Aiways vs VW – which is better?

Aiways is a newcomer Chinese EV startup brand that currently offers two electric cars, the Aiways U5 and the Aiways U6. Both of these are based on the same platform and the only major difference between these two is the exterior styling because the U6 utilizes a coupe-ish SUV design.

VW on the other hand is one of the largest automotive companies in the world in the business of making cars for almost 100 years. VW currently offers a few electric models such as the VW ID .3, VW ID.4, Golf e, and the upcoming VW ID .6.

The differences between VW and Aiways are huge because almost everyone is familiar with the VW badge while almost no one knows that Aiways even exists. Moreover, VW also makes ICE cars and plug-in hybrid cars for almost every segment which means that VW has dozens of cars currently on offer.

Aiways is far from being able to compete with VW as a brand, but the Aiways U5 can certainly rival the VW ID .4, especially when you consider that the U5 costs a lot less money. Either way, if Aiways continues to offer competitively priced and decently made cars, they might eventually be able to threaten VW on a larger scale.

Aiways – Brand overview

After a little over three years in development, Aiways has released the U5, an SUV/Crossover that targets entry-level EV customers with a relatively affordable entry price. Aiways hopes to flood the Western markets with their EVs in the coming years just like all the other Chinese startup EV brands do.

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It is yet unclear as to how this is going to unfold but it is safe to say that they are doing fine for now. There are some issues, however, especially considering safety as the U5 has only received a poor 3-star safety rating from Europe’s most prominent crash testing organization the Euro NCAP.

The U5 failed to deliver decent results in the side-impact crash test while active software safety features were also less than perfect. Either way, this seems to be the largest issue with the U5 and Aiways was fast to respond that they are already working on solving the issue.

The U5 is available with a 63 kWh battery that can be charged from 20% to 80% using a fast DC charger in around 30 minutes. If you charge the U5 through a slow AC home socket you should reach 80% of charge in about 8-10 hours. All U5 models come with a single electric motor that produces 150 kW (201hp) of power.

VW – Brand overview

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few decades chances are that you are familiar with VW as a brand. VW’s models encompass almost every segment imaginable which means that you can should be able to find a VW model that fits your needs perfectly.

As such, Volkswagen Auto Group has managed to become one of the most successful automotive companies, especially because they partly own Audi, Lamborghini, Porsche, Seat, Škoda, Lamborghini, Bentley, and Bugatti.

The VW ID .4 is the closest competitor to the U5 because it offers almost identical power outputs and a similar range. The ID .4 does however come with a larger 82 kWh battery. It takes around 40 minutes to charge the ID .4 up to 80% through a fast DC charger which means that charge times are also almost identical.

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The ID .4 does feel a bit more upmarket both from the outside and the inside, but the differences are not enough to justify the price hike necessary in order to buy the ID .4 over the Aiways U5.

Is Aiways ever going to be as successful as VW?

It’s difficult to tell if Aiways is ever going to be able to match VW both from the sales perspective and badge appeal, but for now, chances of that happening are fairly slim. Aiways is a new brand that probably needs decades’ worth of successful business management in order to achieve a similar status.

VW is a huge company worth over 500 billion dollars while Aiways is currently worth around 5.7 billion dollars. This enables VW to encompass markets that are well out of range for small Chinese EV startups and the difficulties associated with getting there are significant.

All in all, it’s safe to say that Aiways is gathering interest at a fast pace, but that interest is hardly ever going to reach the same heights as VW. Only time will tell how this is going to unfold, but currently, VW is on another level.

FAQ Section

Why do people buy the Aiways U5?

Aiways U5 offers great value considering what it offers for the price. No electric car in Europe can currently match what the U5 offers for any similar amount of money. It is also a fairly advanced car that comes with all the 21st-century advanced driver assistance systems while also being superiorly spacious.

One of the greatest criticisms about the U5 other than safety is the lackluster exterior design that seems to split opinions. That’s why Aiways released the U6 which does look a bit more premium while maintaining a similar price.

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Why do people buy the VW ID .4?

As stated previously, VW is one of the largest players in the automotive sector which means that VW enjoys a fairly continuous customer base that tends to upgrade their older VW models every time a newer one comes out.

The ID .4 might not be the best value for money out of all EVs currently on sale, but everyone knows where to service it and what to expect from a VW. This is something Aiways falls short of when compared to VW because it is such a new brand.

Are electric cars going to become better in the future?

Electric cars are almost certainly going to become better in the future because the entire automotive industry is filled with competitive companies that tend to push boundaries with every new model. It is yet unclear as to how more advanced EVs are going to become in the coming years, but they will become better.

We should expect EV prices to start decreasing as there are more and more potential EV customers on the market. Newer EVs should also offer more range in the future and the charging capabilities should also improve drastically.

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