Aiways vs Polestar – which is better?

Aiways is a Chinese EV startup company focused on making EVs for the masses while also making them competitive from a technology and convenience point of view. The best thing about Aiways models is that they are large in both seating and cargo space while also being cheaper than some of their more restrained competition.

Polestar on the other hand is focused on making luxury EVs that are heavily influenced by modern-day Volvo models. This is both a good thing and a bad thing because Polestar models utilize a proven strategy in making luxury vehicles even though the overall brand separation is rather slim at the moment.

Both Polestar and Aiways are trying their best to compete with the likes of Tesla and all the other mainstream EV brands from both the luxury segment and the more mass-production segment.

All in all, Polestar makes better quality cars while Aiways makes more value-oriented cars which do offer more for the money. Space-wise, Aiways is way better than Polestar, but Polestar is way better than Aiways when it comes to comfort, luxury, and brand appeal.

Aiways – A brand overview

In a little over three years, Aiways managed to design and build a competitive EV from the ground up. This is not exactly something you will see often as some brands like Mazda aren’t even able to make a competitive EV even after almost 100 years worth of making cars.

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Aiways currently offers a few different models but the most popular one is the U5 crossover/SUV. The U5 comes in two trims, standard trim and a premium trim model which are separated in the equipment list and price. Both of them come with a 63 kWh battery that should do around 250 miles between charges.

It takes around 30 minutes to charge the U5 from 20% to 80% if you come across a fast DC charger. A slow AC charger can recharge the car from 20% to 80% in about 8-10 hours. All Aiways models come with a single electric motor with a power output of 150 kW (204hp) and 310 Nm of torque.

All in all, Aiways makes competitive cars that offer some of the best value for money out of all-electric cars on the market. They are all larger and more spacious than their competitors while also offering decent technology and build quality.

Polestar – A brand overview

Polestar is a Swedish EV company that is heavily backed by Volvo which means that it’s not exactly a startup. Furthermore, Polestar is focused on making luxury EVs which both cost more and are way more desirable than Aiways models.

The current most popular Polestar model is the Polestar 2 which comes in two battery sizes, a smaller 64 kWh battery and a larger 78 kWh battery. The long-range model can do between 220-270 miles between charges depending on your power consumption and how you drive the car.

The most powerful Polestar 2 model comes with 300 kW (408hp) of power and 660 Nm of torque. You can fully recharge the Polestar 2 by using a 140 kW fast charger from 10% to 80% in about 30 minutes while a slow AC charge will take around 8-10 hours.

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All in all, Polestar makes higher-quality cars that are both more desirable and better looking inside and out. However, a realistic on-road price of the Polestar 2 is at least $10k more than the Aiways U5.

Polestar vs Aiways – Which one should you buy

Polestar and Aiways are not exactly head-to-head competitors in the EV segment because Polestar does carry a more premium appeal when compared to Aiways. That’s not to say that Aiways makes bad cars, but they are not as good as Polestar cars are.

You should buy the Aiways U5 if you are not interested in luxury and appeal and all you want is a dependable everyday EV commuter. However, you should buy the Polestar 2 if you want to treat yourself to something better and something a lot more refined.

The comfort differences between these two are really noticeable which means that if you spend a lot of time driving, the Polestar 2 is the obvious choice. On the other hand, if you want value and space, the Aiways is the obvious choice.

FAQ Section

Are Chinese startup EV brands worth it?

Since Tesla jump-started the EV segment, we are seeing new brands trying their best to come up with the best EV of the future. Many of these startup companies such as NIO, XPeng, or Aiways come from China because China is adamant about becoming one of the most successful EV manufacturers on the planet.

Most of these EVs reside in the economy level of EV cars which means that they are mostly targeting the lower echelon of buyers. EVs made by these companies do make sense if you just want a dependable EV without spending a lot of money. These cars are usually a bit boring, but they are perfect as everyday A-to-B workhorses.

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Is Aiways going to become more popular in the future?

Aiways is almost certainly going to become more popular in the future because their market strategy seems to be working out in Europe. Not many Chinese brands manage to gather enough interest in Europe, but it seems like Aiways is doing it.

We will have to wait and see how well Aiways is going to fare in the US, but considering that the EV market needs cheap EVs, they are likely going to be really popular.

What are all the Aiways models?

Aiways currently offers only two models while a third one is soon to follow. The Aiways U5 is the first Aiways model and the U6 Coupe is the second. The differences between these two are minimal and the U6 is more or less a more stylish version of the U5.

Aiways has also shown the U7 concept which should see the light of day as a production model in the next year or so. Surely, Aiways is going to offer a lot more models in the coming 3-5 years which should also include sedans and compact cars.

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