Should I buy a used Mercedes A-Class?

If you’re looking for a used entry-level Mercedes model, the A-Class is the best choice. This affordable and compact car is well-built to deliver convenience and performance. But is a used Mercedes A-Class worth buying?

It depends on what you’re looking for. If you desire a luxury car like Mercedes-Benz but can’t afford a brand new one, then going for a second-hand A-Class model isn’t a bad idea. However, you should be ready to incur expensive repair and maintenance costs.

Besides, if you want top-notch features that cannot be found in standard car brands like Toyota, Nissan, and Honda, then you will like a used Mercedes A-Class. Nonetheless, if reliability and efficiency are what you’re looking for, stay away from a used Mercedes-Benz A-Class.

Apart from being expensive to repair and maintain, Mercedes cars require specialized car dealers to repair and maintain them. And if one of the parts fails, you may have to spend a lot to replace it. Depending on where you live, some parts may not be available in your local area, which will drive the cost even higher.

Features of Mercedes A-Class


The Mercedes A-Class has three generations – the first, second, and third generation. All of these cars feature a hatchback, with the third generation offering a sedan as well. All of these body styles look elegant and stylish. What’s more, it’s compact, making it easy to pack and driveway around the city.

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Despite being a subcompact car, the A-Class has a beautiful interior, which young professionals and start-up drivers love. However, the interior is not as classy as other Mercedes models. And because of its small size, the Mercedes A-Class has a small cargo area.

If you want to get a more advanced interior with high-tech features, consider getting a 2018 or latest used Mercedes-Benz A-Class. The most current models come with dual-zone control, adjustable front seats, a 7-inch touchscreen, and a memory system for every seat.


Overall, most Mercedes-Benz A-Class models perform outstandingly. If you decide to go for the A-Class sedan, you will have two engine options to pick from. These include 2.0-liter turbo inline-4 gas 7-speed automatic transmission and 2.0-liter turbo inline-4 gas 7-speed automatic transmission.

Regardless of the trim that you select, you will get a high-performing and excellent car. On top of that, you will have to choose between an all-wheel-drive system and a front-wheel-drive system. When it comes to handling, the car offers a smooth and quiet ride.


Mercedes A-Class may not be the safest Mercedes model, but it comes with high-end safety features that will keep its occupants safe. It has key features such as traction control, driver assistance, electronic stability control, cross-traffic assist, active lane keep assist, blind-spot assist, and active brake assist.


If you’re impressed with the features and performance of the Mercedes A-Class, you will be surprised to find out that a used Mercedes A-Class is very affordable. The average price of a used Mercedes A-Class sedan is around $28,000. On the contrary, a new Mercedes A-Class sedan has a starting price of $34,700.

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Why you should buy a used Mercedes A-Class?

If you’re looking to buy a used Mercedes A-Class, you stand to enjoy a lot of benefits. First of all, a used Mercedes A-Class has lots of fascinating features compared to a standard car. On top of that, this car is inexpensive because of high depreciation.

Despite the Mercedes-Benz A-Class is a used car, it offers comfortable and luxurious features found in most of the latest Mercedes models. Above all, you will enjoy a car with a reputation for being among the safest cars on the market.

What are some of the common problems of the Mercedes A-Class?

Before you spend your hard-earned money on a used Mercedes A-Class, it’s also important to know the setbacks that you will face during ownership. Some of the problems that A-Class owners face include seatbelts rattles, dash rattles, and poor build quality compared to other Mercedes classes.

So, even though the Mercedes-Benz A-Class is a beautiful and powerful vehicle, it doesn’t come with all the high-end features that are found in high-end Mercedes models. For instance, not all A-Class have Sat-nav function. Also, most A-Class models have an interior that looks classy but the build quality is poor.


Is it advisable to buy a used Mercedes-Benz?

If you want to enjoy high-end and luxurious features for less, Mercedes-Benz is a good option. It offers features that you cannot find in standard cars. However, if you’re looking to buy a reliable car, then you should stay away as you will have to endure costly repairs and maintenance.

Is Mercedes A-Class reliable?

When it comes to reliability, the Mercedes A-Class falls behind the pack. It’s among the least reliable cars on the market. The A-Class is not an exception as most of its models have suffered issues with the airbag. This has caused some recalls in the past.

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Is it cheap to maintain a Mercedes-Benz A-Class?

No, it’s not. Like all luxury cars, maintaining a Mercedes-Benz A-Class is quite costly. However, it’s cheaper than its competitors like Jaguar and BMW. What makes maintaining the Mercedes A-Class to be expensive is the specialized care that needs. You can’t take the car to any mechanic unless they are certified by Mercedes.

How many miles does Mercedes A-Class last?

The Mercedes A-Class is among the least reliable Mercedes models. Therefore, you should expect to start having issues after covering 100k miles. What’s more, this car has had several recalls in the past, making it one of the least reliable Mercedes models.

Is Mercedes A-Class a good first car?

Of course, yes. Mercedes A-Class is an excellent first car. Thanks to its compact design and ease of handling. New drivers won’t have a lot of problems cruising around the city. Additionally, it’s packed with lots of safety features that make it a perfect car for startup drivers. 

Final thoughts

The decision to buy or not to buy a used Mercedes A-Class depends on your needs and demands. The car is ideal for people looking for an affordable used luxury car with exceptional performance. But if you’re looking for a reliable and large car, you should look away.

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