Common problems with Skoda Rapid

Skoda Rapid

Skoda Rapid is a sleek, high-performance, durable, efficient, and reliable car. It was designed to fill the gap between the Skoda Octavia and Fabia models. But like all car models, this car also comes with various issues. But what are the common problems with the Skoda Rapid?

Some of the common problems with the Skoda Rapid are oil leakage, defective airbag, defective towing eye, EGR-valve clogging, common-rail valve control failure, clogged catalytic converter, defective airbag, gearbox problems, and turbocharger issues. Note that most of these issues are usually experienced when the car puts on several miles.

What are the common problems with Skoda Rapid?

Oil leakage

A common problem with the Skoda Rapid is oil leakage. This issue is very rampant on the Skoda Rapid models made between 2014 and 2015. It is normally caused by screws becoming loose on the camshaft adjuster. As a result, it causes the engine oil to leak onto the road. This poses a risk to traffic.

Some of the signs of oil leakage are dark puddles below the car, the smell of burning oil, smoke from the engine, and engine overheating. To fix this problem, you will have to tighten the loose screws on the camshaft adjuster or replace this part if it’s damaged.

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Defective airbag

Another common problem that Skoda Rapid users have complained about is a defective airbag. While his problem occurs on most Skoda Rapid models, it is very common in the 2018 model year. This problem usually occurs because of a defect in the driver’s airbag housing. Therefore, the airbag may fail to deploy or not deploy properly when applied. As a result, this increases the danger of an injury.

Fortunately, Skoda recalled all the affected models and the issue was rectified. So, if you plan on buying a used 2018 Skoda Rapid model, ensure that this issue was fixed.

Defective towing eye

While this problem is not common on most Skoda Rapid models, it still happens. Skoda Rapid models between March and April 2017 are known to have this problem. The towing eye fitted to this car may become defective after some time of use. Additionally, it may even break during use and the tow-rope may even strike a person.

Luckily, the manufacturer recalled all the affected models and fixed the issue. So, if you’re planning to buy a used 2017 Skoda Rapid car, ensure that the owner had this problem fixed.

DSG automatic gearbox issues

DSG automatic gearbox issues are not only linked to Skoda but as well as SEAT and Volkswagen. Users of the Skoda Rapid have also complained about this issue. However, the most recent models don’t have this issue. Users of this car have complained about having difficulty shifting in between gears during driving. To fix this problem, you may have to replace the gearbox.

Clogged catalytic converter

This issue is common on Skoda Rapid models with the TSI engine. Unlike other types of engines, this engine can clog up if the user normally drives the car at a slow pace and the engine runs at low revs. As a result, this leads to unburned soot accumulating in the catalytic converter and clogging it.

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While you can fix this problem by cleaning up the catalytic converter, you need to drive your car often to avoid the accumulation of soot in the catalytic converter.

EGR-Valve clogging

As stated above, Skoda Rapid models with the TSI engine, which is a petrol model gets clogged if you don’t drive your car frequently. On the other hand, diesel engines will have a clogged EGR-Valve if the car is usually driven for shorter distances. You will notice signs like lower engine power and engine jerking. Drive your car for longer distances if you want to avoid this issue.

Common-rail valve control failure

This problem is normally caused by using poor fuel quality. If you want to avoid this problem, you will have to add a higher-quality diesel additive. Some of the signs of common-rail valve control failure are power loss, engine rattling, rough idle, and smoke. 


Is the Skoda Rapid reliable?

Yes, the Skoda Rapid is among the most reliable models in its class. There has been excellent reliability feedback from owners of this model and they highly recommend it. Besides, Skoda is known for creating reliable cars that report fewer problems. The only challenge is the cost of repair and spare parts.

Is it expensive to maintain the Skoda Rapid?

Yes, maintaining the Skoda Rapid is reasonably expensive. This is because it comes with costly spare parts and the cost of service is also high compared to mainstream cars. So, if you want or plan to invest in the Skoda Rapid, you should be ready to pay more to maintain your car than average.

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How long does the Skoda Rapid last?

Like most diesel engines, the Skoda Rapid should easily clock over 250,000 miles if properly maintained. And since this car is reliable and durable, it should easily clock more than 150,000 miles. Apart from proper care and maintenance, users also have to practice good driving habits.

Why did Skoda stop making the Rapid model?

Skoda stopped making the Skoda Rapid to give way to a new model. Skoda is introducing the Skoda Slavia to replace the Skoda Rapid in India. Nonetheless, this does not mean that users of the Skoda Rapid will not be attended to. Skoda will continue to provide after-sales support to Skoda Rapid owners.

What is wrong with Skoda Rapid?

While Skoda Rapid is a nice, efficient, comfortable, and reliable car, it also has some downsides. For instance, its ground clearance is pretty low. Additionally, the cost of maintenance is slightly high compared to most of its rivals. Moreover, it is quite noisy and harsh. Above all, its after-sales service is not the best. 


Now that you know some of the common problems that the Skoda Rapid comes with, you should take good care of your car and avoid most of them. The Skoda Rapid is a reliable and durable car. But without proper care and maintenance, users will have trouble keeping this luxurious car on the road.

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