Aiways vs Porsche – which is better?

In the last fast years, Aiways is starting to become a semi-relevant EV manufacturer that tries to encompass the lower echelon of electric vehicles. Aiways has managed to do this with the U5, an entry-level EV SUV/crossover that seems to offer quite a bit of value for the money.

Entering the automotive industry is an almost impossible task for most startups because it takes huge amounts of knowledge and money to make a competitive car, especially when you consider that all the major automotive brands are in the business of making cars for decades if not even centuries.

Porsche is one of the largest and most desirable sports car manufacturers on the planet which means that Porsche caters to a completely different type of clientele when compared to Aiways. Porsche models cost 5-10 times more money when compared to anything the U5 offers so comparing these two brands is rather easy.

Porsche is better in everything they do because Porsche is known for some of the best automotive engineering solutions the industry has ever seen. Aiways on the other hand is only scratching the surface of the automotive industry and is not likely to ever reach a similar level of desirability and quality such as Porsche.

Aiways – Brand overview

Aiways currently offers only two mainstream models, the U5 and the U6, but it seems like the U7 is soon to follow as a more family-oriented larger SUV. The direction Aiways is going is certainly promising if they manage to iron out some defects such as questionable safety and lackluster exterior design.

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The U5 looks a little bit undecided from the outside which is a shame because it offers a nicely laid out interior. Factors such as exterior design are incredibly important for a startup brand if they want to gather more interest in the future.

The U5 is the most popular Aiways model because it offers a 63 kWh battery capable of 250 WLTP miles on a single charge for a fairly attainable price. All U5 models come with a single electric motor capable of delivering 150 kW (201hp) of power.

It takes around 30 minutes to charge the U5 from 20% to 80% if you come across a fast DC charger while slow charging the U5 takes around 8-10 hours through a slow AC charger. Aiways is a promising brand that should earn a reputation eventually if they continue to offer competitively priced and decently made cars.

Porsche – Brand overview

It’s almost impossible not to know that Porsche is one of the most desirable car brands on the planet. Whether it be a sports car like the 911 or a luxurious SUV like the Cayenne, all Porsche models hold their own even in the most expensive and more competitive car segments in existence.

The only electric car Porsche currently offers is the mind-bending Porsche Taycan. This space-age-like-looking sports car can do 0-60mph in less than 2.5 seconds because it uses a 760hp and 1050 Nm pair of electric motors.

The Taycan does cost a few times more than the U5 because it offers 10 times more than what the U5 can offer. The Taycan is one of the fastest, best handling, most luxurious, most desirable, most efficient EVs on the planet while also holding its value impressively.

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This means that customers are willing to pay 6 figures for such a car and that’s something Aiways is never likely going to match. Porsche is simply built differently and there is no aspect in which Aiways can compete with Porsche.

Product placement differences between Porsche and Aiways

As previously stated, Aiways tries to make cars for the masses while Porsche makes cars for enthusiasts. As such, some Porsche models like the 911 have their own cult followings and that’s not something most current automotive brands can offer.

Successfully selling a high-end luxury car is almost impossible if you are a newcomer brand as these cars are bought because of superior brand appeal. Porsche holds a reputation as one of the most advanced carmakers on the planet because Porsche cars tend to best their competition in almost every segment.

Aiways wants to satisfy the lowest echelon of potential EV customers while Porsche targets the very top echelon. Being successful in each of these categories is rather difficult, but being class-leading in the upper echelon is something Aiways is never going to achieve.

FAQ Section

Why do people buy Porsches?

People buy Porsches because Porsches are worth the asking price. The depreciation levels associated with modern-day Porsche models are minimal and that’s something most brands can not brag about.

Percentage-wise, it makes more sense to buy a Porsche than it is to buy an Audi or a Mercedes. These cars indeed cost vast amounts of money, but they are also class-leading in most regards. For example, the 911 is the most iconic Porsche model of all time and it is the best sports car on the planet even while being way cheaper than some of its competition.

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Why do people buy Aiways?

People buy Aiways cars for the very same reasons they buy cheap Chinese Android phones. It’s because they are able to enjoy a decent 21st-century product with all the necessary bells and whistles without needing to pay Samsung-level money.

A badge costs a lot of money and that’s obvious the moment you consider that Porsche earns the highest profit margin on each car when compared to every other car brand on the planet. This means that Porsche models are the Iphones of the automotive industry.

Should I buy the Aiways U5?

If you want to try out the waters with an EV, the U5 is a fairly decent choice because it offers a lot of value for the money. Indeed, it might not be the safest EV on the planet, but newer Aiways U5 models are going to change that.

When they do, you should buy the U5 because no other EV can offer similar value for the money. The U5 is a spacious and well-built electric SUV/Crossover that does deserve its place on the market.

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