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Skoda Octavia

Skoda Octavia vRS is a wonderful sports car with lots of fascinating features. Even though this car is similar to the regular Skoda model, it comes with extra features, such as adjustments for both the steering wheel and the driver’s seat. Nonetheless, it also experiences several issues that users should know about.

One of the common problems that the Skoda Octavia vRS model faces is gearbox problems. But what are the common Skoda Octavia vRS gearbox problems? Some of the Skoda Octavia vRS gearbox problems are difficulty shifting gears, leaking fluid, clutch juddering, and failed clutch or transmission. In addition, other users have reported delayed shifts, and clunking noise when shifting gears. 

What are the common problems with the Skoda Octavia vRS gearbox?

Clutch juddering when reversing or pulling away

A common problem with the Skoda Octavia vRS gearbox is the clutch juddering when reversing or pulling away in first gear. This problem is normally caused by sliding contact between the clutch and flywheel, during the engagement. In other cases, it can be due to fluid leakage into the gears or clutch failure.

Before you conclude, it is vital to have a professional mechanic inspect your car and pinpoint the problem. If the clutch is failing, the mechanic will have to replace it. 

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Difficulty shifting gear

Shifting gears on your Skoda Octavia vRS model shouldn’t be a problem. However, if you’ve got difficulty changing gears, this is a sign of a faulty gearbox. Besides, you may also notice a grinding noise. Some of the things that makes the gear difficult to shift are sensor problems, low levels of gearbox oil, or even clutch linkage problem.

To fix this issue, you will have to check and replenish the oil. If the oil level is okay, ensure that the sensor has been inspected and fixed. But if the clutch linkage is the problem, you will have to adjust or replace it.

Delayed shifts or unable to shift gears

Another common problem with Skoda Octavia vRS is delayed gear shifts. Apart from having delayed shifts, the car may also experience erratic gear changes during accelerations. In some situations, the torque converter fails to lock up, leading to burnt clutches. Some of the things that cause these problems are extreme wear inside end plug bores and extreme bore wear inside the valve body.

Before you try fixing this problem, you should have your car inspected by a professional mechanic. 

Clunking noise when shifting gears

One of the most frustrating Skoda Octavia vRS gearbox problems is the gearbox producing a clunking noise when changing gears. This sound is usually produced when the gears are damaged, worn out bearings, or if there is low gearbox oil. Aside from hearing a clunking noise, the user may also hear a buzzing noise.

To fix this problem, you will have to replace the damaged gears. But if the gears are not damaged, you should inspect the oil level and refill it, and if the bearings are bad or damaged, they should be changed as well.  

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Leaking fluid

This is one of the easiest problems to detect. If you notice gearbox oil below the car, this is an indication that your vRS gearbox has issues. Fluid leaks from the gearbox if there is damage to the gasket or a broken seal. Besides, it can also be due to a broken rain seal or crack in the transmission housing.

Whatever the problem, ensure to have the car inspected before attempting to fix anything. Replace the damaged parts to fix the problem.

Failed clutch or transmission

The clutch both engages and disengages the power transmission from the driving shaft to the driven shaft. However, after some time, the clutch may wear out or fail and affect how the transmission system works. Unlike other parts that we’ve looked at, a faulty or failing clutch should be replaced immediately.


Is the Skoda Octavia vRS reliable?

Yes, the Skoda Octavia vRS model is a very reliable car. It is one of the most reliable cars in its class. Since this model is a sports car, it is not as reliable as the standard Skoda Octavia model. Nonetheless, most reliability agencies have provided it with an above-average rating. 

What are the common problems with Skoda Octavia vRS?

Aside from having gearbox problems, the Skoda Octavia vRS also experiences problems like faulty door seals, blocked DPF, software problems, rear washer system leak, central locking failure, and driveshaft vibration. Additionally, other users reported problems such as headlamp problems, leakage in the car, and dual mass flywheel problems.

What are the signs of a faulty gearbox?

It is important to know when your gearbox is failing to avoid costly repairs. Some of the common signs of a failing gearbox are gearbox fluid leakage, gears becoming unresponsive, check dashboard warning light coming on, gear jerking or grinding, and unusual sounds. You may also notice the smell of burning rubber, gear slippage, gear rumbling in neutral, and difficulty changing gears.

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What causes car gearbox failure?

The car’s gearbox can fail because of different reasons. Nonetheless, common causes for gearbox failure are worn-out clutch springs, plates, or the master cylinder. What’s more, a lack of oil fluid or the presence of air in the fluid channel can also make the gearbox fail.

Can I drive my car with a faulty gearbox?

No, you shouldn’t drive your car if you’ve got a faulty gearbox. This is because it is very dangerous and the transmission can be very unpredictable. If there have been problems with gears not engaging or slipping, this can even make the car shake unexpectedly when driving. 


The Skoda Octavia vRS model is a well-performing mid-size car for people that want a high-performance, faster, and comfortable Skoda model. Furthermore, this sports car is also very reliable, but also comes with several problems such as gearbox issues, timing chain problems, leakage in the car, and many more.

Despite having several issues, the Skoda Octavia vRS gearbox is reliable and can last for more than six years if properly maintained.

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