

Mercedes takes great pride in knowing that they offer some of the safest cars on the market. Given the fact that the majority of customers these days tend to use their cars for both business and personal reasons, many Mercedes cars are constantly used for family hauling purposes.

It must be said that the safety ratings most newer Mercedes models these days offer are only relevant if you opt for a car with the right amount of equipment. Passive safety systems such as AirBags, effective crash crumple zones, and effective structural integrities are also found in every modern-day Mercedes model.

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