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Skoda Kodiaq models with DSG gearboxes have better fuel efficiency than traditional automatic gearboxes. Furthermore, they don’t have power loss in between the gear shifts themselves. But what are the Skoda Kodiaq DSG problems? 

Some of the common problems with the Skoda Kodiaq DSG gearbox are gearbox juddering, solenoid failure, mechatronic failure, and transmission slipping. Furthermore, owners have reported having an overheating DSG, gearbox leakage, hesitation, and delayed engagement.  

What are the common problems with Skoda Kodiaq DSG? 

Solenoid failure

Owners of the Skoda Kodiaq models with the DSG should be ready to deal with this issue. This problem occurs mainly due to internal electrical problems. In some cases, it happens because of oil contamination, which takes place as most transmission parts break down. 

To avoid most of the problems connected to the solenoid, you will have to replace the transmission fluid regularly. But if the solenoid is falling because of another issue, you should have it inspected by a professional mechanic and the problem resolved. 

Gearbox juddering 

Your car’s DSG should work smoothly without vibrating or even shaking. So, if you notice such symptoms, this is an indication that your DSG has got a problem. Most users of the Skoda Kodiaq have reported their DSG to judder when accelerating and shifting from the first gear into a higher gear. 

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To fix this problem, the owner will have to replace the clutch packs of the gearbox. This is because the clutch sparks start to vibrate or judder as they begin to wear out. 

Transmission slipping 

There are several reasons why the DSG in your Skoda Kodiaq is slipping. The most common ones are worn-out clutch packs, issues with the electronics, and a faulty transmission control unit. Nonetheless, the most common problem is worn-out clutch sparks that cause the transmission to slip when you accelerate. 

Even though the car builds up RPM when you accelerate, the engagement of the clutch is late and you feel like the transmission is well, slipping. To fix this problem, you will have to visit a professional mechanic. 

DSG mechatronics leaking 

The DSG mechatronic is sealed tight using a gasket. But due to constant heat in the unit, it will at long last start seeping oil. In some situations, the metal housing that secures the mechatronic unit may crack or rust and lead to leakage.

To correct this problem, you will visit a professional mechanic to have the housing repaired or the gasket seal replaced. If the housing is cracked, you may also have to replace it. 

Hesitation and delayed engagement 

Despite not being common, this issue still occurs to a few Skoda Kodiaq drivers. Besides, it is one of the toughest DSG issues to diagnose. And unlike most of the issues that we’ve looked at, this problem can be caused by various things. Some of them include worn-out clutch packs and low or bad transmission fluid. 

Ensure to visit an experienced mechanic to have this problem fixed. 

Mechatronic failure

The mechatronic unit is made up of various parts that can fall apart anytime. That’s why it is vital to have your car checked by a professional mechanic so that they can fix each part as a separate unit. Common mechatronic unit failures include high-pressure valve body leaks, electric motor failures, and high-pressure pump failures. 

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DSG overheating 

This is another common Skoda Kodiaq DSG problem. However, fixing this issue is sometimes easy, especially if the transmission just needs cooling off. But in most cases, the transmission heats up because of low transmission fluid. 

That’s why it is vital to always ensure that the transmission fluid is changed regularly and it is at the right level. This fluid helps to keep transmission parts lubricated and cool. 

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How long does the Skoda Kodiaq DSG gearbox last?

The Skoda Kodiaq DSG is one of the most reliable on the market. So, with good care and maintenance, this gearbox can last for more than 80,000 miles. Even though the Skoda Kodiaq has not been in the market for long, good maintenance may even allow this DSG to last for 100k plus miles. 

How do you avoid DSG transmission issues?

If you desire your DSG to last longer and have a few issues, you need to drive properly and take good care of the car. Some of the things that you will have to do are avoid launching the car improperly and avoid using the accelerator to keep the car on the slopes. Additionally, you will have to avoid upshifting during braking and avoid putting the car in neutral. 

Is a DSG transmission better than a manual gearbox?

Both transmissions have their advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, the advantages of a DSG transmission supersede that of a manual gearbox. This is because it comes with computer-controlled gear changes that are considerably faster than even the fastest manual driver. 

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DSGs allow shifts of up to 8 milliseconds, which provide quick and smooth gearshifts. They make driving fun and smooth. 

What are the signs of a faulty Skoda Kodiaq DSG?

A DSG can last for a long while if it is well-maintained. Nonetheless, it is important to know some of the signs of a failing or bad DSG, to avoid costly repairs. Some of the common signs of a bad DSG are harsh gearshifts, abrupt loss of power, excessive vibration, and engine stalls at low speeds. What’s more, mechanical noises and failure to choose gears can be other signs of a bad DSG. 

Is it possible to repair a DSG gearbox? 

Yes, it is possible to repair. Most DSG issues are linked to the failure of the mechatronics unit. Note that it is possible to repair or replace the DSG. However, you shouldn’t repair or replace this unit as it is complicated and cumbersome to deal with. Ensure to hire a professional mechanic to help you out. 


Skoda Kodiaq models with DSG are not only fuel efficient, but they are also smooth to drive. However, without proper care and maintenance, owners will still register several DSG problems. But if properly maintained and cared for, the DSG can last for more than 80k miles. 

Overall, Skoda Kodiaq models with DSG are reliable and come with the same features as traditional Skoda Kodiaq models with conventional automatic gearboxes. 

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