Is an Aiways a good choice for dog owners?

A dog-friendly car needs to be spacious, comfortable, easy to clean, and not overly high of the ground. A well-tuned suspension with a comfortable ride is also something you want if you don’t want your dog to get sick during longer journeys.

The Aiways U5 is the first serial production EV from a Chinese EV startup company called Aiways. Aiways is adamant in flooding the Western markets with cheap and decently made cars that don’t skimp on quality in the areas that matter the most such as build materials, technology, and range.

Given the fact that the U5 is a popular choice for lots of different customers thanks to its crossover/SUV design, it should also be a decent option for dog owners. One of the best aspects of the U5 is the cargo, especially when you lower down the second row of seats.

You get a completely flat load area which means that you can easily pack multiple larger dogs behind the front row. The U5 also comes with a smaller front trunk and lots of space under the rear cargo floor which means that you should have enough space even with a pair of dogs in the back.

Aiways U5 – Trunk dog-friendly features

The Aiways U5 is a fairly spacious SUV/Crossover which means that it should be perfect for both medium-sized and even larger breeds. The cargo lip is not overly high for an SUV, but older and heavier dogs could potentially have issues while climbing into the back.

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The U5 offers a hatchback trunk design which means that your dog will not feel claustrophobic and that it will always be able to see you behind the second row of seats. There are specific tethering points on which you can mount dog harnesses and dividers which should also help transport dogs a lot easier.

There are already a few companies out there that specialize in making trunk mats and linings in order to keep your trunk space free of dog hair or any possible scratches. The roofline of the U5 is fairly high which also means that your dog should be able to stand up without any issues.

However, the best way to transport your dog/dogs is to lower the second row of seats. This way you will easily be able to transport multiple larger dogs while also securing them in place. The load area is completely flat which means that your dogs can enjoy a flat and large area.

 Aiways U5 – Transporting your dogs on the rear seats

Many people out there prefer transporting their dogs on the second-row seats because they want to keep all the trunk space for the luggage. This is possible for smaller to medium-sized dogs while larger dogs usually need more space.

However, the second row of seats in the U5 offers a lot of room without a central transmission tunnel. This means that you can easily place your dog on the seat and use a dog harness to safely secure the dog while driving.

If you own a smaller dog, you can use a crash-tested dog crate and place it directly onto the footwell if necessary. This is only for shorter city driving as you should always tie the crate down if you want to travel at higher speeds or longer distances.

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Transporting a dog in an EV

Electric cars are great for traveling with dogs because they make little to no noise from the engine and there are no engine vibrations as well. This makes it easier for the automaker to make the car considerably more quiet, especially because you are able to hear other sounds more frequently without a droning engine in the back.

Because EVs don’t come with traditional transmissions they also tend to be smoother as far as power delivery is concerned. Even though you are able to use 100% of the torque at any given moment, if you drive smoothly, the car is going to reward you with linear acceleration.

This is extremely beneficial if you transport dogs often as EVs are a lot less likely going to make your dog sick. Either way, if you are taking long distances often you should always take frequent stops in order for your dog to stretch its legs and relax.

If your dog is too nervous while traveling inside a car, you should start it out slowly by taking short distances journeys first and when your dog gets comfortable you can move up to longer-distance journeys.

FAQ Section

What is the best way to transport a dog inside a car?

The best way to transport a dog inside a car is to use a crash-tested crate. You should place your dog inside the crate and secure the crate with the seat belt or the IsoFix latches according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

If you own a larger dog you should invest in a high-quality harness and also secure it according to the instructions listed with the product. Always be sure to opt for high-quality products made from quality materials to keep your dog safe at all times.

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Is it okay to feed the dog before longer journeys?

Many people out there believe that feeding their dogs before longer journeys is going to make them less nervous. However, this is not a good idea because your dog might get sick and even vomit inside your car.

The best thing to do is to adjust the meals accordingly and feed the dog at least 3 hours before you go on a journey. This way you will lower the chances of your dog getting sick while on the road.

Can I leave the dog alone inside a car?

Leaving the dog alone inside the car for extended periods of time is a really bad idea, especially during the summer. If you have to leave the dog behind make sure to open the windows a bit and keep A/C running strong.

If it’s wintertime it is also a good idea to leave your heater on. Be sure to include your dog’s favorite toys and never forget your dog leash wherever you go.

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