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Skoda Kodiaq

The Skoda Kodiaq is fitted with a 12V battery. The battery helps to start the engine, power accessories, and onboard computer and sensors. But like any other car part, it also experiences several problems. So, what are the Skoda Kodiaq battery problems? 

Common Skoda Kodiaq battery issues include a bad alternator, dead battery, loose battery connection, and low battery fluid level. What’s more, some users have reported having poor ground connection and a drained battery. Unlike most car issues, battery problems are usually avoidable and simple to fix. 

What are the common problems with the Skoda Kodiaq battery?

Bad alternator 

The first culprit to look at when your Skoda Kodiaq is having battery problems is the car’s alternator. The alternator oversees the conversion of mechanical from the engine to electricity that not only powers all the onboard accessories but as well as charges the battery. Hence, if the alternator develops a problem and ceases to generate electricity, the whole electrical load of the car shifts to the battery.

As a result, the battery may drain out quickly as it will no longer be charged by the alternator. To fix this issue, you will have to replace the alternator before it spoils the battery completely. 

Dead battery

This is another major problem with the Skoda Kodiaq. When you notice that your car’s battery does not hold charge or it’s too weak to hold charge, then it is time to change it. But before you do so, you need to be sure that the battery is dead and it’s not because of other battery issues like a bad alternator or loose battery connection. 

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Besides, if the battery has been in use for more than four years, it may be old and no longer works efficiently. Ensure to replace the battery with the right one for optimal performance. 

Poor ground connection

This problem is difficult to detect as you may have to visit a professional mechanic to help you determine if you have got a poor ground connection. However, if the alternator and battery are working fine but you cannot start the car, then you may have a bad ground connection. 

Most ground connection problems are caused by rust or corrosion. So, cleaning them or replacing the corroded connections may help to resolve the issue. 

Loose battery connection

Apart from having a poor ground connection, a loose battery connection can also be the cause of some battery issues on the Skoda Kodiaq. When the wires that connect the battery and the engine are corroded, then the current flow will be interrupted. Therefore, some users may think that the battery is bad but it’s not. 

One of the main signs of a loose or corroded battery connection is a clicking noise from the starter solenoid when you crank the engine. To fix the issue, you will have to properly connect the wires or get rid of the corrosion on the wires. 

Drained battery 

This issue is common with Skoda Kodiaq models with old batteries. The car may continue to draw excessive electric current from the battery even after turning off the ignition. It is a condition called parasitic draw. If the battery is not old, you will have to fix this issue instead of replacing the battery.

You can avoid parasitic draw on your car’s battery by unplugging optional equipment like a charger when you park your car overnight. 

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Low battery fluid level 

Despite not being very common, some users have reported having battery issues due to low battery fluid levels. However, this usually happens to owners that don’t take good care of their cars. That car’s battery features a mixture of sulfuric acid and distilled water that helps the battery work more efficiently. 

Nonetheless, some batteries allow the car’s fluid to evaporate faster than others. As a result, the low fluid level may not produce enough power to run some devices in the car. For instance, you may notice flickering or dim headlights. To fix this problem, ensure to top up the battery fluid. 

Other Skoda Kodiaq issues

It’s not just the batteries Skoda Kodiaq gets. Here are some of the other issues that Skoda Kodiaq owners deal with.


How do you know that your Skoda Kodiaq battery is failing?

It is easy to tell if your Skoda Kodiaq battery is failing or dying. Some of the signs to look out for include dashboard lights not turning on, flickering, or blinking. On top of that, the heated seats may fail to heat, and the radio may work intermittently or fail to turn on completely. 

What is a ground connection?

The battery terminal of the Skoda Kodiaq is linked to the body or chassis of the car, referred to as a ground connection. Besides, the engine also needs a ground connection to work, but the way the engine is installed does not permit the electric current to flow between the engine and the body. As a result, a ground wire or strap is utilized to link the engine and the chassis. 

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How long does the Skoda Kodiaq battery last?

It depends on how well you maintain and utilize the battery. Some owners have reported the battery lasting for more than five years, while others have reported replacing the battery after just three years. But for optimal performance, you will have to replace the battery every 3 or 4 years. 

How can I extend the lifespan of my Skoda Kodiaq battery? 

Even though most car batteries have a lifespan of between three and five years, this can still be extended with good care and maintenance. Some of the things that the owner must do include turning off the lights when getting out of the car, avoiding using the electronics when the engine is off, and controlling the corrosion. Furthermore, you should limit short trips and keep the battery tightly fastened. 

How to keep your car’s battery charged when not in use? 

There are several things that you can do to avoid draining your Skoda Kodiaq battery when not in use. Some of them include disconnecting the negative battery cable, disabling parasitic drains, using a battery maintainer, and removing the battery entirely. 


The Skoda Kodiaq may be a sleek and well-performing mid-size SUV, but it also registers several issues like its competitors. And one of the common problems that owners of this elegant SUV have reported is battery problems. Therefore, if you notice that your car is having trouble starting, drains the battery, or the dashboard lights flicker, then this is a sign that you’ve got battery problems. 

Most Skoda Kodiaq battery issues can be avoided through proper care and maintenance of the battery. 

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