Mercedes B200 – All you need to know

Mercedes B200

The Mercedes B200 is a Mercedes luxury minivan and is one of, if not the best Mercedes family car in existence. The first generation of the B200 was introduced in 2005, the second generation of the B-Class was introduced in 2011, and the third generation B200 was introduced in 2019.

The Mercedes B200 comes with a 4-cylinder engine, an automatic gearbox, and FWD, but there is a 4MATIC version available. The B200 powertrain is the mid-level powertrain which means that it balances efficiency, smoothness, and affordability the best. It is likely the best B-Class model to go for because most people prefer the B200 over all the weaker models.

The design of the B200 is nothing special, but it does portray the Mercedes elegance even as a family car. The interior of the B-Class is almost identical to the A-Class which means that throughout the three generations, Mercedes has managed to make the interior of the B-Class class-leading.

Reliability is decent, but the B200 tends to suffer from fuel system issues, steering system issues, electrical issues, cooling system issues, and issues with the seats. Maintenance is not all that expensive when compared to other Mercedes models, but still a lot more expensive than most minivans.

Mercedes B200 – The powertrain

The first generation of the B200 comes with a 2.0L 4-cylinder engine with 136hp and an automatic gearbox. Mercedes also made an A200 version with a turbocharger strapped onto it to deliver almost 200hp. This version of the 1st gen B-Class was actually the most powerful one.

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The 2nd gen B200 uses a 1.6L 4-cylinder engine with 156hp and is also typically being equipped with an automatic gearbox. The 3rd and latest generation of the B200 comes with a 1.4L inline 4-cylinder turbocharged engine with 156hp. The 1st gen B200 is able to return up to 35MPG, the second-gen B200 is able to return up to 42MPG while the 3rd gen is able to return up to 45MPG.

All B-Class models start as FWD cars, but there is an option to go for a 4MATIC AWD model for those who want a more stable experience in inclement weather. All in all, the B200 powertrain has always been the shining star out of the entire range which means that it balances power, efficiency, and smoothness the best.

Mercedes B200 – Design and chassis

The Mercedes Benz B200 looks like any other B-Class which means that it looks like a Mercedes minivan. Compared to most minivans, the B-Class looks better but compared to most Mercedes models, the B-Class falls short. On the inside, the B-Class differs a lot throughout the 3 generations.

The first generation of the B-Class is the oldest looking out of the bunch which is understandable, the 2nd generation B-Class looks modern from the inside which means that it is still a popular used car. The 3rd gen B200 is by far the best looking one on the inside, so much so that it can be said that the 3rd gen B-Class is the best looking one overall.

The chassis and suspension tuning of the B200 is solely focused on comfort, ease of use, and controllability. Even though the B-Class does come with a rather high center of gravity, the car still manages to drive like it is smaller than what it actually is.

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Mercedes B200 – Reliability and common issues

The Mercedes Benz B200 is a somewhat reliable car which means that the first two generations are not, but the 3rd gen B200 is a lot better. The most common B200 issues are related to the fuel system, the steering system, the seats, the electricals, and the engine cooling system/water pump.

Mercedes issued three recalls for the fuel system issue, the steering system issue, and the issue with the seats. Maintenance is cheaper when compared to most Mercedes models, but more expensive when compared to other minivans.

Mercedes B200 – Value and practicality

The Mercedes Benz B200 does tend to suffer from steep depreciation which is a good thing if you are interested in buying one second-hand. The 1st gen B200 can now be had for a really affordable price, but most people should focus on either the 2nd generation or the 3rd generation as these two are miles better.

Practicality-wise, the B200 is amazing as it offers huge amounts of space in all departments. The B-Class has always excelled when it comes to transporting people, but the 3rd gen B200 takes that to another level. Cargo space is also great while overall visibility and ease of entry are both second to none.

FAQ Section

How safe is the Mercedes B200?

All three generations of the B-Class are 5-star safety-rated cars which means that safety is definitely not a concern for either of these. The good news is that the B-Class is one of the safest minivans out there, but the bad news is that most safety software systems are part of optional packages.

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As such, most people do tend to go for these packages because most B-Class models are driven by families. Either way, if you want the safest B-Class experience, you should avoid the 1st generation model. Not because it is unsafe, but rather because it is not as safe as the 2nd and the 3rd generations are.

Should I buy the Mercedes B200?

If you are interested in a luxurious family car and you want the most practical experience possible, you should choose either an SUV or a luxurious minivan. If you prefer minivans, the B200 is by far the best luxury people carrier out there.

That being said, if you like the way the B200 looks, you should most definitely consider it because it offers ample of space without sacrificing Mercedes luxury and appeal.

How long can a Mercedes B200 last?

A Mercedes B200 should be able to last 200,000 miles without needing major overhauls if you maintain it properly. Mercedes cars are some of the longest-lasting cars in existence which means that the B-Class is also one of those cars.

Some say that the B-Class is able to last as much as twice as that, but one thing is for certain and that’s the fact that proper maintenance is crucial if you want a car to last as long as it can.

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