Aiways U5 vs Tesla Model 3

The Aiways U5 is the only available Aiways model at the moment until the Aiways U6 becomes available for purchase soon. The U5 is a value-oriented SUV/Crossover that tries to offer a thorough and usable EV experience for a price tag that is not all that common in the EV market.

On the other hand, the Tesla Model 3 is arguably the best Tesla model you can buy because it balances price and usability a lot better than the Model S or the Model Y which is not yet proven to a significant degree.

The Tesla Model S is available in a few different trim levels starting with the Standard Model, the Long Range Model, and the Performance Model. The Aiways U5 is being offered in two trims, the Standard Model and the Premium model and the only difference between the two is the equipment list.

The Tesla Model 3 offers more range, more technology, is more desirable, is faster, is more economical and, is more comfortable and more expensive. The U5 offers more space, costs less money, is not nearly as desirable and it lacks character as far as the driving experience is concerned.

 The Tesla Model 3 – The best current Tesla model

The Tesla Model 3 costs more than the Aiways so everyone expects it to offer more of everything which is certainly the case. The standard Tesla Model 3 offers EPA-rated 263 miles of range, the Long Range model offers an EPA-rated 353 miles of range while the Performance model offers EPA-rated 315 miles on a full charge.

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Between the three most people tend to opt for the Standard Range model because it offers enough range for most people while costing a lot less than the Performance or the Long Range model. However, the best Tesla Model 3 variant is the Performance model because it offers AWD and Porsche 911 levels of performance.

The greatest benefit of owning a Tesla over any other EV brand is the ability to use Tesla’s Supercharger Network. Compared to the U5 the Model 3 is way more exciting to drive while also being more sophisticated as well.

The Model 3 offers better passive and active safety features and the overall build quality is better with the Model 3. All in all, the Model 3 is definitely the better car.

Aiways U5 – A cheap alternative

The Aiways U5 costs as much as 40% less than the Model 3 in certain trim levels which is a definite benefit. However, the price difference is obvious in so many departments, especially when it comes to sophistication, comfort, performance, and safety.

The Aiways U5 is positioned as a cheap SUV/Crossover EV that aims to encompass the lower end of the EV market while the Model 3 tries to become the BMW 3-series of the EV world. The U5 is available in either the Standard trim level or the Premium trim level and the only mentionable difference between the two is the equipment list.

All Aiways models offer around 250 WLTP-rated miles of range which is enough for most people out there. The Aiways does best Tesla as far as space and value are concerned. Furthermore, the Aiways is an SUV, but it does not come with AWD.

The rear seat space in the U5 is leagues above the U5, so if you plan on transporting people in the back, the U5 is the better choice.

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Tesla Model 3 vs Aiways U5 charging and technology

Most people who tend to buy EVs are primarily interested in factors such as range, charging, and technology so it’s only right to dwell into these aspects a bit deeper. As such, the Tesla Model 3 comes with either a 50kWh battery for the Standard Model, a 73kWh battery for the Performance Model, or an 82Kwh battery for the Long Range Model.

It takes around 22 minutes to recharge the 73kWh Tesla Model 3 battery from 0% to 80% while the 63kWh Aiways battery charges from 0% to 80% in around 45 minutes. If you plug both of these models into a regular AC home socket, the Tesla reaches 80% state of charge in around 7 hours while the U5 reaches 80% after 10 hours.

Energy costs per 60 miles are almost identical between the two which means that efficiency-wise, they are almost identical. Another huge differentiating factor between the two is autonomous driving because the Model 3 offers autopilot while the Aiways U5 offers a more standard adaptive cruise control.

The U5 comes with most 21st-century technology features in addition to some innovations like the camera system that monitors your every move. However, these are nowhere near as advanced nor effective as the systems found in the Model 3.

FAQ Section

Is it worth it to buy the Tesla Model 3 over the Aiways U5?

Yes, it is. Most people who buy the Model 3 don’t even look at the U5 while most people who buy the U5 tend to compare it to the Model 3. The Model 3 simply is a better all-around product because it holds a myriad of advantages over the U5, so much so that those advantages can easily justify the price hike necessary to buy the Model 3.

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The U5 is a decent EV that should be able to satisfy the needs of 80% of EV buyers out there. However, if you want the best and the most popular, go for the Model 3, even if it costs more.

Is the Aiways U5 safer than the Tesla Model 3?

Given the fact that the U5 is a Crossover/SUV, you’d expect it to be safer than the Model 3, but that simply is not the case. One of the greatest drawbacks of the U5 is the safety because Euro NCAP, a leading European crash testing organization rated the U5 with a poor 3-star rating.

The Tesla Model 3 fared a lot better because it got a 5-star maximum safety rating which is leagues above the U5 both in crash prevention and passive crash safety.

Is Aiways going to become better than Tesla in the future?

It is rather difficult to say how Tesla and Aiways are going to compare in the coming years, but the chances of Aiways beating Tesla in anything besides price is rather unlikely. Aiways tries to sell cheap EV cars for average buyers while Tesla sells luxury EVs for enthusiasts.

As such, the levels of popularity and desirability are always going to be better with a Tesla. This does not mean that Aiways makes bad cars, but rather that they simply can not be compared to Teslas.

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