What is the best Mercedes for a first car?

What is the best mercedes for first car

Every person has a dream car. But for a first car, it’s crucial to select a car that is reliable and affordable to avoid experiencing huge losses.

The best Mercedes-Benz for first-time car owners is the Mercedes C-Class. Unlike other Mercedes car models, this car is affordable, reliable, and fuel-efficient. Nonetheless, the car offers luxurious features that other high-end Mercedes models like the E-Class also provides.

Being a first-time car owner has a lot of challenges that need to be overcome before splashing money on a high-end car such as the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. That’s why the Mercedes C-Class is the best choice as a first car. It is easier to drive, is safe and performs outstandingly.

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Mercedes-Benz C-Class


The Mercedes-Benz C-Class boasts a sportier look, making it appealing to new and young drivers. Its sleek design commands attention in traffic and as it cruises on the highway. It has luxurious finishes that attract onlookers with a large exterior. The sunroof is also great as it allows natural lighting into the car.

The interior dictates opulence and advancement. The front seats are spacious for adults, but the rear seats may not be too comfortable for taller adults. It has a dual-tone dashboard and leather seats. Other notable features are the digital display, walnut wood trim, and 64 color ambient lighting.

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All of these features and much more will make you comfortable inside the car. However, unlike high-end Mercedes-Benz cars, it does not come with ventilated seats, which is okay for the price. It’s a 5-seater car, which is fantastic for a family.


Not only is this car reliable and affordable, but it performs exceedingly well, which is perfect for a first car. It features a 2.0-liter, 4-cylinder engine. Additionally, it comes with a 9-speed automatic transmission and rear-wheel-drive. It clocks at around 280 horsepower, which is exceptional.

Depending on the Mercedes C-Class model you select, you may get a top speed of around 239 km/h. On top of that, it accelerates in 7.7 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h. Some C-Class models perform even better than this.

It has an EPA fuel economy combined rating of 25 mpg, with the city being 22 mpg and highway 30 mpg. Therefore, even though it’s a Benz, you will use less fuel compared to driving an E-Class or S-Class.


In terms of entertainment, first car buyers will not be left behind as this car comes with lots of entertainment features. It has a Burmester surround system, HD radio, 2 LCD monitors in the front, an audio theft deterrent, and much more. These features will keep you entertained as you cruise.


One of the reasons why new drivers or first car owners need reliable vehicles is because of safety. Most first-time drivers make a lot of mistakes that can land them in trouble or even cause accidents. But Mercedes ensures that all of its cars are safe to drive.

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class comes with several safety features that will keep its occupants safe. It includes brake assist, blind spot assist, side-impact beams, BabySmart child seat sensor, electronic stability control, Mercedes Me connect Emergency SOS, active brake assist, back-up camera, and much more. 

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Other safety features include Distronic Plus with steering assist, speed limit assist, collision prevention assist plus, a rearview camera, Parktronic with active parking assist, and active LED headlamps with adaptive high-beam assist. As a first-time car owner, you will have nothing to worry about when you hit the road.

Comfort features

Like other Mercedes models, the C-Class is also comfortable inside, despite being slightly cheaper compared to the E-Class and S-Class models. Several features make this car comfortable, such as the leather seats, infotainment system, adjustable headrests, navigation system, rain-sensing wipers, cruise control, keyless entry, and paddle shifters.

All the comforts that you dream of in a quality Mercedes-Benz car are offered in the C-Class. Besides, you can also customize your interior to fit your style. Make sure that you select the right Mercedes C-Class model for your personality and tastes as your first car.


The Mercedes C-Class goes for around $40,000. The prices vary according to the model and year of manufacture. For instance, the Mercedes C-Class C300 sedan goes for about $41,500, while the C 300 coupe goes for $47,000, and the C 300 cabriolet is approximately $55,000.

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Common questions about buying your first Mercedes

Is a new Mercedes a good first car?

Yes, it is. But before you buy a Mercedes model of choice, you need to know the ins and outs of the Mercedes car you’re buying. If you’re fresh out of driving school and lack the experience to drive on the highway, you should start with low-end Mercedes, such as the C-Class or A-Class, and upgrade later.

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Would a Mercedes S-Class be a good first car?

No, it wouldn’t. The Mercedes S-Class not only costs thousands of dollars, but it also features some of the most advanced systems in cars. Therefore, having it as a first car can prove to be costly if the driver doesn’t have the experience. They may end up having costly repairs and paying hefty premiums, too.

How safe is Mercedes-Benz?

Mercedes is one of the safest cars on the road. Every year, the three-pointed star brand comes up with additional safety features that keep drivers safe. One of its greatest milestones in terms of safety is the introduction of Pre-Safe technology.

What is the best Mercedes for a teenager?

The best Mercedes for a teenager is a quality used Mercedes-Benz car such as the C-Class. A new Mercedes-Benz C-Class model is not only fuel-efficient, but it’s also reliable, comfortable, and performs well. Most second-hand C-Class models go for around $23,000, which is great for a startup teen driver.

Final thoughts

The best Mercedes for a first-time driver is the Mercedes-Benz C-Class. This car is slightly more affordable, but still delivers the comfort and luxuries of other high-end Mercedes models. It’s also safe, reliable, and performs at a high level. Starting from $40,500, you can get the Mercedes-Benz C-Class car of your choice.

What is the best mercedes for first car

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