What is the best first car to buy?

A first car has to affordable, cheap to run, cheap to insure, and easy to handle. For a car enthusiast, a first car should also be an exciting one, one that forms an emotional relationship between the man and the machine.

But you also ought to be reasonable as some cars make more sense than others as first cars. A compact hatchback or an SUV seem like the perfect starting point for a young driver as both of these offer all the technology features everyone wants, but they are not as expensive as their larger counterparts.

A first car should also be reliable, safe, and well equipped as most younger drivers are up to date with most modern technology. Furthermore, a first car should also be fairly easy to drive as well. Cars like the VW Polo, Ford Fiesta, Subaru Impreza, or a VW Golf are great first car options.

If you want a more interesting first car option a Jeep Wrangler, Ford Mustang, Mazda MX-5, Fiat 500 Abarth, Hyundai Veloster, or a Subaru BRZ/Toyota 86 are all great options. Pick the car you want, but also consider all the aforementioned characteristics.

VW Polo

The VW Polo is a Volkswagens entry-level car, but that does not mean that the Polo feels cheap or underdeveloped. Quite on the contrary, the differences between the Golf and the Polo are mostly the fact that the Polo is a smaller car.

Both the Polo and the Golf use similar engines, technology features, and interior and exterior equipment. You can also get a Polo GTI which offers everything you might expect from a Golf GTI. The Polo’s size is a double-edged sword though, so if you require a larger car, the Polo might be a bit too small.

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Ford Fiesta

If you don’t really like VW’s, and you are American, you should consider the zippy Ford Fiesta. Both the VW Polo and the Ford Fiesta are positioned as entry-level cars from their respectful manufacturers, but just like the Polo, the Fiesta is in no way limited as an entry-level car.

The Fiesta is arguably a better-looking car compared to the Polo GTI, and the fired-up Fiesta ST version is the best driver’s car between the two. The Fiesta is also fairly cheap to insure, but if you want all the features, they do cost a little bit extra.

VW Golf

If you like the VW Polo, but you want a bigger car, a VW Golf is a great option. No matter how you look at it, a VW Golf is always a great option as it offers ample space, great safety, and technology, and it is incredibly easy to drive and live with.

Some might consider the VW Golf to be the default car of the modern age, and it’s easy to see why. The newest Mk8 Golf is a technology-packed hatchback, but a well-equipped Mk7 Golf is a great option right now as the prices are as generous as ever.

Jeep Wrangler

If you are an adventurous type and you love SUVs you are naturally going to like the Jeep Wrangler. Even though the Wrangler is not exactly the first letter of luxury, no one can deny that the Wrangler is anything but boring.

A Jeep Wrangler could take you places a Golf never could. If you love the wilderness and outdoors, a Jeep Wrangler is the obvious choice. Modified or not, a Wrangler is an extremely capable machine. Furthermore, there are only a few cars out there that look as iconic as the Wrangler does.

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Ford Mustang

A Ford Mustang is to lots of people out there, a perfect or a dream first car. The Mustang does cost more than all the already mentioned cars, but if you opt for a 6-cylinder Eco-Boost engine, the prices are not as exaggerated as you might think.

A Ford Mustang is an iconic car, but if you stretch to the 5.0L V8, you are looking at an experience of your lifetime. But it’s worth mentioning that a 400hp+ Mustang and a young driver are a great recipe for high insurance premiums. So you better opt for the EcoBoost V6, and later go for the V8.

Mazda MX-5

As far as iconic cars are considered, the MX-5 should be at the very top of the most iconic cars list. The MX-5 is an incredibly nimble and agile little pocket rocket that also offers decent levels of equipment and safety at an attractive price.

If you pair that with an option of top-down driving, the MX-5 seems like a perfect first car. But, if you are tall, and you love taking your friends with you, the MX-5 is a certain no-go as it offers very little space for 2 occupants max.

FAQ Section

How much money should I spend on a first car?

When buying your first car, the car purchase costs are only the very beginning. You have to pay lots of registration and insurance fees, dedicated tax fees, running costs such as fuel, parking, maintenance, tires, tickets, and so on.

Try to be a bit conservative when buying the first car as it makes it a lot easier to jump into a better car down the line. You first have to gather some experience with a less valuable car, and later, if you want and have the means for it, go for a more expensive chariot.

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How does insurance work for younger drivers?

Younger drivers are considered way riskier compared to more experienced drivers. Statistically, this means that the insurance premiums of younger drivers are way higher compared to a more experienced driver. Because of this, you ought to drive as safely as possible during the first few years of car ownership.

Insurance companies will decide your premiums depending on you, and the rest of your age group. So if you want to lower your premiums considerably, don’t act like lots of younger drivers do, and after a few years, the insurance companies will take notice.

Is an EV a good first car option?

If you want to completely skip the internal combustion engine (ICE) altogether, you ought to be well aware of all the compromises you will be making. EVs are a bit of a handful compared to ICE cars because they take way too long to charge, and the range you get out of them is also limited.

If you want an EV, just go ahead and buy a hybrid. A hybrid is a perfect middle ground between an electric and an internal combustion engine because a hybrid usually offers both of them. If you love driving on electricity, then go ahead and buy yourself an EV.

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