Aiways vs Volvo – which is better?

Aiways is a promising Chinese EV startup company that has only begun making cars a few years ago while Volvo is one of the most consistent premium luxury car brands on the market. The differences between these two brands are vast because they offer completely different cars.

Aiways is focused on making competitive, cheap, and all-around attainable EVs while Volvo is known for making high-end luxury sedans, estates, and SUVs. Volvo also offers electric cars both as Volvo-branded cars and as standalone Polestar luxury EVs.

Volvo encompasses pretty much every segment there is because they make SUVs, sedans, estates, crossovers, and even larger commercial vehicles such as semi-trucks, vans, and buses. Aiways on the other hand only offers two models right now and both of them are pretty much the same.

It’s difficult to rightfully compare these two brands as Volvo is a major automotive brand while Aiways is a new startup Chinese EV brand. As such, Volvo bests Aiways in almost every segment, but this could potentially change if Aiways continue to deliver competitive and decently made cars.

Aiways – Brand overview

As previously stated, Aiways currently offers two models, the U5 SUV and the U5 Coupe-ish SUV. Aiways has also revealed the U7 concept which should see the light of the day soon and it should be a full-size family SUV with a more premium price tag.

The U5 is a fairly popular EV in Europe because it offers a lot of value for the money. The U6 is only starting to go on sale and it should follow a similar trajectory. The U5 comes with a 63 kWh battery that should be enough for around 250 WLTP miles.

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You can recharge the U5 from 20% to 80% in a little over 30 minutes if you rely on a DC fast charger while slow AC charging takes 8-10 hours for the same percentage. The U5 offers a single electric motor with 150 kW (201hp) and is one of the best EVs you can get for the money.

If Aiways continues to make competitively priced cars and if they improve in certain areas such as safety, design, and marketing they could potentially reach a similar level of popularity. Only time will tell if this is truly possible, but for now, Volvo is a certain step above the Aiways in almost every regard.

Volvo – Brand overview

It’s safe to say that Volvo is a major automotive company because they sell huge amounts of cars on a yearly basis. Some Volvo models like the mid-size XC90 SUV or the XC40 crossover are class-leading in many regards because they offer superior safety and sophistication.

This is not something Aiways can currently do because they can hardly touch the luxury car segment. The greatest difference between Aiways and Volvo is the overall brand appeal because Volvo is a well-known major automotive company and Aiways is just starting out.

The Volvo XC40 P8 AWD Recharge is the closest potential competitor to the U5 because it offers a similar experience to a certain degree. The fully electric XC40 offers a 75kWh battery that should be enough for around 250 WLTP miles which is almost identical to the U5.

However, the XC40 300kw of power which double the amount the U5 offers while also being a more sophisticated and more desirable car. The U5 can not match the XC40, but if Aiways continues making competitive cars, they might be able to compete with Volvo in the future.

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Brand appeal – How important is brand appeal in the automotive industry?

Earning a solid brand appeal in the automotive sector is rather difficult because the automotive industry is already filled with an abundance of brands that have been around for centuries. As such, a brand-new Chinese EV startup needs to offer something all of these major players can not, and that’s affordability.

Being able to design a competitive product while also costing less money is the only way how these brands can eventually settle and become an important addition to the automotive industry. Brands such as Volvo have been around for decades and that’s something potential customers are aware of.

As such, it’s safe to say that brand appeal is an extremely important aspect when it comes to buying cars as cars are both emotional and rational purchases. They make us feel accomplished and we tend to spend a lot of time in them.

We trust them with our lives so they need to be safe and desirable. Aiways is not there yet, but if they continue doing what they do now, they might be there in the distant future.

FAQ Section

What’s the best thing about the Aiways U5?

The best thing about the U5 is the amount of space it offers for the money because it offers almost executive seating and cargo space while also costing as some compact EVs. This means that the U5 is perfect for family-hauling duties, and that’s something the current market certainly appreciates.

The second greatest thing about the U5 is obviously the price as hardly any other EV brand out there can offer what Aiways can considering the price. The U5 also comes with all the 21st-century technologies such as advanced driver assistance systems, a decent infotainment system, and a fairly comfortable ride.

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What’s the worst thing about the Aiways U5?

The U5 offers substandard safety ratings which is a definite concern for many family-oriented customers. More specifically, the U5 has failed to pass the Euro NCAP side-impact crash test while also offering mediocre active safety features.

Furthermore, Aiways has virtually no brand appeal at the moment and that’s important for the majority of customers out there.

Why is Volvo better than Aiways?

Volvo makes competitive cars for decades while Aiways has only recently joined the industry. As such, Volvo is also a brand known for superior safety ratings while Aiways is the complete opposite. Volvo is more luxurious, more comfortable, and way more desirable.

Volvo offers dozens of cars for every segment imaginable while Aiways only offers two cars at the moment. Volvo also offers more technology, better build materials, and an overall boost in quality.

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