Is the 2022 Mercedes AMG EQS a car for short drivers

The 2022 Mercedes EQS 53 AMG + is the very first all-electric AMG which means that this version of the EQS is set to be one of the most impressive performance EVs without sacrificing what the regular EQS does best, and that’s luxury and comfort.

The EQS is a full-size luxury sedan which means that it can easily accommodate both taller and shorter passengers. Even though the AMG version of the EQS is set to fill out the gaps left by the two regular EQS models in regards to performance and outright speed, it is still not as fast as most of its competitors.

The EQS is not a small vehicle by any means, but thanks to a clever four-wheel-steering system the EQS can be easily maneuvered even in tight spaces. It comes with a solidly-built and feature-packed cabin which is cladded in high-quality materials such as leather, carbon fiber, or black piano trim.

However, the EQS does not fare all that well as far as design and performance are concerned. The front compartment does not open up which means that you are not getting a front trunk. The rear seats are not as accommodating as the ones found in the S-Class because the floor is raised to house the batteries more neatly.

Mercedes Benz EQS 53 AMG + – Brief overview

The 2022 EQS 53 AMG+ is the very first fully electric serial production AMG model which means that this $160k-$180k electric sedan is a very important car both for Mercedes and AMG. Even though Mercedes was a tad bit late to come out with a fully electric car built on a dedicated EV-chassis, they have certainly managed to make it worth the wait.

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The EQS AMG also comes with a 108 kWh Lithium-Ion battery mated to two electric motors with a combined output of 650 horsepower and 700 lb-ft of torque. The EQS AMG also comes with a special over-boost function only available on launch which can temporarily offer you a maximum of 750hp and 752 lb-ft of torque.

This is enough to propel the EQS AMG to 60mph from a standstill in around 3.8 seconds and reach a top speed of 155mph. The AMG version of the EQS also comes with a plethora of AMG-specific features such as beefed-up exterior design, AMG wheels, an AMG-specific grille, AMG sports seats, AMG sports steering wheel.

The car also comes with lots of AMG-specific software such as Race Start, AMG-specific performance gauges, and a lot more.

Mercedes Benz EQS 53 AMG + – Why you should buy one

The AMG version of the EQS is designed for those who want to enjoy a comfortable and luxurious cruiser with the added ability to enjoy it on a winding piece of road. With 650hp on tap, the EQS does not feel underpowered, it actually feels better than some of its 1000hp rivals because you can push it more confidently.

No EV on the current market can even come close to the levels of luxury the EQS offers both inside and out. There are more than 350 different sensors scattered across the entire interior and exterior of the car in order to monitor every aspect of the drive.

The car even comes with a high-end air purification system that constantly monitors the interior air quality. One of the most talked-about features of the EQS is the giant hyperscreen which houses three different touch-sensitive screens behind a beautifully looking single sheet of glass.

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The EQS is the most luxurious and most comfortable EV in existence, and if that’s something you want, be sure to shortlist the EQS.


Mercedes Benz EQS 53 AMG + Why you shouldn’t buy one

Even though the EQS seems like a great car from almost every perspective that’s simply not the case. First of all, every premium luxury EV sedan on the market offers more performance than the top-of-the-line EQS AMG model.

Even though 650hp can hardly be considered underpowered, there is no getting around the fact that some of its cheaper competitors are able to humiliate the AMG EQS in a straight line. The second obvious issue with the EQS is the design because it looks out of place and downright weird.

The AMG trim does liven things up a little but there is only so much you can do. However, the biggest reason why one should skip buying the AMG version of the EQS is that the regular EQS versions are simply better valued for money.

Given the fact that you are not getting superior performance while also losing range, it’s better to go for the EQS 450+ or even the 580 because you are getting more range at a much lower price tag.

FAQ Section

What is the most spacious EV on the market?

The Tesla Model X is the most spacious EV on the market both from a passenger space standpoint and a cargo-space standpoint. The Model X is also able to accommodate passengers from all shapes and sizes which means that being comfortable in the Model X is a rather easy thing to do.

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The aforementioned Mercedes Benz EQS is the most spacious EV sedan while the Lexus UX 300e is one of the most spacious EV crossovers out there.


What is the real-world range of the Mercedes Bent EQS 53 AMG +?

Mercedes has not yet released any definite data on how far can the EQS AMG go on a single charge, but it’s safe to say that the real-world range of the EQS AMG should be anywhere between 277-330 miles. The EQS 450+ even managed to do a record-breaking 422 miles on a single charge while the EQS 580 lasts about 365 miles.

These range estimates vary greatly depending on the driving environment and how one tends to drive a car.

Is the Mercedes Benz EQS better than the S-Class?

Both the EQS and the S-Class are designed to compete within a similar market of full-size luxury sedans. The S-Class is indeed a more comfortable place to be, especially if you prefer being chauffeured rather than driving the car yourself.

The EQS is fairly similar to the S-Class in a variety of different factors such as comfort, size, and technology. However, the EQS is a more advanced automobile and it represents the next step of Mercedes Benz. So if you are able to utilize the EV platform to its fullest, the EQS is indeed a better car.

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