Common problems with Skoda Kamiq

Skoda Kamiq

The Skoda Kamiq is one of the latest models in the Skoda lineup. It is a subcompact SUV with outstanding features and good performance. But what are the common problems with the Skoda Kamiq? 

Common problems with Skoda Kamiq are excessive oil usage, clutch problems, software fault, and defective seat covers. In addition, some owners have also reported having fuel pump failure and battery issues. While the Skoda Kamiq comes with several issues, most of them can be avoided with proper care and maintenance. 

What are the common problems with Skoda Kamiq?

Excessive oil usage 

Many Skoda Kamiq users have complained about excessive oil usage. Even though this is not a serious issue, it is something that interested buyers and users should be aware of. Driving a car with inadequate or bad oil can lead to serious issues. 

Nonetheless, if you refill your oil more often than usual, then you should have the mechanic inspect your car. It can be due to a leakage problem or a damaged piston ring seal. Ensure the mechanic inspects and fixes the underlying issue. But if it’s normal oil usage, you will have to replace and refill the oil as needed.  

Software fault

This is one of the problems that made Skoda recall some model years. After several complaints, the manufacturer discovered that the software of the communication module for the emergency call system (eCall) does not match the specifications. As a result, the eCall button may not function. 

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Besides, this issue was more persistent with Skoda models sold to the Australian market. Users complained that a software fault causes persistent error messages. This was caused by a delay between the airbag signal and the engine control because of the different layouts of international models. 

Nonetheless, Skoda recalled the affected models, and the problem was fixed. 

Fuel pump failure 

As your Skoda Kamiq ages, it may start having certain issues. One of the most common issues that your car may experience as it ages is fuel pump problems. The work of the fuel pump is to convey the needed quantity of fuel from the tank to the engine at the necessary pressure. So, if the fuel pump is not working, the engine may not work properly or even fail. 

Most fuel pump failures happen without any warning. The fuel pump can fail due to old age, fuel contaminants, or electrical faults. Some of the parts that you will have checked are fuel injectors, fuel regulators, and fuel pumps. Ensure that the affected parts are replaced in time to fix the problem. 

Defective seat covers 

This is another problem that made Skoda recall some model years. The affected models included those made between July and September 2019. Users complained that the seams of the seat covers can be defective. As a result, it may impair the protective function of the side airbags, increasing the danger of injuries in the event of an accident. 

The good news is that the manufacturer recalled the affected models and the issue was fixed. 

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Clutch issues

Another common problem that Skoda Kamiq users have complained about is clutch and flywheel problems. Most users have complained that the clutch burns out before its intended lifespan. This is very frustrating as most owners are not normally prepared. Some complained about the clutch burning out when they hit 6k miles, while others burnt out at 10k miles. 

Some of the signs of a burnt clutch are smoke, a burning smell, and difficulty shifting gears. To fix the issue, you will have to replace the clutch or flywheel, or both. 

Battery problems 

Even though not very common, some users have also reported their batteries not holding charge. Before replacing the battery, you should have it inspected loose or corroded terminals can be the problem. However, replacing the battery as it ages is the best solution to fix such a problem. 


Is the Skoda Kamiq a reliable car?

Yes, the Skoda Kamiq is one of the more reliable Skoda models. In the 4 years that this car has been in existence, it has registered few problems compared to most of its rivals, making it very dependable. Besides, its spare parts are considerably cheaper than those of most high-end subcompact SUVs. 

How long does the Skoda Kamiq last?

Like most cars in its class, the Skoda Kamiq should last for at least 200,000 miles. But for this to happen, proper care and maintenance should be observed. Even though this is an assumption, Skoda models with the same platform have proven to last long. Nonetheless, Skoda is still a new model and has been in the market for less than 5 years. 

Is it expensive to fix the Skoda Kamiq?

It is neither expensive nor cheap to maintain the Skoda Kamiq. This is because it is cheaper to maintain this car compared to its German counterparts, but slightly costlier to maintain compared to Korean and Japanese cars. Nonetheless, the car is quite reliable and doesn’t need frequent repairs. 

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Is a used Skoda Kamiq a good car?

It depends on how well the car is maintained. If the previous owner of the Skoda Kamiq maintained and repaired the car as needed, then it will be in good condition. Besides, Skoda Kamiq has proven to be a reliable subcompact SUV with a few issues. So, if anyone is looking to purchase a used Skoda Kamiq, they should ensure it was well-maintained.  

What engine does the Skoda Kamiq feature? 

The Skoda Kamiq comes with five engine options. It has three petrol engines, one diesel, and one petrol/CNG engine. The petrol engine options include 1.0-liter 95 TSI I3, 1.0-liter 115 TSI I3, and powerful 1.5-liter 150 TSI Evo I4 engines. The diesel engine includes the 1.6-liter 115 TDI I4 engine, while the petrol/CNG includes a 1.0-liter 90 TGI I3 engine. 


The Skoda Kamiq is a fine and reliable subcompact SUV. It is also fun to drive and practical. Nevertheless, this car also comes with multiple problems that interested buyers should know about, as discussed above. Regardless, the Skoda Kamiq can last for a long if it is well-maintained and cared for. 

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