Common problems with Skoda Citigo

Skoda Citigo

The Skoda Citigo is one of the best city cars on the market. Not only is this car beautifully designed, but it is also efficient, reliable, spacious, and affordable. But what are the common problems with the Skoda Citigo? 

Common problems with the Skoda Citigo are gearbox problems, defective towing eye, taking long to defrost, damaged battery cells, defective oxygen sensor, timing chain problems, faulty sunroof, and noisy clutch. Despite having several issues, the Skoda Citigo is a pretty reliable car.

What are the common problems with Skoda Citigo?

Gearbox issues

A major issue that many Skoda Citigo drivers have complained about is gearbox problems. Many drivers say that the gearbox is slow and jerky most of the time. This is usually caused by gears that don’t fit well together. In some cases, it may be due to worn fluids. If you’re having such a problem, it is vital to have a mechanic inspect and diagnose your car.

Timing chain problems

The timing chain problems on the Skoda Citigo are connected to the engine. Nonetheless, this issue can be prevented by ensuring that oil is changed every 5,000 miles. This is because old or contaminated oil can lead to increased wear and tear on the engine. Some of the signs of timing chain issues are engine misfires, engine idling, and a rattling sound when starting the engine.

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Noisy clutch

Many Skoda Citigo users have reported this problem to the manufacturer but they have not recalled the cars yet. Nonetheless, the manufacturer also responded by saying that they haven’t figured out how to fix this issue and that’s why they haven’t recalled the affected cars.

Defective towing eye

This is a common problem on Skoda Citigo models made between March and April 2017. The towing eye fitted to the car can be defective. As a result, the towing eye may break during use, causing harm or even an accident. The good news is that the manufacturer recalled the affected cars and they were fixed. 

Damaged battery cells

Another issue that forced the manufacturer to recall some Skoda Citigo models is damaged battery cells. Note that this issue is only found on the 2020 Skoda CitigoE iV. The Skoda Citigo iV-affected models were made between 11 May and 24 June 2020. The damaged battery cells can cause a short circuit that can lead to a fire.

Faulty sunroof

If you own a 2016 Skoda Citigo model, you should expect to experience this problem. This is because the front panel of the sunroof can become detached. This is usually caused by inadequate bonding and may cause the sunroof to fall off. Nonetheless, the manufacturer recalled all the affected models, and the problem was fixed.

Defective oxygen sensor

The oxygen sensor is in charge of measuring the quantity of oxygen in the exhaust fumes. Therefore, if it’s damaged or faulty, it can damage your catalytic converter and cause your car to fail an MOT. That’s why it is important to replace oxygen sensors every 50,000 miles. Signs of a bad oxygen sensor are thick black exhaust fumes and excess fuel usage.   

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Taking long to defrost

Unlike most cars, the Skoda Citigo doesn’t come with heated windows. As a result, this can be an issue when the weather gets cold or when it starts to snow. So, Skoda should work on this as it’s an issue during winter. The car takes longer to defrost, which is a setback.


Is the Skoda Citigo a reliable car?

Yes, the Skoda Citigo is a very reliable car. Not only are Skoda cars popular for their reliability, but it is also under the Volkswagen Group, which is known for manufacturing some of the most reliable cars in the market. The only challenge with the Skoda Citigo is the cost of spare parts and maintenance.

How long does the Skoda Citigo last?

Skoda is among the most reliable car brands in the market. The Skoda Citigo is not an exception as it is also pretty reliable. Therefore, if properly maintained and cared for, the Skoda Citigo can easily clock over 200,000 miles. However, since most Skoda Citigo has just clocked over 10 years, it is slightly challenging to tell if they will make it over 300,000 miles.

Regardless, with proper care and maintenance, the Skoda Citigo should do over 250,000 miles. Additionally, good driving habits should be exercised for this car to last that long. 

Is it expensive to maintain the Skoda Citigo?

No, maintaining the Skoda Citigo is way cheaper than most of its rivals. If you compare the cost of maintenance of the Skoda Citigo with the Volkswagen Up and Seat Mii, you will find that it is cheaper to maintain. But if you compare it with mainstream cars like Kia Picanto and the Hyundai i10, you will notice that it is slightly costlier to maintain.

Which car is better – Skoda Citigo or Volkswagen Up?

The Skoda Citigo and Volkswagen Up are based on the same platform. Additionally, they have a few varying features as they are practically the same car. With that said, the Volkswagen Up comes with slightly classier and more sophisticated features than the Skoda Citigo. On the other hand, the Skoda Citigo is cheaper but performs similarly to the base Volkswagen Up trims.

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If you’re ready to spend and desire a small city car that performs better and it is more comfortable, the Volkswagen Up is the better choice. But if you’re on a budget and want a more economical and cheaper option, the Skoda Citigo is the better choice.

Does the Skoda Citigo hold its value?

Since the Skoda Citigo is a low-priced car, there’s little cash to lose in the end. Nonetheless, this car still does great in terms of depreciation. It is estimated that it will lose around 42% to 47% of its original value after three years of ownership. This is pretty good and it also depends on the trim that you go for. 


The Skoda Citigo is a nice city car but it can double up as a family car. This car is efficient, reliable, compact, and fun to drive. However, it also comes with several problems like all other cars. Now that you know some of the issues that owners of the Skoda Citigo face, it is crucial to take care of your car if you want it to last and have less costly repairs.

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