Aiways vs BMW – which is better?

Aiways is a Chinese startup EV company while BMW is one of the most recognizable automotive brands on the planet. As such, BMW is way more desirable and offers higher quality cars in every segment imaginable. BMW offers all kinds of cars and all of them cost a lot more money and are better at almost everything they do.

Aiways currently offers only two models, the U5 and the coupe SUV, the U6. Both of these cost considerably less money than the BMW iX which is the closest competitor the U5. Aiways is focused on making cheap and intuitive EVs for the masses while BMW resides in the luxury car segment which is a lot more expensive and demanding.

The brand appeal differences between these two are significant because BMW offers competitive premium cars for decades in almost every segment. Comparing these two is like comparing Samsung to cheap Chinese startup smartphone companies that no one knows even exist.

However, that’s not to say that Aiways makes bad cars, quite the contrary, Aiways actually makes cars that give you a lot of value for money. Either way, they can not match BMW for comfort, luxury, style, appeal, driving, safety, technology, or anything else for that matter.

Aiways – Brand overview

Aiways is one of many newcomer Chinese EV startup brands focused on making cheap EVs for the masses. Even though some negatives are surrounding Aiways models such as substandard safety ratings, they are good cars overall and they do deserve their place in the EV game.

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The two current Aiways models should cost between $45,000 and $50,000 when they reach the US market in a matter of a few months. The U5 is a mid-size crossover/SUV while the U6 is a more coupe-ish crossover/SUV that is more or less the same as the U5.

Both of these come with a 63 kWh battery capable of around 250 WLTP miles between charges. It takes around 30 minutes to charge the U5 from 20% to 80% if you come across a fast DC charger. If you want to slow charge the U5 through a home AC socket, you are looking at 8-10 hours of charging.

All in all, Aiways does make competitive and cheap cars which do seem to gather lots of interest in Europe. However, they are nowhere near as refined not desirable as BMW models are and this is likely to stay that way for years to come.

BMW – Brand overview

BMW is one of the most popular automakers in the world in general which means that BMW’s brand appeal is leagues and bounds above anything Aiways can ever offer. BMW’s brand appeal is based on making competitive luxury cars for almost 100 years while Aiways only started making cars 3 years ago.

BMW currently offers dozens of models ranging from small hatchbacks to full-size luxury SUVs, sportscars, and flagship full-size sedans. Virtually every luxury segment offers a competitive BMW model and that is a constant for many decades.

The closest competitor to the U5 is the BMW iX which costs $83,200 and is better than the U5 in almost every regard. The iX comes with a massive 111.5 kWh battery which should be enough for a 324-mile range which is obviously a lot better than the U5.

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That comes as no surprise because BMW makes luxury cars that are always focused on pushing boundaries. Even though Aiways seems like a promising brand, they are nowhere near as desirable nor well-built as BMWs are.

Luxury EV brands vs Chinese cheap EV startup brands

BMW, Audi, Porsche, Lucid, Tesla, Polestar, and Rivian are all focused on making luxury EVs that sometimes cost two, three, or even five times as much as the Aiways U5. These cars tend to offer a lot more range, power, luxury, and technology when compared to all Chinese startup EV brands.

Comparing these two groups virtually means comparing the very best EVs on the market with the very cheapest EVs on the market. They are worlds apart in almost every segment and the only similarity between these two groups is that they offer a steering wheel and four wheels.

However, if you are not interested in luxury and you simply want a daily commuter, you should opt for the Aiways U5. On the other hand, if you want the very best, most advanced EVs money can buy, you will have to go through the luxury EV route.

FAQ Section

Why should I buy the Aiways U5?

You should buy the Aiways U5 if you simply want an A-to-B EV that does not require special treatment of any sort. It is one of the most value-oriented EVs money can buy right now so it makes sense to consider one for those who aren’t interested in the luxury and technology aspect of EV ownership.

The Aiways U5 offers everything you’d want from a 2021 car considering that it comes with almost all ADAS while also costing a fair bit less than anything with a more luxurious badge. Cars like the Aiways U5 are made for people who don’t care about cars all that much and simply want an A-to-B transportation device.

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 Why should I buy a BMW iX?

You should buy the BMW iX if you want a luxury EV SUV that can do everything. With a massive battery, the iX offers enough range for both long-distance cruising and a week-long town commute. It also comes with state-of-the-art technology packed in a luxury cabin brimming with quality materials and all sorts of gadgets.

It’s a comfortable and spacious SUV that can make you feel special, and that’s something no Chinese EV startup brand can do.

Is Aiways ever going to rival BMW?

The chances of Aiways successfully rivaling BMW in the coming decades are rather slim if BMW continues to make luxury EVs. It takes a long time for a brand to gather enough brand appeal to rival BMW, especially if they are not making luxury vehicles.

Tesla is arguably the most desirable EV brand on the market, but even Tesla can’t match BMW for overall brand appeal. BMW is an automotive icon and Aiways is hardly ever going to reach that status.

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